American Renaissance Is Declared a Terrorist Group!

Our brother blog “Steve Sailer Sucks” has just posted an informational article on Jared Taylor’s group American Renaissance.

Looks like a federal and Virginia state investigative report has declared American Renaissance a terrorist group!

For many long years, Jared Taylor’s New Century Foundation internet publication, American Renaissance, has been most notorious for being a racist hate group. Keep in mind Steve Sailer is a close friend and ally of Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance members.
As usual, these white supremacist constantly sink to new lows. In 2009, the state of Virginia declared American Renaissance as a terrorist group designed to destroy the United States Government.

Rest of the article HERE

And reminder!!!! American Renaissance is having a conference in Virginia in the Dulles Airport area February 19th


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4 responses to “American Renaissance Is Declared a Terrorist Group!

  1. Frank

    You are celebrating that an organization has been labeled a ‘terrorist group’ by the government based only on their views about race which are outside the mainstream, without any evidence of threat of violence or other crimes being committed or advocated by the group (unlike the Antifa groups you support)?

    You are a hypocrit, blinded by your own absolutist ideology and hatred, and worse than any facist.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      We are reporting what is. This official report came out and was leaked to the public last year.

      All the whining, bitching and complaining by Jared Taylor camp followers like yourself is not going to change that.

      Maybe you ought to think about picking better friends to hang out with.

    • Anonymous

      Amren’s views aren’t merely “outside the mainstream,” they are explicitly targeted towards violent racists. Violent racists support these views, violent racists support AmRen, violent racists attend AmRen and violent racists use the pseudo-intellectual garbage produced BY AmRen to justify their violence.

      AmRen’s attendees honestly believe that the sole source of the world’s problems is non-white people, and that the solution to this is the subjugation and/or extermination of non whites.

      We fought a big war about this. Your side didn’t only lose, it and its ideology was vehemently rejected by everyone who wasn’t a power-hungry dictator.

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