White Power Boer-ing FAIL Round II and III In DC AGAIN!

Dead Nazi Eugene TerreBlech Inspires Keyboard Racists to Call Another Rally

Remember the April 17 KKK rally in Washington DC, at the South African Embassy that attracted all of THREE people?

Well, get ready for chapters two and three in the saga of white power failure:

From OPP:

May 22, from 12-2, and the other is on June 11, from 11-2, 2010 which will be the Opening day of the World Cup in South Africa. For those who are interested in coming out to oppose them, the South African Embassy is at 3051 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, at Noon.

Maybe we shouldn’t say this is the Klan pulling this rally off because it looks like a few people from Stormfront, some that aren’t Klan want to make this rally outside the South African Embassy in DC happen. Here’s the backstory: the murder of South African Nazi Eugene Terre’Blanche is being used as an chance for neo-Nazis all over the place to prove that “whites are waking up”. A Marion, Ohio-based contigent of the Ku Klux Klan wanted to have a rally a few weeks back, saying that they hold the African National Congress responsible for Terre’Blance’s murder. Then came the infighting about who was organizing what, and in the end there were only 3 people who made an appearance. A dozen antifa also showed and in the end we have some good video (found on our You Tube Channel) of us having discussion with the Klan supporters. Now they think they got it together, so they want to have a rally on two days.

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