Health Care, Immigration and Tea Baggers OH MY!

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This has been quite a weekend to top the ride we have all had since the nomination and election of our first black president.

It’s bad enough our country has been left a mess by past administrations, but now seeing an infantile uprising of those who supported Bush, the war, deregulation of our banks (and so on…) shows that the opposition is not quite done trying to drag our country back to Jim Crow times and into the ground.

First let’s start with the tea baggers. A spoiled, whiny, childish group of over-indulged middle class white people who are angry that their party lost the election– and to a person of color no less!

photo by Isis

This has made them ready followers for corporate insurance interests during this much needed overhaul of our health care system.
Last night there was a vote and they lost, 220-211.

During their “Code Red” rally over the weekend they started to lose it and got desperate with reports of racist and homophobic outbursts at black and gay elected officials on Saturday.
But, what would Sunday bring? IMMIGRATION RIGHTS!

Photo by Isis

Sunday was an interesting day. Not only was it the health care vote, but the immigration reform rally of a size that very few protest gatherings could ever hold a candle to– no, not even the tea baggers’ 9/12 rally, and we all know the tea baggers don’t like immigrants either.
The mix consisted of angry tea baggers who won’t get their way no matter how much they stamp their feet, throw tantrums and hurl racial slurs, and 500,000 people standing up for immigration rights. Guess whose cause is going farther.


The condescending racist moron at the end of the video is pediatrician Dr. Julie Marx whose practice is in the Washington DC area.
This elitist skank hobnobs with her fellow privileged classists on the Washington DC society pages.

Elitist Dr. Julie Marx in centre

So, while there are 37.8 MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH CARE, this class act is only concerned for her $$$$$’s and talking down to people of color.

Is this right wing insanity going to wane? We think it’s going to get worse; tea baggers are a nasty group with a strong sense of white privilege who think they can use threats of guns and a “violent revolution”

Photo by Isis

For generations, leftist protesters who opposed the government have had their lives destroyed over voicing their opinions.
These right wingers have carried racist and violent signs and their behavior has been given a pass. Their opposition has been practically non-existent, but things are changing.
People are starting to stand up to these phony patriots and talk back.

Photo by Isis

If our predictions run true, the immigrant community is going to be the next victims of tea bagger outrage– and you can believe they WILL find the opposition missing from their lives.


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16 responses to “Health Care, Immigration and Tea Baggers OH MY!

  1. Immigration rights? Must have missed that in the lawbooks. Why does anyone have an entitlement to sneak into our country and demand citizenship just because they’re here?
    Immigration policy is part of our history, and yes we do not HAVE to accept anyone and everyone to become citizens. Citizenship is earned by immigrants serving in the military, and they earned it. My son served with a couple enlisted to become citizens.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      […]offering them the chance to become United States citizens in as little as six months. […] But the new effort, for the first time since the Vietnam War, will open the armed forces to temporary immigrants if they have lived in the United States for a minimum of two years, according to military officials familiar with the plan.

      I think you’ve got reality confused with Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. They aren’t immediately guaranteed citizenship, they get put on a “fast track” to citizenship. Of course, all of this is moot when you are stuck in Iraq or Afghanistan, your father is stuck in a county prison and your mother and sister are stuck in another county prison for those six months. All of that assumes that there’s no problems at all with any part of the immigration process– which, if there is, you’re sent back to the beginning. People not on the fast track have to wait years to be naturalized. Even then, after all of that, there’s still the chance that your relatives have been “lost in the system” or deported already. How is that a competent system?

      Of course, there’s another nasty undercurrent here– greedy companies who use migrant labor as indentured servitude. They lure migrant workers here with promises of money, then proceed to overwork them, pay them far below minimum wage or otherwise abuse their labor. These companies do this because they tell their migrant workers that if they complain or try to form a union, the company will inform the INS. American companies game the system to treat migrant workers like slaves– how is this just?

      These are humans. This is why it’s called “human rights.” Give them access to the same liberty and rights that we Americans seem to take for granted.

    • The Eye

      Citizenship is EARNED? By serving in the MILITARY? Hmmm…missed that in the lawbooks too.

      • Proud Real American

        It’s in there. You just need too know how to read properly. Most people didn’t see the line in the healthcare bill that says and I quote “we will make sure Grandma is shovel ready and create death panels…” because they can’t read right. Just like how people don’t read the small text referring too the tiny asterisk next too “thou shalt not kill” that says “except certain living creatures or humans you deem to be lessers”. Or the fact people cannot read the bill of rights properly and don’t see the second amendment that says “you have the right to own as many firearms as possible and you should use them too gun down whomever you like so long as you are white and conservative”

        It’s these simple things that people cannot do such as read properly that is turning America into a socialist dictatorship where these evil mexicuns are taking over.

