Jared Taylor Cancels His Racist American Renaissance Conference!

The massive joint effort by Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist individuals and organizations to stop the racist based American Renaissance conference has paid off:


From Jared Taylor himself:

Dear AR conference registrant,

We regret to inform you that today, February 15, the hotel at which we planned to hold the conference canceled its contract with us. Hostile callers phoned the hotel and threatened employees with death. One was specifically warned, “If you hold this conference I will go in there and shoot you.” Hotel management reported these threats to the police but felt it had no choice but to cancel.

We had backup possibilities, but all have fallen through, so we will not be holding the February 19-21 conference.

We are very sorry for the great inconvenience this no doubt causes you.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to American Renaissance in the amount of your registration that would be welcome. However, we stand ready to refund all registrations and banquet fees. Please let us know by return e-mail how you would like us to proceed.

We understand that many of you have bought non-refundable air tickets. Generally, the amount spent on such tickets can, for a period of a year, be used to buy a different ticket on the same airline. However, most airlines then deduct $150 from the amount that can be spent to buy the new ticket. If you bought a non-refundable ticket, please send us proof of purchase and we will send you a check for $150. We do not want anyone to suffer financial loss because of this cancelation.

Again, please accept our apologies for this very disappointing outcome. We value your continuing support and deeply regret that we will not be seeing you on February 19.

Best regards,
Jared Taylor


UPDATE!!! BREITBART ALERT!!! Big Blubbering Breitbart, the pimp daddy of the racist wire tapping James O’Keefe is defending these scumbags on Breitbart.com


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5 responses to “Jared Taylor Cancels His Racist American Renaissance Conference!

  1. Anti-Fa-3 AmRen-0

    It also happened too be the Chinese New Year on Sunday. So too celebrate the canceling of AmRen and the Chinese New Year pop open a bottle of sparkling cider or juice or if you drink a bottle of champagne (that’s sham-pag-n too all the pat-ree-ots) or other bubbly substance and PARTY!

  2. WN

    “So too (sic) celebrate…” Illiterate Agitprop wannabe! I am glad the conference is still on.

    You should have payed attention in high school, after all the public was subsidizing your education.
    Wasteful red-kerchief ingrate.

    • Illiterate Agitprop wannabe

      HAHAHA sucker, but your conference is cancelled again! Jared Taylor said it on his website. Please don’t cry though but if you need too you can borrow my red-kerchief and keep it!

      Have a nice day and kill whitey!
      Illiterate Agitprop wannabe

  3. Illiterate Agitprop wannabe

    HAHAHAHA though it should be noted “kill whitey was a joke. The whole post was just too make fun of them and have fun doing so. I am happy happy happy right now all the time shock treatment I’m doin’ fine

    Thanks for the funny video…if I am not mistaken isn’t that middle guy who had “bad thoughts even since he left”, also in McHale’s Navy?