David Duke Is Defending the Tea Party!

Yes, David Duke is praising and defending the “whiteness” of the Tea Bagger movement!

We can’t even make up stuff this funny!

This pretty much proves the who and what the tea baggers are, and admittedly so by Mr. Nazi himself: David Duke


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2 responses to “David Duke Is Defending the Tea Party!

  1. Confirms what I already suspected.

  2. Book 'em Danno

    So is David Duke bleaching his skin now? I don’t think I have ever seen him so white. It looks like he took bleach and used it as aftershave. I mean he was fairly ugly to begin with but now he just looks like some freak.

    Though seriously I think Dookie is right the Teabaggers should just embrace their racist heritage. Honestly I am just sick and tired of them lying about it. I went too a bookstore today and saw a book of purely teabagger signs and flipping through most of the pages I didn’t see the classic Obama in white face nor did I see the Obama Swastikas or the rampant confederate flags or the many racist signs. It was shitty journalism. Report the truth and don’t cut out important parts of your movement.

    Stop hiding behind your B.S. veil of taxes and healthcare and come out and just be your racist ass selves and tell your buddies making stupid books to report the whole truth and not just the parts the suit you. The teabaggers are racist, and there is everything wrong with that but what’s worse is they keep denying it and trying too hide it and act like they are some fringe part when they are the main event!