Ku Klux Klan at the South African Embassy, 3051 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, at Noon


South African Embassy, 3051 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, at Noon, 12PM

With the murder of South African Nazi Eugene Terre’Blanche it should have expected is that it’s yet another chance for neo-Nazis all over the globe to prove that “whites are waking up”.
Sure enough, here comes a Marion, Ohio-based contigent of the Ku Klux Klan to make the first move in the USA. They are claiming that they hold the African National Congress responsible for Terre’Blance’s murder, they have announced on Stormfront and on their own website.

“We shall never forget (Terre’Blanche’s) sacrifice!” they write. “Therefore we march – under the slogan ‘Stop the Boer genocide!’ – in honor and remembrance for the white leader of the AWB.”

Also this Saturday, on the west coast, we reported earlier about the NSM-National Socialist Movement-Neo-Nazis will be marching in Los Angeles.

Flyer for Saturday April 17 2010 in DC and LA


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  1. rob sokol

    i think, we just give them popularity when doing those counter protests and online posts. Otherwise
    they wouldn’t even be notice by media.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      That’s true to an extent. If giving them any attention constitutes an implicit validation of their existence, isn’t also equally true that showing no resistance to them is also an implicit validation of their existence? The argument boils down to this: if we protest them or advertise where they’re going to be, we’re implicitly furthering their continued existence. If we ignore them and don’t protest, we’re sending the message that no one opposes their racist and violent history and ideology. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. I think it’s better to turn out and protest them, even if they’re just a bunch of do-nothing losers. Not only do we send the message that people will be opposed to them no matter where they do, but the more public exposure groups like the KKK get, the more they’re exposed as being nothing more than a gaggle of paranoid losers. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, after all.


      But what about free speech?
      From the ARA FAQ: “Free speech shouldn’t endanger people’s lives. You can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, because people will probably get
      hurt trying to get out. We think that hate speech acts in the same way – by trying to make certain kinds of people seem less than human and by
      glorifying violent acts against them – it’s just a matter of time before a follower or supporter of a hate group puts words into action We think
      that hate speech, turning people into scapegoats and targets for hateful action, is an abuse of free speech and that people’s lives are more important than the right of someone to publicly encourage others to target certain groups for a campaign of murder, rape, assault, genocide, ethnic cleansing and terror. If you actively go out of your way to tell people that 90% of the world’s population should be enslaved or that the best thing they can do is kill someone because of their skin color, religion, ethnic background, immigration status, sexual orientation, disability, etc., we think you’ve forfeited your right to free speech.

      Isn’t it better to just ignore racists?
      “Ignoring a problem never makes it go away. If ate groups encounter no opposition to their activities in a community, they’ll take that to mean that they have no opposition there willing to stand up to them and they will act accordingly. This makes it more likely that hate group activity
      will increase and they will start hurting people. This also isolates the people they target – people of color, immigrants, religious or ethnic minorities, gays and lesbians, the disabled, women, etc. – making them feel vulnerable and afraid because it seems like no one has their back.”

      “No I won’t back down…gonna stand my ground” – Tom Petty

  2. sharon kruger

    being a white female living in south africa, with all the murders and rapes happening daily, i salute the Klu Klux Klan for making a stand for us, it is so strange that all people wait until it happens to them or there loved ones before they realize that it is affecting us all, the white race is slowly but surely being wiped out by these people and if we stand up against it we are called racists, the world called for us to give them more and we did as did zimbabwe and look at the state of that country now, well ours is going the same way and our govenment is just turning a blind eye to it saying we do not have a problem, it is not racist, well if they at least stole everything in the houses and not just a cell phone and in may cases nothing at all, then maybe i would say yes its a robbery and people got hurt but these are just plain MURDER, when will you all realize this, it has everything to do with the colour of your skin, our black people are already saying that the USA also belongs to them seen as you now have a black president who comes from africa, how long do you think it will be before you all go through the same thing we are now, it is time for the whites of this world to stand up for there own and not be a bunch of sheep who are to scared to be heard, they have threatened to start there major slaughter once the world cup has begun, then unfortunately it will not just be white south africans who will be killed but maybe even you or your loved ones or a friend, think about it, this is not a time to be pointing fingers at people who stand for our rights…FOR BEING WHITE!!!!

