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Protests Against Israeli Piracy in DC

Protest at the Israeli Embassy May 31, 2010, Washington DC

As a part of the massive international outcry over the assault and seizure of the humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza in international waters,

International ANSWER Brian Becker Speaking Our Against Israeli Piracy at Protest at Israeli Embassy

International ANSWER organized a demonstration and rally in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC today. Joining similar protests in Sweden, Turkey, Jordan, Canada and other countries, the turnout in DC was modest in number, but no less spirited.

Protesters Gather at Embassy with Chants and Protest Supporting the Palestinian People and Against Israeli Aggression

Protesters chanting pro-Palestinian slogans and clad in Palestinian flags lined the sidewalks around the Israeli Embassy in Northeast DC, eliciting honks of support from passing motorists, while Brian Becker of ANSWER DC implored that those who died yesterday not be forgotten and not have died in vain.

Protesters promise another rally tomorrow at noon, in front of the White House.

The protest will ask the Obama Administration and the United States Congress to:
-Publicly condemn the attack on civilian ships in international waters
-Release the names of all those killed, injured, and being detained; and
-Recall the United States ambassador from Israel
The Israeli government has subjected Gaza to a complete blockade for the past 3 years, leaving 1.5 million people to rely on aid for survival. In March 2009, The Lancet, the foremost medical journal, dedicated a full series of articles about health in the Occupied Palestinian Territories that shows the extent of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza that the Israeli government denies even exists. UNDP just released a report documenting the scale of this crisis.

The Gaza flotilla has attempted to deliver desperately needed aid to the Palestinians in Gaza and has been met with violence and death for the activists. International outcry, protests, and diplomatic rows have ensued.

The Washington DC community is also mobilizing to show not only solidarity with the Palestinians, but also to present specific asks. Washington DC, more than any city in the world, represents the power that keeps peace in the Middle East and justice for the Palestinians a remote prospect.

The asks for the Obama Administration and the United States Congress:

-Publicly condemn the attack on civilian ships in international waters
-Release the names of all those killed, injured, and being detained
-Recall the United States ambassador from Israel

WHEN: Tuesday, June 1st 2010
TIME: Noon
WHERE: in front of the White House, Lafayette Park

The protest is organized by a coalition of organizations: MAS, CAIR, Code Pink, ANSWER, CJA, the Vineeta Foundation, Jewish Voice for Peace, WIAMEP, Muslimah Writers Alliance

More photos from Wespennest and Isis


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Blockade Netanyahu From Our White House

We know Netanyahu has canceled his Washington visit, but we’ll make it look like we blockaded him.
Many organizations are collaborating to get thousands to rally tomorrow. It will generate huge press.
Please send this announcement to EVERYONE you know.
The activists on the Gaza flotilla cannot have died in vain. We need something out of this tragedy.
In solidarity,
Radia Daoussi, MA, MPH
Bill & Melinda Gates/Fulbright Scholar

Blockade Netanyahu From Our White House
Stop Killing Innocents
12 noon in front of the White House
Tuesday June 1st 2010


Monday, May 31, 3:00pm
Israeli Embassy
3514 International Dr. NW
near Van Ness and Reno Rd., 1 block from Connecticut Ave.
Metro to UDC-Van Ness (red line)

More info HERE


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Happy Birthday to the Lady Liberty’s Lamp Blog!

The Lady Liberty’s Lamp is exactly 1 yr old today!

Happy 1 yr Birthday to Lady Liberty's Lamp blog

One year ago today we started this crazy little blog.

Our first article was kind of stiff, but still interesting to read today:

Pat Buchanan’s Violent Support Base

Racist Paleo-Conservative Pat Buchanan

In this past year we have racked up over 53,000 views and stirred many a controversy.

We had fun and made a lot of people laugh, smile, freak out, get pissed, but hopefully we have never bored anyone.

To our regular readers, we thank you for sharing this past year with us, and for our occasional readers we hope we can hold your interests to come back and read us more often.

So, to all our fellow antis, racists from the opposition, and those who just want to read the weird stuff that isn’t found on the other blogs, here is to a moment to lift our glass and say cheers to all.

Have a Happy Memorial Day also!

The Lady Liberty Lamp Collective


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The KKK Nordic Fest Saga … Continued…

We reported earlier that the Ku Klux Klan Nordic Fest was cancelled.

Well, it appears the owner of the property in the Chicago area who told police and federal officials that they didn’t know that the Klan was going to be using the property and it would be cancelled, lied on both accounts.

The Mokena IL has a KKK presence with the owner of that property, because most likely the property owner is KKK or white power sympathizers.

