Neo-Nazis in LA April 17 2010!!!!

No we are not kidding….

According to the National Socialist Movement’s website and the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront the NSM is going to be gathering in Los Angeles CA to express their “Nationalist” views.

They even made a video to promote the event

More info to come…


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12 responses to “Neo-Nazis in LA April 17 2010!!!!

  1. WoW..I forsee a riot coming. Damn Nazis love L.A. Have you read Jim Marrs “The Rise of the 4th Reich”? He really gets into detail about Nazi ties still in the U.S, such as the whole Bush family. They had money in Nazi Banks during WWII.

  2. Amanda

    We need to get many thousands of people out to protest against them! They should NEVER be allowed to incite hate the way they do!
    Neo-Nazi’s are too sick and hateful to be heard. Just like the political groups they have infiltrated and become such a part of, the current day Republicans and the Tea Party. These disgusting evil souls have tried to destroy the U.S. from the inside out for well over a century. We need to finally put a stop to them, once and for all! Show them for the hateful, cowards that they really are!

    • Not Without Asswelts

      They should figure out some way too do a partial N.W.A. reunion make it a big deal and try and get large numbers of people out and make sure that N.W.A. gives a shout out about the Nazis being in town and maybe pass out baseball bats…then sit back and watch the fun.

      Action 5 news report: “After a rap concert featuring a reunion of ganster rappers, N.W.A. about 10,000 fans wielding baseball bats and tire irons patrolled the streets looking for a Neo-Nazi march. Reports are coming in that all 30 members of the National Socialist Movement along with 50 cops have been beaten too death, no arrests have been made.”

      HEHEHEHE ; )

      You could probably replace N.W.A. with a more politically minded band but I figure N.W.A. would make for a better ass kicking for these nazi losers

    • Brian

      its so funny how all of you dont even know what National Socialism is yet you hate it
      It just makes me laugh so much of how brain washed all you puppets are

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  5. RichardBraverman

    Don’t be set up. The NSM is a fraud set up as a false nationalist militia movement. The government is fishing for useful idiots to claim there is a burgeoning militia movement out to topple the US government. The reality is there are angry citizens of all backgrounds, who are fed up with the wars, fed up with the lies and fed up with the banker controlled government. Thirty years ago there was a supposed NAZI march through Skokie, Illinois. After a great deal of press and exposure, the march took place. But it was the perfect Pys-Ops, the leader of the Nazi party, Frank Collins was jewish. This fraud has been repeated hundreds of times. Its purpose is to resurrect a dead ghost from seventy years ago to push a modern day agenda. Don’t be taken in. The government wants to divide the people. Don’t let them. There is more common ground between us then the lies that separate us.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Rich- you make a very good point. In many cases you are correct.
      I don’t see the NSM as a organization formed to be a honeypot.
      As stupid as Jeff Schoepe and Cliff Herrington are, they are even too stupid to be Feds.

      But, does this mean they cannot be infiltrated to still be manipulated and run by Feds?

      Hell no!

      Back in 2006 when they march on Orlando FL they were hijacked by a dude named “David Gletty” who basically was paid $25,000 by the Feds to set up their march, provide a social space for their BBQ and partying and to run the whole show.

      Gletty then took his $ and set up a private investigation company for himself.

      Now, is the same thing happening in LA? I have no idea, it is highly possible.

      Should people then just ignore them when chuckleheads in Nazi costumes come into their town and siege heil out in public?

      Whose to say?

      There are going to be legit Nazis at the protest who do believe in the hate and mass murder that was carried out by the Third Reich, we do know that for sure.

      My suggestion is to take as much video and photos as possible and put them everywhere and expose them.

      The more these morons get exposed the more their numbers have dwindled down to rallies of 30 chuckleheads or less as they start losing their jobs and are alienated by their family and friends.


  7. Camry

    I believe these people had EVERY right to go out there and stand up for what the believe. Every other race gets their own holiday to celebrate, about their country, which they more than likely immigrated here illegally from. Why cant we WHITE PEOPLE have our holiday too? Just because we actually obey the laws in society. Who the hell said it was alright for anyone to come into the united states of AMERICA without their green cards? Who gave anyone the right to hop the border? Where in the constitution does it say that we cannot express our own opinions. Im pretty damn sure our first ammendment right is freedom of speech. We had every right to go out there and protest against all the border hoppers and people who came to america and are ruining our white land.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      And it looks like they got their asses beat

    • D.

      What the fuck is wrong with columbus day or presidents day or thanksgiving or any of your other shitty white holidays. Oh and your white land is brown and you are the border hoppers who came too America and are ruining it maybe put your ass back on that Mayflower or whatever boat you came over on and head on back to Europe? Your first amendment rights say that congress has no right to deny anyone of their freedom of speech/press/religion/assembly and so far nobody in congress stopped your LA rally so no violations happened.

      Who gave your ancestors the right to come over here uninvited and unannounced, kill the natives and set up your own government and then whine about immigration when your whole entire government is a bunch of white immigrants who stole land and killed natives!