The KKK is A Boer-ing Fail In DC!

Promised white supremacist rally turns into embarrassing failure. Again.

Inner Fighting and Egos Imploded Rally Plans In Front of South African Embassy

It all started as a post on the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront, when a KKK group decided to announce that they were going to have a BIG RALLY for recently murdered South African neo-Nazi Eugene Terre-Blachne Stormfront, but never bothered to organize it first.

When it became apparent the local DC/Fed law enforcement didn’t want to bother processing the paperwork for their permit, the KKK boneheads decided to scape goat a Stormfront poster called “MoJo” as an excuse to cancel the rally 12 hours before the rally was supposed to take place.

Inner fighting amongst the racist movement is the best Antifa/ARA action of all.

But, that didn’t stop “Mojo” (real name is Roger) who drove up from south Florida to attend the event to join just two others, Chris from MD who we believe is “WideEyedWhite” as a poster on Stormfront and long time veteran of the racist movement “Ron Doggett” who posts on all the forums as his real name.

This is the BIG KKK Rally turn out in DC!

About 12 people in opposition showed up, including Daryle Lamont Jenkins from the anti-racist organization One Peoples Project, who has an extensive article including video HERE

The inner fighting and lack of organization in the White Nationalist Movement is the best Antifa/Anti-Racist Action there is!

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