Youth For Western Civilization is BAX?


Remember that nasty little group of college racists called Youth For Western Civilization?

Remember the big ruckus they inspired at UNC Chapel Hill for bringing racist Tom Tancredo to speak hate into it’s halls?

Well, get ready for the YWC/Tom Tancredo hatefest at UNC part 2!

That’s right folks, HE’S BACK!

From One Peoples Project:

Youth for Western Civilization, the White Nationalist student group co-founded by Kevin DeAnna, a guy that once opined that Kwanzaa is a holiday “designed to lead black Americans from traditional Christian holidays like Christmas and replace [Christianity] with paganism;” has not died yet at the University of North Carolina, and to that end they are bringing ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo back to campus a year after he was chased from there by an outraged campus community. Students for a Democratic Society is calling for that outrage to manifest itself again, and if there is any cries about someone violating Tom Tancredo’s rights consider the fact that he is more than likely going to use this appearance to defend the bill that was recently passed in Arizona that efectively strikes down the 4th ammendment rights of anyone in that state, more than likely the Hispanics. That bill, not to mention Tancredo’s activism that has done a sharp uptick on the racist meter since he left office, is more than enough to say that someone has better start paying more attention to the rights people like Tancredo and the YWC want to take from us, and apparently SDS wants to take on the job. We wish them well.

For more information see the UNC Students For a Democrat Society for details

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