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More Tea Bag Terror

White Powder mailed to NY Congressman Anthony Weiner’s office after racist and threatening letters.
An ABC local NY station is reporting

KEW GARDENS (WABC) — New York Police Department field tests have ruled a white powder sent with a threatening letter to the Queens office of Congressman Anthony Weiner is not hazardous.

Workers reported the discovery in the Kew Gardens Road office just before 1:50 p.m.

Nine people in the office were being checked out, although none were reported to be injured.

Police say the letter was handwritten in block letters and made a threat related to Weiner’s vote on the sweeping federal health care legislation.

Anthony Weiner

It continues on with:

It was the latest in a string of several threats made against Weiner and apparently linked to the health care vote.

He has also received profanity laced letters with anti-Semitic rhetoric. One had a swastika and called him “Schlomo Weiner,” among other things.

Rest of article HERE

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Tea Bagger Terrorism!


With the recent call to violence by Mike Vanderboegh, the leader of the Sipsey Street Irregular “Militia,” there have been a rash of threats, intimidation and vandalism against the “enemies of America” that supported health care reform. With this in mind, Vanderboegh and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes are slated to be speakers at the “Restore The Constitution Rally” on April 19th at both Fort Hunt and Gravelly parks in Virginia. Far from the usual teabagger fare, organizers of this rally specifically request participants to “bring [their] side arms and long arms to the banks of the Potomac.” Let this sink in: armed teabaggers will be congregating and be addressed by a man who has explicitly called for violence against elected officials.

Daniel 404-788-9735

The program for their event shows a pretty sloppily organized shindig:
From 9am to 5pm, participants will gather at Fort Hunt Park. Around 10:30, participants will have the option to take a field trip to Gravelly Point, to be as close to DC as legally possible with loaded weapons.

Gravelly Point is located at the threshold of Ronald Reagan National Airport, while Fort Hunt is an abandoned artillery fort from the Spanish American War, with all of its fortifications intact. Toss into the mix the fact that April 19th is the anniversary of both Waco and Oklahoma City, and what results is one of the most blatant FBI honeypots ever concocted, or a disaster in the making.

Either way, potential participants aren’t fooling around:

First, I’m not going to ask permission from a foreign government what can and cannot be done on a friendly state’s land. I do not recognize US government possession of the land.

Second, if I were to attend, my rifle will be loaded and slung in front for ready use, I’ll have a combat load of ammo, chemical protective mask, and likely a armored vest.

Somebody needs to get a grip on what this rally is all about, it ain’t to ask permission

Pray it starts at the rally, and being sporting we will give them the first volley. After that they get no quarter.

What happens if a third party, say some off-duty ACORN stormtroopers, decide to do a drive-by or whatever it is that passes for an induction into “manhood” in their circles?

Talking Points Memo went to the trouble of plotting all of the recent displays of violence directed at congress members who voted for health care reform on Google Maps.

You can view this map here

Here are the instances plotted on the map, current as of this writing:

-Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), a yes on the health care bill, said Wednesday he has gotten “death threats.” A conservative blog also published his home address calling for a “protest at the Drinkhaus mansion.”

-After the passage of the bill Sunday night, a “fist-sized” rock was thrown at a window at the Hamilton County Democratic Party in Cincinnati, in the district of Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), the Enquirer reports.

-On Friday night or Saturday morning, a brick bearing unspecified “anti-Obama and anti-health care messages” was thrown through a floor-to-ceiling window at the Sedgwick County Democratic Party headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, CNN and the Kansas City Start reported.

-In the early hours of the morning on Monday just after the House health care vote, someone smashed the glass front door of the Tucson office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), the Arizona Daily Star reported. “The perpetrator likely had to hop the gated fence to get access to the door, since it’s not viewable from the parking lot,” the paper reported.

-A brick was thrown through the glass doors of the Monroe County Democratic Committee office in Rochester, NY, over the weekend, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. A note attached to the brick bore the Barry Goldwater quote, “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice,” a spokesman for the committee told the newspaper. The office is in the district of Rep. Louise Slaughter.

-After a tea party organizer published the address of the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) in a blog post urging anti-health reform activists to “drop by,” someone cut a propane gas line at the house, Politico is reporting. Now the FBI is investigating what happened at the home near Charlottesville.

-Early on the morning of March 19, someone threw a brick through the window of Rep. Louise Slaughter’s office in Niagara Falls, New York, doing $350 of damage, the Buffalo News reported. Slaughter (D-NY) briefly attracted the ire of conservatives over the “Slaughter Solution,” a procedural maneuver that was considered (but, ultimately, not used) to pass health reform.

