Tom Tancredo’s “Cult of Multiculturalism” Remark Speaks To His Neo-Nazi Base

There has been much chaos in the political world about Tom Tancredo’s opening remarks that kicked off the first (and maybe final?) big Tea Bagger shindig conference.

His racist snarky remarks insulting the melting pot principles of this nation not only run in line with the fringe Neo-Nazi groups, but he has been receiving praises from these hate groups on the racist Neo-Nazi forums “Stormfront” and “VNN”

Tea Bagger Watch has the story HERE


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2 responses to “Tom Tancredo’s “Cult of Multiculturalism” Remark Speaks To His Neo-Nazi Base

  1. Pat

    If it weren’t the the “cult of multiculturalism” as Tancredo calls it he may never have been able to enjoy the freedoms he does in America today. Tom Tancredo’s four grandparents were all immigrants from Italy. Does he have a clue about the extreme discrimination which faced Italians when they came to this country in the 18th and 19th centuries? Does he know that they were the second most likely ethnic group to be lynched?
    For the grandson of immigrants to lead an anti-multicultural movement is hypocrisy of the highest order. His ancestors would be ashamed of him.

  2. Pat

    The following people have failed the literacy test and should relinquish their voting rights immediately:

    Contains a (misspelled) racial slur.