        I couldn’t join the military because I can’t stand people yelling at me but I earned my citizenship by exposing the truth about Barry “Carl Stalin Mao Marx” Soweto. These illegals need to learn if they want to earn their citizenship they need to join the military it is the only way to earn citizenship, THE ONLY WAY!

        If you had taken the time to read Obama’s website during his campaign he clearly stated he was going to turn the U.S. into a socialist dictatorship and start taxing whitey, then kill off grandma and end the war. (he hasn’t completed that last step in the plan)

        We cannot wait for the second coming of Ronald Reagan so we must take actions into our own hands. We need to build a national bubble to keep those illegel mexicuns from spreading into our country and taking our jobs that we own not Obama and his socialist czarist regime. The South shall rise again!


        Learn the truth at:

  2. Video from the Anti Obamacare Rally

  3. Didn’t realize only US citizens get “human rights”! This assumes all other countries are barbaric and slave owners? The smugglers of illegals are being arrested and intervention by immigration authorities do save lives. China, Russia, North Korea and Canada don’t seem to invite such problems we like embrace with “immigration rights”. Today we wave a magic wand, and all illegal immigrants and those on visas are now citizens of USA. Whoopee, problem solved.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Poor Hobo and his ugly tea bagger friends who hate anyone who isn’t white are freaking out at the thought of “others” being allowed to live here.

      Sorry, Hobo, but this is a country made up of immigrants, not just white people.

      You are not the dominating race or culture anymore.

      Statistics show that more minority babies will born in 2010 than white babies.

      Your eras of dominating this country with angry white men are over.

      Get over it and move on.

  4. Rudeboi

    it’s survival of the fittest, a white man said that. White folk are no longer the fittest, so jump down off of that high horse and have a seat over there in the corner and shut up.

  5. A lot of people have sacrificed their lives to defend our country. Citizens have a right to free speech, and a right to live free. Nobody gets shoved in the corner. That’s what 3rd world dictators do that persuade by force instead of free choice. Sorry nobody buys your claim of mob rule by power of force. It didn’t work over 200 years ago threatened by the mightiest military in the world, and it won’t work today by mob intimidation.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      No Hobo, you’re not being shoved in the corner, you’re just not the dominating culture anymore.

      Now you’re just like every black, Latino, Jewish, Native American, Asian…well, you’re now just like those who have been oppressed for centuries of white culture domination.

      White privilege is done!

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  7. Me and my people have opressed, ripped off, robbed and laughed at little minority children, widows and orphans. We enslaved the men to want cars they couldn’t afford, cigarettes they shouldn’t smoke, and television! I didn’t realize the power and discrimination we wielded while working, sending kids to school and paying taxes. All that opression enslaving stuff must have been done while sleepwalking. I plan on staying unemployed. I look forward to my opportunity to bitch, whine, and demand more benefits from the new controling crowd!

  8. ladylibertyslamp

    Isn’t that a shame that the Kerouac’s of past have been replaced by “Walmart patriots”……

    • Now I know you are a unversity intelligentsia. Jack Kerouac? He was a salt of earth wannabe spending time drinking wine and smoking weed and being a hobo like me. Except he didn’t stay a hobo but got adopted by the university elite professional students and whining liberal professors. Don’t think Jack Kerouac is politically correct for the socialists Starbucks revolutionaries.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Hobo- Kerouac would not be hating immigrants, supporting the military, the tea baggers, voting Republican and crowing like a fat capitalist.

        He was one of the founders of the beat generation, not a McCarthy loving anti-communist.

        He was anti-capitalist and a Buddhist.

        And for the record, we are anti-Starschmucks just as much as we are against your Walmart, both are the same thing.

        There are a few members of this collective who are probably struggling more than you are and who rely on dumpster diving and food stamps.

        We are all artists, writers and activists.

        So while you sit in your pension supported hovel with your lap dog, over crowded with tacky Americana fake folk art, thinking you’re an “edgy hobo”, … there are people here who are actually walking the walk and talking the talk while they are getting their phones, and utilities cut off and are not sure where they are going to live next so they can do what they feel they need to do in this life.

        You’re a fake!

  9. I’m not a fake, but a original thinker. Eric Hoffer was a San Francisco dock hand that I admire as a thinker, write, philosopher from the school of USA experience.
    Have had my power off, no money for heat, and had to improvise to survive. However, never went to foodstamps or welfare, just because. Good luck on your getting started in art, etc. You all will find your way, that’s what’s great about our country. Everybody finds their way one way or another. No tears or sympathy for being busted, etc. That’s part of everybody’s life, so grow up.