Andrew Breitbart Gets Support From Racist Scum While His Punk O’Keefe Can’t Play Nice With Others On Facebook

This has been an action packed week for the pudgy blowhard Breitbart, with his brownshirt boy-toy O’Keefe’s racist history making the Breitbart mission more apparent.

In all of this, Breitbart has been stamping his feet and having infantile tantrums trying to cover the racist tracks left behind by punkboy O’Keefe by having hours of twitter meltdowns, trying to bully journalists reporting on O’Keefe’s f**k ups to retract the facts and releasing spin-doctored articles full of bull crap.

But who are the fellow travelers of this jabbering loud mouth?

1. Popping up again on our radar is Mr. “pseudo-intellectual-bell-curve-racist” Jared Taylor, whose American Renaissance proudly carries Brietbart’s tripe here.

2. The National Policy Institute, whose mission states on their website:

“NPI provides vital public policy analysis to fulfill its unique mission. Our investigative studies and exclusive research papers carefully consider critical legal, regulatory, and cultural questions that impact on the interests of white Americans.”

They are promoting Breitbart’s article here

3. Now it gets even more “fringey,” with a blog who is affiliated with the “American White Pride Net Work” called Western Voices World News is carrying Breitbart and supporting him here.

4. The paranoid ramblings of a man calling himself the “English National Party” also finds common ground with Breitbart. It’s worthy to note the support of this lone kook because it’s representative of the groups with which Breitbart’s disturbing rhetoric is finding purchase. Of course, not everyone who mirrors Breitbart’s slop should be painted with the “racist” brush, but it’s the out-and-out racists who are among Breitbart’s biggest fans. Why does his message resonate so soundly with them?

Perhaps Breitbart didn’t so much overlook O’Keefe’s racist past as much as he saw it as an asset.

Speaking of our little punka$$ O’Keefe….

Democratic Underground has a hilarious thread exposing O’Keefe’s house arrest cabin fever trying to lure random people on facebook to his home.

O'Keefe's Fights on Facebook!

And speaking of Facebook, we’ve also discovered James “Pussy For Hire” O’Keefe which promises lulz in abundance.

Let the games (which O’Keefe just lost) begin!


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4 responses to “Andrew Breitbart Gets Support From Racist Scum While His Punk O’Keefe Can’t Play Nice With Others On Facebook

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  2. John

    “Get is?” Bwahahahahahaha. I’d think twice about attacking people with smears and false allegations, or playing the guilt-by-association card, if I were you. You’re just ridiculous. Enough said.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Like the smears and false allegations O’Keefe attacked ACORN with? Or the guilt-by-association card he played with ACORN? How about the “fatuous reference to typographical errors that have since been corrected so your comment makes no sense to anyone” card? We’re not making anything up– we posted links for you to follow. If you don’t think that racists and white supremacists are avid followers of Breitbart, you’ve got some serious reading to do– and reality to face.

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