Only time will tell if teabaggers plan to extend their violence to common citizens.


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Health Care, Immigration and Tea Baggers OH MY!

Photo by Isis

This has been quite a weekend to top the ride we have all had since the nomination and election of our first black president.

It’s bad enough our country has been left a mess by past administrations, but now seeing an infantile uprising of those who supported Bush, the war, deregulation of our banks (and so on…) shows that the opposition is not quite done trying to drag our country back to Jim Crow times and into the ground.

First let’s start with the tea baggers. A spoiled, whiny, childish group of over-indulged middle class white people who are angry that their party lost the election– and to a person of color no less!

photo by Isis

This has made them ready followers for corporate insurance interests during this much needed overhaul of our health care system.
Last night there was a vote and they lost, 220-211.

During their “Code Red” rally over the weekend they started to lose it and got desperate with reports of racist and homophobic outbursts at black and gay elected officials on Saturday.
But, what would Sunday bring? IMMIGRATION RIGHTS!

Photo by Isis

Sunday was an interesting day. Not only was it the health care vote, but the immigration reform rally of a size that very few protest gatherings could ever hold a candle to– no, not even the tea baggers’ 9/12 rally, and we all know the tea baggers don’t like immigrants either.
The mix consisted of angry tea baggers who won’t get their way no matter how much they stamp their feet, throw tantrums and hurl racial slurs, and 500,000 people standing up for immigration rights. Guess whose cause is going farther.


The condescending racist moron at the end of the video is pediatrician Dr. Julie Marx whose practice is in the Washington DC area.
This elitist skank hobnobs with her fellow privileged classists on the Washington DC society pages.

Elitist Dr. Julie Marx in centre

So, while there are 37.8 MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH CARE, this class act is only concerned for her $$$$$’s and talking down to people of color.

Is this right wing insanity going to wane? We think it’s going to get worse; tea baggers are a nasty group with a strong sense of white privilege who think they can use threats of guns and a “violent revolution”

Photo by Isis

For generations, leftist protesters who opposed the government have had their lives destroyed over voicing their opinions.
These right wingers have carried racist and violent signs and their behavior has been given a pass. Their opposition has been practically non-existent, but things are changing.
People are starting to stand up to these phony patriots and talk back.

Photo by Isis

If our predictions run true, the immigrant community is going to be the next victims of tea bagger outrage– and you can believe they WILL find the opposition missing from their lives.


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Jews Exposing Zionism

Now, there are members of the Lady Liberty’s Lamp who are of Jewish ethnicity and as a collective we are united in our stand against “Zionism”.


Because we are anti-Nationalism and fascism, and Zionism shows too close a common ground with those types of political ideals.

This is an unpopular stand with other groups who claim to fight racism, but one cannot be a true fighter against racism and fascism and support a government who is guilty of both.

The Jewish members of this collective often get attacked and labeled “self hating Jews” for being anti-racists/anti-facists and calling out Israel for their crimes against the Palestinian peoples.

This is a very similar tactic used in other nationalist and ethnocentric ideology based political groups.

White/Anglo peoples who don’t subscribe to “White Nationalism” are labeled “race traitors” or “self hating whites” as people from other race based groups are labeled “sell outs” if they have an outlook of universal diversity.

We as a collective stand united against those who try to intimidate, bully and alienate those who fight against racism, ethnic superiority, Nationalism, apartheid and occupation.

Max Blumenthal is another soldier in this fight. Like many of us, he is an ethnic Jew with a conscience and goal to fight for those who are under race base attack, including the Palestinian peoples.

Max Blumenthal Fighting Racism

Max has been labeled a “Self Hating Jew” by those with strong connections with racism and all around Nationalist wing nut ideologies.


Because Max will report what they do not want people to see.

Max’s latest expo articles on Israel and Zionism are well done and informative.

Inside the Lawfare Project: Netanyahu’s Attack on Human Rights NGO’s Hits the States discusses the well organized attack on human rights groups via the Lawfare Project.

As the anti-Goldstone, human rights-bashing Lawfare Project’s opening event on March 11 wrapped up, I asked its chairman, Columbia University Law School Dean David Schizer, for an interview. Schizer, who had just attacked the Goldstone Report from the podium, pointedly refused to speak to me and looked for the exit. As Schizer was leaving, he was politely confronted by Columbia Law School Professor Katherine Franke, who heads the school’s Program in Gender and Sexuality Law.

