DC Tax Day Tea Party: “Don’t Look Ethel!”

DC Tea Bagger Rally 4/15/2010

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From Mike Flugennock

I came away yesterday evening feeling somehow disppointed; sure, there were the obligatory birthers, flat-taxers and other assorted nutbars, and yes, there was the obligatory smattering of amusingly misspelled signs, but somehow — yesterday’s crowd just wasn’t as flat-out batshit as I was hoping and expecting. Michelle Bachman was her usual shrieking, shallow, ingnorant self, yet she vomited none of the off-the-hook weird statements that endear her to me; Andrew Breitbart exhibited his usual over-the-edge delivery, but neither of them seemed to really bring the crazy yesterday.

Kst Policy/Lobby Group Freedomworks Running The Whole Show. (photo by Isis)

They hated socialism, yet most of them looked old enough to be on Social Security and Medicare. They hated corporations, they loved capitalism. They hated the expansion of government power into their lives, they loved the expansion of government power into Iraq and Afghanistan. They hated Saul Alinsky — and they loved Saul Alinsky. Go figure.

Speakers galore shuffled across the stage — so many speakers, in fact, that it almost seemed like a right-wing version of an ANSWER rally, only with music. And, oh, what music. Almost without exception, every musical performer worked to the accompaniment of a pre-recorded instrumental backup track instead of a live backup band. Ray Stevens, late-60s Jesus-rock star famous for his ’70s novelty hit “The Streak”, proffered a sappy, cloying love song to the military which pegged my Smarmometerâ„¢ so hard that it damn’ near broke the needle off. Former Saturday Night Live fixture Victoria Jackson, who dropped out of SNL in the ’90s to pursue a career as a born-again Christian nutcake, cemented her position as Stupidest SNL Cast Member Ever with “There’s A Communist Living In The White House”, a song featuring a tedious guilt-by-association litany of the “communists” in Barack Obama’s life which, to her and all assembled, proved that the DLC corporate centrist hack currently in the Oval Office is, in fact, a dangerous Marxist.

DC Tea Bagger Rally 4/15/2010

Then, at long last, came the man I waited all evening to hear from — Little Andy Breitbart. He only seemed to go through the motions last night, with his prerequisite loony attitude, but there just wasn’t enough of the Breitbart zaniness that guarantees a full-tilt steaming-ears meltdown. This could be due to the fact that it was a “friendly” crowd without the possibility of his being confronted with any inconvenient truths, thus precluding any chance of Breitbart going over the edge. Most of his evening’s rantings were spent making excuses for Clarence Thomas and bitching about MSNBC and “union thugs” — in other words, a standard-issue rap which had none of the brilliance of his ravings at the recent CPAC conference in March. More’s the pity.

Opposition To The DC Tea Bagger Rally 4/15/2010 (photo by Isis)

For additional photos by WESPENNEST and by ISIS

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