Tea Bagger Terrorism!


With the recent call to violence by Mike Vanderboegh, the leader of the Sipsey Street Irregular “Militia,” there have been a rash of threats, intimidation and vandalism against the “enemies of America” that supported health care reform. With this in mind, Vanderboegh and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes are slated to be speakers at the “Restore The Constitution Rally” on April 19th at both Fort Hunt and Gravelly parks in Virginia. Far from the usual teabagger fare, organizers of this rally specifically request participants to “bring [their] side arms and long arms to the banks of the Potomac.” Let this sink in: armed teabaggers will be congregating and be addressed by a man who has explicitly called for violence against elected officials.

Daniel Almond-Alarmandmuster.com 404-788-9735

The program for their event shows a pretty sloppily organized shindig:
From 9am to 5pm, participants will gather at Fort Hunt Park. Around 10:30, participants will have the option to take a field trip to Gravelly Point, to be as close to DC as legally possible with loaded weapons.

Gravelly Point is located at the threshold of Ronald Reagan National Airport, while Fort Hunt is an abandoned artillery fort from the Spanish American War, with all of its fortifications intact. Toss into the mix the fact that April 19th is the anniversary of both Waco and Oklahoma City, and what results is one of the most blatant FBI honeypots ever concocted, or a disaster in the making.

Either way, potential participants aren’t fooling around:

First, I’m not going to ask permission from a foreign government what can and cannot be done on a friendly state’s land. I do not recognize US government possession of the land.

Second, if I were to attend, my rifle will be loaded and slung in front for ready use, I’ll have a combat load of ammo, chemical protective mask, and likely a armored vest.

Somebody needs to get a grip on what this rally is all about, it ain’t to ask permission

Pray it starts at the rally, and being sporting we will give them the first volley. After that they get no quarter.

What happens if a third party, say some off-duty ACORN stormtroopers, decide to do a drive-by or whatever it is that passes for an induction into “manhood” in their circles?

Talking Points Memo went to the trouble of plotting all of the recent displays of violence directed at congress members who voted for health care reform on Google Maps.

You can view this map here

Here are the instances plotted on the map, current as of this writing:

-Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), a yes on the health care bill, said Wednesday he has gotten “death threats.” A conservative blog also published his home address calling for a “protest at the Drinkhaus mansion.”

-After the passage of the bill Sunday night, a “fist-sized” rock was thrown at a window at the Hamilton County Democratic Party in Cincinnati, in the district of Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), the Enquirer reports.

-On Friday night or Saturday morning, a brick bearing unspecified “anti-Obama and anti-health care messages” was thrown through a floor-to-ceiling window at the Sedgwick County Democratic Party headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, CNN and the Kansas City Start reported.

-In the early hours of the morning on Monday just after the House health care vote, someone smashed the glass front door of the Tucson office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), the Arizona Daily Star reported. “The perpetrator likely had to hop the gated fence to get access to the door, since it’s not viewable from the parking lot,” the paper reported.

-A brick was thrown through the glass doors of the Monroe County Democratic Committee office in Rochester, NY, over the weekend, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. A note attached to the brick bore the Barry Goldwater quote, “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice,” a spokesman for the committee told the newspaper. The office is in the district of Rep. Louise Slaughter.

-After a tea party organizer published the address of the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) in a blog post urging anti-health reform activists to “drop by,” someone cut a propane gas line at the house, Politico is reporting. Now the FBI is investigating what happened at the home near Charlottesville.

-Early on the morning of March 19, someone threw a brick through the window of Rep. Louise Slaughter’s office in Niagara Falls, New York, doing $350 of damage, the Buffalo News reported. Slaughter (D-NY) briefly attracted the ire of conservatives over the “Slaughter Solution,” a procedural maneuver that was considered (but, ultimately, not used) to pass health reform.

Only time will tell if teabaggers plan to extend their violence to common citizens.


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19 responses to “Tea Bagger Terrorism!

  1. Dan

    No such thing as bad publicity. Thanks for the plug.

    Restore the Constitution.

    Muster Outside DC, 4-19-2010!

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Ok! Tell your fed handlers we say “Hi!” Make sure you don’t turn out like Hal Turner!

    • Dip the bags in for extra flavor

      Muster outside DC? More like musty outside of D.C. A bunch of stale old wingnuts gathering probably at the Crapitol too whine and whine and whine about some old document they haven’t actually read because a dark skinned man who has some similar politics to Bush (whom it was considered anti-American to protest or stand against) is now the president. Grab your flintlocks and powder for a very stale affair. These Revolutionary War reenactors have been studying their beer cans and Turner Diaries and are ready to succeed from the Soviet Union like those brave souls did back in 1776.

      These Beergut Benedict Arnold’s are brave souls, the true patriots. When they were being taxed under the Bush administration did they stand idly by, NO! They bravely sat down in their armchairs and opened yet another cheap beer like real patriots and as soon as the “negro socialist” gets into power and taxes them a little less it is time for action stand tall and proud patriotic support for the presi…umm errr uhhhh Nevermind.