“Why didn’t you invite any speakers with an alternative perspective?” Franke asked Schizer.

His reply was curt. “We invited one or two but they couldn’t make it,” Schizer claimed before hurrying away.

Rest of the article HERE

Another recent article US Cable Channel Incites Religious War in Israel-Palestine w/Endorsement by George Costanza and Sponsorship from JDate exposes how a very fringe pro-military religionist ideology is being promoted on sponsored TV programing.

Incidentally, spent an hour tonight watching Talkline with Zev Brenner on Jewish Life TV, or JLTV. It is channel 120 on New York City’s Time Warner. This show is created by fanatical settlers for the national religious camp’s supporters in the US. It features a guest roster of far-right figures, including a few I’ve seen around Jerusalem and the West Bank. The show is devoted to promoting a Jewish takeover of Al-Aqsa to bring about the “Third Temple” . A look at JLTV’s programming shows a non-stop parade of pro-settler TV. Arutz Sheva, the official news network of the settlement movement, is among the sponsors of a show called, “Tuesday Night Live.”

“We need to invest all of our efforts into the Temple Mount and rebuilding the Third Temple,” Zev Brenner proclaims during his show.

Another speaker appears beside Brenner and declares, “Israel is divided into two camps: the whiners and the heroes.” The heroes, he explains, are the people “who lace up their boots, put on their uniforms, and go out and fight for the Israeli Army…They don’t whine about the politicians, they go out and do what’s asked of them.”

He goes on: “God brings a war because he needs to bring the best out of us. When we shine a light, it’s brightest when we come together [in war].

Rest of article HERE

Labeling anyone a “self hating” …*add ethnic background here* is a common racist move to devalue those who stand up to hatred and oppression, which is not surprising when coming from racists.

In the situation with Zionism, when Jews take a stand against it while speaking out for the rights of the Palestinian peoples, they can’t be labeled “anti-Semites” therefore, they seen as more of a threat to the Zionist cause.

They are not joining in the Nationalism, the quest for an ethnic based pride involving the domination over another race of people, and the willingness to put on a uniform and kill for such ideals.

They are willing, however, to look in the face of those of their own heritage and say:

What is happening in Israel is wrong, Zionism does not define my place in this world as an ethnic and/or religious Jew, … peace, unity, diversity and freedom do.

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When A Nazi Comes Knocking on Your Door

Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist action does very good work to both inform the public about racism/Nazism/fascism as well as taking a stand against them.

As posted earlier, there is going to be a neo-Nazi march in Los Angeles Ca next month on April 17, 2010, at the LA city hall.

Of course the moment this was announced ARA and Antifa activists put out the call for the planning of a counter protest to be scheduled this weekend March 13, 2010.

But then, what happened was sort of odd and concerning, the NSM e-mailed the organizer of the counter protests requesting to be there in attendance.

>From: “Flossie”
>Subject: Nazis planning meeting!
>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:03:52 -0800
>X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
>This is Capt Wilson of the NSM and we would like to come to your
>meeting. Can you let me know when so we could be there. Hope to hear
>from you soon if not we look forward to seeing you in April.
>White Power
>Capt Charles Wilson

This is a very chilling e-mail to find in one’s box. The online comment response from Michael Novick, People Against Racist Terror

As you are probably aware, the NSM, National Socialist Movement neo-nazi group has called a rally for April 17 at L.A. City Hall and a coalition has formed to expose and expose them. Last night, I received emails (see above) from the NSM implying they had found out the location of the next meeting and would be coming to it. They sign off with their 14/88 numerology signature, a reference to a 14-word racist slogan by a member of the white supremacy underground ‘the Order’ (aka Bruder Schweigen, Silent Brotherhood), and the slogan “Heil Hitler” (HH = 88).

I am putting out an urgent call for people to be present at the next meeting, Saturday morning March 13 at 11:00 AM at the building housing the Youth Justice Coalition, 1137 E. Redondo Blvd, Inglewood (that’s 3 blocks west of Crenshaw Blvd., 1 block north of Florence Avenue) for security purposes, even if you are not able to make an ongoing commitment to the coalition. It’s important to insure that if the nazis do show up, that they will be convinced that driving by and not getting out of their cars is their safest course of action.

I don’t want to cry wolf here, but I think that alerting the community is the most responsible step to take to make sure the nazis cannot carry out any violence or intimidation. Thanks in advance!

Michael Novick,
ARA-LA/People Against Racist Terror

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