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Didn’t your Boer overlords teach you proper punctuation and grammar? I mean, if you really are the same Sharon Kruger from Graeme College, I’d wonder how they’d feel having someone who’s never heard of sentences as a non-educator representative.

      We have enough problems with our own domestic birther idiots without having to deal birthers from elsewhere. Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother. He has posted his birth certificate on the White House website. The truth of the matter is that “the poor, oppressed white man” has been slaughtering and enslaving non-whites for at least five hundred years. The American Cavalry was not oppressed by the “evil hordes” of plains Indians, Pizarro and Cortes were not oppressed minorities beaten down by the Incans and Aztecs– they were responsible for the wholesale demolition of those cultures. The same goes for the Belgians in the Congo, the Italians in Ethiopia, and the British –quite literally– everywhere else.

      If you really don’t want to be cast as a bunch of backwards Nazis, stop supporting Nazis like the Boer separatists. I mean, really– Terreblanche ran a goddamned paramilitary terrorist organization that lived by some ridiculous “code of steel” and now you are complaining that your opponents are responding in kind? The Boer will reap what they’ve sown. Sorry.

    • Kill Whitey

      Lets all go to South Africa and kill whitey. Just walk around the streets and randomly just shoot whitey and burn KKK flags and pictures of Eugene TurdBlanche and his Angry White Boys.

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      Arnesto McPherson the III ESQ.
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      • malcolm

        I am white South African and while I am not happy that the only Americans that seem to care about the thousands on white Men, women and children that are being tortured, raped and murdered are far right wing groups. Pity that the left wing media do not seem to think white lives are very valuable. These murders will not go on without a violent responce soon so Arnesto you want to come over and murder whites in South Africa come along. You will find that White Afrikaners are like no whites you have ever met.

    • sandboxdriver

      Interesting notation. Didn’t the Keffa’s (I believe that is their proper name in Boer?) also ruin Rhodesia? Basically, the entire southern end of Africa, which was the jewel, was ruined. Things of that nature have a way of empowering the Cause, of the Klan. To hear a woman who resides there, speak out, puts an entirely new face upon the issue. I say, bring back the Old Times. Unfortunately, the best I can offer you, is a hug, and my support.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Cecil Rhodes ruined Rhodesia by running a de-facto slave state, where whites held 95% of all political power despite only constituting 5% of the population. Do you REALLY want to start talking about a government acting solely for the benefit of a privileged minority? The mess in Africa can be traced back to the several hundred years of oppression and slavery foisted upon the continent by colonial imperialism. White Europeans are not now, nor have they ever been an “oppressed” class where their basic human dignity has been denied to them solely on the basis of how much melanin is in their skin. White supremacists source the bulk of their anger from the fact that they are increasingly losing their status as a privileged class; they act like spoiled children whose parents have just stopped catering to their every whim.

        And really, what sort of childish idiot expects a perfect, utopian society to immediately burst out of the ashes of a multitude of countries that have been systematically denied access to clean water, proper education and the control of their own destinies for hundreds of years?

  3. Arnesto McPherson

    Are the White Afrikkkaners going to hurt me…I so scawed! Dose ebil white peeples is gonna hurts me, NOT! Sorry buck-o but I don’t think the pitiful loser Eugene Turdbucket is so valuable. He is more worthless then some algae found in a sewer. In fact I think he was born in a sewer. You want too be more valuable stop with the hate and go the fuck home. Africa is not your native home and never was and never will be. You aren’t South African but likely from somewhere in Europe find whitey and go join them in Valhalla, Malcolm! Seriously you don’t want your dumbass leaders to get their asses handed too them then you should pack up and leave or at least stop acting like such assholes.

    Though I think killing whitey is the better. Faster and easier!

    With Love,
    Arnesto McPherson the III ESQ.
    Professional Amateur, Mongolian Yak Farmer and Organ Grinder

  4. sandboxdriver

    Yep, this is what I mean. In our American tradition, this is the sort of thing which is trying to be disfused. Then someone inflames things with their own hatred, and the Klan starts shouting:

    “All fucking Niggers, must fucking hang!”

    How do we set things on an even keel? After this, how can the Klan be villified? Probably would be best to first shutdown all comments as it would only lead to all-out war, and the White race is the only race that once it starts killing, it doesn’t stop. Unfortunately, that was one of the major problems.