Huntington Life Sciences Affiliate Lies To DC City Council To Hamper Rights To Protest.

Home demonstrations have always been a way to protest for social justice by activists.
To the home owner who is the target of such demos, it can appear a bit daunting, but there has been very little to no records of violence in the DC area from home demonstrations.

Home of Huntington Life Sciences Affiliate Jenifer Luray And Husband Steve Goodman.

Huntington Life Sciences is one of the most hideous animal abusers in the gruesome world of animal testing. Bordering on death camps and based in England, HLS has sparked many years and hundreds of thousands of protests against them from all over the globe.

Jennifer Luray, works as a senior executive for a new “non-profit” organization, funded by Abbott Labs, Battelle, GlaxoSmithKline, and the March of Dimes.
Jennifer Luray, until recently, headed up government relations for Abbott Labs, to take on the role of Vice President for the pharmaceutical lobbying front group for 3 of the largest customers of HLS and March of Dimes, who have been exposed for sloppy, unethical science and animal torture.

The animal rights group DARTT has a long list of groups, companies and individuals who are closely connected to HLS, and Jennifer Luray is on that list. Hence, Luray and her husband Steve Goodman had maybe annoying, but always peaceful demonstrations at their home.
Halloween 2008, during a home demo at the Luray/Goodman residence in a very wealthy section of DC, the protests went a bit sour, but not from the animal rights activists, but from Steve Goodman who went on a violent rage against a female protester

Since then, the well to do and politically well connected “Jennifer Luray” has been trying to throw her weight around by forcing a proposed bill to not allow this style of protest to continue in her privileged neighborhood.
The DC Direct Action News Reports HERE

HLS protest target accuses peaceful protesters of planning to burn home
At a Feb 13 fur protest, a participant told WSQT Radio that Steve Goodman, the husband of HLS customer exec Jennifer Luray, had accused peaceful protesters of plotting to burn their home at a DC City Council meeting on the subject of a proposed ban on home demos.
Since there has never been an Animal Liberation Front fire in the DC area, this ludicrous claim borders on slander. It is also stupid,as that sort of stuff didn’t start in California either until the authorities began suppressing peaceful protests with injunctions, raids, and arrests-sometimes for nothing more than giving out leaflets.

Steve Goodman, who once chased protesters into a Metro station and choked a woman protester, also had the nerve to call protesters “domestic terrorists,” “hoodlums,” and “thugs.” With his record of violence, this is an outrageous slander.

There is a great audio report and more HERE

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