“Cry Baby BreitBart” -The Cartoon!

DC Political Cartoonist Mike Flugennock Does it Again!

Baby Andrew Breitbart

DC Political Cartoonist Mike Flugennock:

Poor Andrew Breitbart. A few weeks ago, his protege James “Pussy For
Hire” O’Keefe is caught red-handed with his buddies tampering with —
oh, let’s be honest, bugging — the telephones of a US Senator, and
later admits to willingly attending a white supremacist event.

Between being pretty much laughed out of the place when attempting to
bully journalists reporting on the case, and the reception he’s getting
after blowing his stack on MSNBC, and his subsequent Twitter meltdown,
it seems like ol’ Fat Boy can’t even buy a break these days. I almost
want to feel sorry for the guy — almost.


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