Chicago area ARA and other human rights groups should pay close attention and take note.
From Chicago Breaking News

White supremacist rally back on in Will County
May 29, 2010 8:09 AM | No Comments
A small white supremacist rally is being held this weekend in Will County after police believed it had been cancelled earlier this week, but officials have had no trouble from group yet, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

The FBI on Tuesday had alerted law enforcement agencies about the event, which a few dozen people were expected to attend and which was scheduled to last all weekend. Will County Sheriff’s officers were in the area near Mokena where the rally was being held, and there was no trouble from the group as of this morning, said sheriff’s spokesman Pat Barry.

Barry had said Thursday the owner of the property near Mokena on which the gathering was planned had said he had cancelled the event because “he was not aware of the affiliation these people had.”

But “We understand there are people there,” and sheriff’s officers were keeping an eye on the property, Barry said this morning.

Barry said earlier this week the sheriff’s department has been called to the property, which is about an acre, many times to quiet “wild parties.”

The gathering originally was expected to take place in Kentucky last weekend until two people associated with the event were arrested on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine.

At most, police expect about 50 people to attend the event. Sheriff’s officers will be monitoring it for any trouble, Barry said.

— Staff report

If we find the address of this property we will post it on here to alert the Chicago area groups.


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More Puerile Patriot Propaganda

Does anyone take this crap seriously?

Is this about some kind of “resistance” or a Discovery Channel expo about lycanthropes?

And the reality of it all:

Meet Your Everyday Patriot Lone Wolf Resister

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Happy Memorial Day! The KKK Nordic Fest Has Been CANCELLED!

From One Peoples Project

When Ku Klux Klan Klown Ron Edwards was busted by the feds on drug charges, it could not have been at a worse time.

Every Memorial Day weekend the white power music event Nordic Fest happens, and that was what everyone was gearing up for until Ye Olde White Power Chopping Block came a-callin’.
But, to the rescue came the white power bonehead network Blood and Honor to take the No-Dick Fest reins and move it to Mokena, IL, a suburb of Chicago, where President Obama is supposed to be this weekend.
We had already heard that people were afraid that Obama might take in the show – via feds infiltrating the place, but some folks had other ideas – namely police and the media.
They simply found out where it was, made some phone calls and the owner of the property they managed secure shut it down when he learned the true nature of the event, which would explain why the video announcing it disappeared from YouTube.
So as it stands now, there is no No-Dick Fest, which is for the best since bands like Empire Falls were dropping off the bill anyway.
And it also spells the end of Ron Edwards, who has pissed off this crowd before, but not like this.
This arrest of his exposed him as the doofus we have always known him to be, and it caused more than a few problems for folks in his circle.
They still might be able to score a spot for the event this weekend, but as of now the show is kaput.
Next year, it will be interesting to see where they put this shindig on, becaue Dawson, Springs, KY may not be an option.

From the Southtown Star

KKK-sponsored event won’t happen near Mokena

May 28, 2010
As the Chicago area prepares for a visit from the nation’s first black president during Memorial Day weekend, some visitors with much different political beliefs had planned to arrive in the Southland.

Organizers of Nordic Fest, a white supremacist rally sponsored by the Ku Klux Klan, had plans to stage a three-day “annual white pride and music festival” on four acres of private property near Cleveland and Wolf roads, about a half-mile north of U.S. 30 in Frankfort Township.

But when the property owner learned of the nature of the planned gathering, he had misgivings and told the event organizers that Nordic Fest will not be held on his land, Will County sheriff’s police spokesman Pat Barry said.

Barry said police met with the owner Tuesday and again on Thursday and urged him to cancel the event.

“After the media interest and hearing our concerns, the owner notified us around 7 p.m. (Thursday) that he had made calls to the organizers that their event would not be welcome here,” Barry said.

He said the FBI had notified sheriff’s police on Tuesday about plans to hold the rally near Mokena.

Nordic Fest has been traditionally held in Dawson Springs, Ky., but according to reports, the people who held the event on their property were recently arrested for running a methamphetamine lab.

A Nordic Fest Web site indicated that advance tickets to the rally cost $25, though children under 12 were free and encouraged to attend.

“How else are we going to teach our children?” the Web site read. “This is a weekend event for white patriots in which there is camping, vendors, speakers and bands. As well as a cross and swastika lighting.”


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Alarm and Muster: The Meltdown

Remember those crazy camo kids who had a gun rally at Fort Hunt Park Virginia?

Tom Fernandez the Right Wing Militia Drama Queen

Well, one of the organizers and speakers from that rally appears to be going off the deep end, Tom Fernandez from Alarm and Muster and its on video!


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