  2. Saddened Patriot

    “armed teabaggers”? Do you even know what teabagging refers to? I’m sure you have vast amounts of experience with this. However…

    Your chicken little approach is amusing. Keep it up 🙂

    • Dip the bags in for extra flavor

      Teabagging refers too either:
      A. placing your scrotum/balls (male) into another persons mouth
      B. A far right movment of people who place their scrotum into the mouths of others because a man who has dark skin and middle right politics got elected and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

      Here are two straight people engaging in an act quite similar too teabagging (however it is too be noted their tight costumes and closeness of balls to mouth and grabbing of other men is a perfectly straight action and is not at all in any form extremely gay as hell)

      For more info on teabagging:

  3. Anonymous

    Bwahahahaha! See, it was YOU lot who didn’t know what teabagging was when you adopted it as a phrase in APRIL! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Jacking in from the Left-Wing port:
    Granted, this like the kind of crowd that talks a good game but won’t walk the walk; and, granted, they’re a bunch of hypocritical, ignorant neo-fascist wastes of DNA, still… the idea of shooting politicians rather appeals to me, as the current gang of thieves, plutocrats, corporate whores and sociopaths are so heavily entrenched in this country that it’s starting to look like the only way we can truly rid ourselves of them is to just kill the muthafuckas.

    Don’t forget, the rightists aren’t the only ones who’ve brought up the idea of armed insurrection. Let’s not forget the Weathermen and Black Panthers in the 1960s. The only difference was that the Weathermen and the Panthers really walked the walk, bombing draft boards and engaging the Oakland cops in armed combat — while the current gang of right-wing wannabes seems content to bluster and fume and play GI Joe out in the woods. My memory of the Michigan Militia and other assorted self-styled militias that sprang up in the wake of OKC in the mid ’90s has shown me that this bunch is all talk, no action.

    Still, though, Lady L, just between you and me and the lamppost… it sure as hell does look like the biggest Fed honeypot ever.

  5. ladylibertyslamp

    Floog- I wonder if our pal “Vincent” from the JTTF is part of these theatrics?

    Looking at the poor execution, I’d say there’s a good chance.

    • Y’know, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. A lot of the rhetoric coming out of their forums sounds a little overly whacked, too:

      …if I were to attend, my rifle will be loaded and slung in front for ready use, I’ll have a combat load of ammo, chemical protective mask, and likely a armored vest…

      I mean, this sounds positively Luke-ish. The only thing missing here is a trebuchet.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Then again, it is quote possible they are that deranged and stupid.

        But, they are making it so obvious it’s almost comical!

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  7. Rob

    These people should be considered terrorists. Send them to GITMO and feel free to waterboard. Oh, the sweet irony is palpable. 😉

  8. Y’know… somehow, I think that Mr. Almond wouldn’t have the cajones to participate in any kind of insurrection that dirties up his brand-new polo shirt or rumples his cleanly-pressed khaki slacks.

    Fucking posers.

    • alarmrideratl

      Well, actually, Mike Flugennock, I’ve participated in the Fallujah battle in April 2004, and volunteered to go back to Iraq twice since then when I was in the Marines. I’ll bet I won’t be the only vet at the rally, so spare the armchair “analysis,” unless you actually know what you’re talking about. Another thing, this is a peaceful demonstration, not an “insurrection,” anyway, another fact which has flown over your head.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        srsly Dannyboy, do you realize how much of a fed you look, sound and act like?

        You might have the fat tea baggers fooled, but you are dealing with our side now.

        We have all dealt with feds for too long….

      • Daniel Almond Brigade

        Aww man what video game were you playing…I mean I like earlier war video games better but I would love to try out a 1st person Iraq shooter.
        Man I fought in WW2 in various battles like 10 times yesterday, it was great. The only problem was having to get up and use the restroom and running out of ammo on my captured FG42.
        BTW if you know of any good WW1 FPS games that would run on Macs let us know in the comment section. Thank you for all your hard work in Iraq hopefully you didn’t cheat too much.

        Over and out,
        Commander Dirk Dirkson 1st Battalion Armchair Warriors Daniel Almond Brigade
        “Hardchargin’ Red Bull and Cheetos Dogs”

      • So, you were in the big FAIL In Fallujah, huh? And, then you went back for more? Wow, man; you really are a glutton for punishment.

        Excuse me while I laugh until I piss myself…

  9. Actually, from the looks of that foto, Mr. Almond is the kind of guy who wouldn’t participate in any kind of action that might wrinkle his new polo shirt or dirty up his nice clean pressed new khakis.

  10. Heavenly Creature

    “I’ve participated in the Fallujah battle in April 2004, and volunteered to go back to Iraq twice since then when I was in the Marines.”

    Are we supposed to be impressed that you’re a soldier? We’re not. You’re a disgrace to ATL.