Faith2FAIL! The Death March Of The Theocrats

A Pathetic Low Turnout For The Faith2Action May Day Pray Day Proves Lack Of Supporters

Through the tough times the country is facing right now, it is very uplifting to see something encouraging for a change.
On May 1, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC some of the top religionist right wing extremist groups attempted to unite their following under the causes of hatred for gays and Muslims, and we here at L3 are happy to report that this following is quite small.
From the podium to this microscopic group of cult followers there was loud wailing, whining, crying, theatrics and hysterics over gays, Muslims, public schools, the entertainment industry and lots and lots of “Jesus”.
Meanwhile, with the Lincoln Memorial in place as one of the bigger tourist hot spots, the loud obnoxious bellowing from six in the morning to 1 in the afternoon brought a reaction of repulsion from the majority of those trying to vacation.

One of the more disturbing elements of this event was the promotion of a racist hate flick called “Islam Rising”, a “Christian” produced film to demonize the Muslim community.

Homophobia was present in disturbing levels. Peter LaBarbera from his demented 501c3 gay hate group “Americans For Truth” had a presence to very little an audience with a table of ex-gay literature and advertisements for “programs” that promised to “cure gayness.”

Rightwing Watch has a really good account of LaBarbera’s moronic babble:

Among the speakers during this hour was Americans for Truth’s Peter LaBarbera who, predictably, used his five minutes to attack gays, asking God to forgive us for our “excessive tolerance,” lamenting “the long secular road America has traveled from ‘abomination’ to ‘gay’,” and for allowing “homosexual activists […] to fufill their wicked plan of turning America’s schools, public and sometimes private, into homosexuality promotion zones

LaBarabera’s moronic babble and video are posted HERE

Extremist groups who have to use hate, fear and superstitious nonsense to unite their followers border on being cults.

These kind of groups prey on those in pain and with emotional instability to provide an illusion of being a safe catch net, while actually causing deeper harm to our society than any “good.”

Crazies @ The Cross

More photos HERE and HERE


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5 responses to “Faith2FAIL! The Death March Of The Theocrats

  1. Homosexual godless heathen

    Warning what is posted here is highly offensive to those involved with the Big Three mega religions (especially fundies) you have been warned:

    Wait wait wait wait were some of those idiots in the video praying to Allah or some shit. Seriously they looked like they were bowing too Mecca. I thought these people hated Islam because the moron they pray too is just like the moron the christians pray too except they call their one moron by different names. The Jews have that same moron they also use a different name. I say take all those fundamentalist morons throw them into the desert and do that whole 40 years shit hopefully we don’t see any of them again.

    Aren’t all the prophetic morons from the Big Three all about peace and love and shit what happened?

    I have a quick play feel free too act it out:
    In England
    Christian Fundie: God is great, We must blow up our enemies

    In Saudi Arabia
    Muslim Fundie: Allah is great, We must blow up our enemies

    In Israel
    Jewish Fundie: Yahweh is great, We must blow up our enemies

    In a desert somewhere (all three characters are blowing each other up and screaming prayers)

    I mean the one thing growing up Jewish taught me was be good too others, remember the past and never let it happen again and work in your community. Maybe these morons and all the other fundie morons need this lesson as well. Instead of taking passages from the bible or torah or qur’an and misinterpreting them or using only small parts why not take all of that useless shit too mean be good too everyone and everything. Religion shouldn’t be about hate and violence and blind faith but doing good things for your community and not murdering any creatures.

    All of the Big Three religions are steeped in heavy amounts of violence and they are all just as bad as the next. Buddhism seems like a better choice or even better The Church of the Fonz, if you really need a religion in these modern times.
    Though personally the idea of some magic man in the sky who was written about in fairytales many years ago seems pretty far fetched and usually by at least ten you have been told that fairies and santie clause and made up things like that are not real surprising these folks didn’t get the message!

  2. Arslan Amirkhan

    Buddhism is not a “religion of peace”, it has just as violent a history as any other religion. Not to mention the fact that the Dalai Lama is a tool of imperialists and generally a total cunt.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Well, a quick perusal of Google seems to suggest otherwise; Buddhism’s offensive war history seems to be limited to platoon-sized skirmishing in the mountains of Tibet. No, Japan does not count as their predominant belief system is Shinto while the Mongol Hordes were Tengriist. Most of Buddhism’s military history seems to be limited to defensive engagements against outside invaders– Bodhidharma invented Shaolin Kung Fu as a way of protecting monks, not enslaving or conquering other people, for example. I may be overlooking some great period in history when Buddhism death squads roamed the countryside torturing non-believers, but I can’t imagine the list of these events to be very long.

    • Homosexual godless heathen

      I am assuming you were replying to me. I never said that Buddhism is a religion of peace. However it is way more peaceful than any other major religion. You don’t see violence being preached by Buddhists but it happened on very small scales.

      I am curious though how the Dalai Lama is a tool of the imperialists? He sounds like one of the most radical left religious folks out there. China hates his guts and tries to get him banned wherever he goes. Sure he speaks to heads of state but considering he is trying to get Tibetan freedom against Chinese genocide I can see why he might do it. He cannot stop China alone, nobody could. No he is not perfect nobody is but he is way better than the garbage preached at that rally.

      One last thing why do you feel the need to call someone a cunt? Does it some how reinforce your manliness? Or boost your ego? Or is it just because you have nothing really too say that is meaningful so just use sexist insults.

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