Pennsylvania Goes Raising Arizona’s … Fascist Laws

Pennsylvania the New East Germany

Not content to see Arizona be the sole butt of jokes about being an Orwellian police state, Pennsylvania State representative Daryl Metcalfe has introduced House Bill 2479– apparently another example of F.A.I.R. inspired authoritarian nonsense.

Daryl Metcalfe at a Dan Smeriglio Sponsored Immigration Hate Rally. Paul Topete From the Anti-Semetic/Racist Band Poker Face Behind Him.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to Pennsylvania, as it possesses “The Most Racist City in America,” is home to both noted immigrant basher Dan Smeriglio and the violent neo-nazi gang “Keystone State Skinheads,” to say nothing of the disgusting spectacle surrounding the horrific beating death of Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala by six high school football players in Shenandoah, PA.

Here is what Metcalfe has introduced:

* Creating a new criminal offense for illegal aliens who violate federal law by either willfully failing to register as an alien or failing to possess proper proof of such registration when stopped for another primary offense such as a traffic violation.
* Requiring law enforcement officers to attempt to verify the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens.
* Creating a new criminal offense for persons who are unlawfully present in the United States and are an unauthorized alien applying for work.
* Allowing law enforcement officers to arrest illegal aliens for any public offense which would warrant removal from the United States.
* Creating a new felony offense for intentionally smuggling illegal aliens for profit; and authorizing law enforcement officers to impound any vehicle driven by an illegal alien, or used to transport illegal aliens.

House Bill 2479 also incorporates several other previously introduced National Security Begins at Home provisions, including cracking down on “Sanctuary” cities, employers who refuse to use the federal government’s FREE e-verify system to verify the immigration status of potential employees or that knowingly hire illegal aliens; and ending access to public benefits without verification of lawful status within the United States.

Considering that Metcalfe essentially plagiarized the Arizona bill, the same criticisms about SB1070 can be leveled against HB2479:
-The bill is too broad in its scope, leaving the duty of determining what constitutes an “illegal alien” up to the personal prejudices of the individual officers
-Gives legislative approval of racial profiling, unless there’s a silent epidemic of undocumented Canadian or Swedish workers in Pennsylvania
-Forces police officers to perform tasks outside the normal scope of their duties– tasks that they are not trained to carry out
-Overworks police officers, leading to diminished capacity for their primary jobs
-Blurs the separation between federal and state governments. Federal agencies have their own enforcement arms; the local police do not enforce ATF regulations, nor do they perform tax audits or conduct groundwater testing.

Of course, both this bill and Arizona’s SB1070 carry the stamp of approval from F.A.I.R.’s Dan Stein, which raises the suspicion that Metcalfe didn’t draft THIS bill either, instead having it handed to him by F.A.I.R. F.A.I.R. has a colorful past when it comes to racial issues, this being thoroughly dissected by Rachel Maddow.

What’s ironic is that HB2479 explicitly intends for the state to crack down on “sanctuary cities.” This is probably lost on the majority of its supporters that advocate a “smaller government,” as it means the STATE government would have legislative power over CITY government. Government overreach is government overreach, regardless if it’s done in service to a law that panders to someone’s racist paranoia.

Most ridiculous is Metcalfe’s assertation that this law will “save money” for Pennsylvania. It costs Pennsylvania citizens $34,844 per year to house 1 inmate. If 140,000 inmates are added to prison system, that comes out to $4,878,160,000 per year. This is, charitably, at odds with the $728 million Metcalfe claims to have annually projected saving from this bill.


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20 responses to “Pennsylvania Goes Raising Arizona’s … Fascist Laws

  1. Again, you guys dont believe we should have borders so your arguments are completely moot on this proposed legislation.
    “Creating a new criminal offense for illegal aliens who violate federal law by either willfully failing to register as an alien or failing to possess proper proof of such registration when stopped for another primary offense such as a traffic violation.”
    Oh no Pennslyvanias going all Totalitarian… Give me a break.

    “The bill is too broad in its scope, leaving the duty of determining what constitutes an “illegal alien” up to the personal prejudices of the individual officers
    -Gives legislative approval of racial profiling, unless there’s a silent epidemic of undocumented Canadian or Swedish workers in Pennsylvania”
    You dont think anyones illegal so of course you believe cops who enforce the law are exuding personal prejudice.
    Im sure this bill, like AZ’s law, explicitly takes steps to act against racial profiling. You are lying again. But then again, no one is illegalso of course a cop asking for ID would anger you.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been reading the back-and-forth between you and the LLL folks, and you’re coming off like a complete idiot. The LLL folks have been incredibly patient in not banning your stupid ass, considering how many times they had to repeat themselves! You didn’t know what the ATF was; you didn’t know that Nazi Germany was responsible for Auschwitz, not EAST Germany; you whine and bitch about illegal immigrants ruining this country and you YOURSELF can’t be bothered to SPELL THINGS RIGHT or type in a language other than TEXT SPEAK– and YOU think you’re entitled to an honest and mature discussion. Shit, Kandee was more intelligent than you and Kandee was a fucking NAZI. What the hell is wrong with you?

    • ladylibertyslamp


      Fat, bald, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son….

  2. Arslan Amirkhan

    For the sake of accuracy why don’t you figure out the difference between Fascism and the DDR, which was a socialist(albeit revisionist) republic. Do you really want to sound like Glenn Beck? Besides, the DDR had a functional guest worker program, unlike the US.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Fascism, Stalinism and other extreme forms of state capitalism become essentially indistinguishable from each other, so while you’re technically correct that the DDR was not a “fascist” state, it was just authoritarian. I suppose it’s also telling that the DDR’s guest worker program was more permissive than ours. Imagine that– East Germany was less restrictive than the US (at least in one narrow regard)!

  3. Arslan Amirkhan

    In anarchist fantasy land that analysis may be true. In the real world, they are easily distinguishable from each other. If you are having trouble distinguishing them then you clearly are far too ignorant on the subject.

  4. Arslan Amirkhan

    No, I am not. I might also add that in recent years, surveys conducted amongst former residents of the DDR show that the majority of them see their former country as more positive than negative, and some even considered themselves better off than they are now. Neither Nazi Germany, nor any anarchist society can claim the same.

    • Anarchist

      What do you know about anarchist societies and what anarchist societies have you been a part of? Spain during the civil war had some areas but it was during war. Honestly their really hasn’t been a straight up anarchist society that is living truly as an anarchist society without the law breathing down their neck or some sort of war or battle or riot happening. It is possible too live in an anarchist society but not in the current state of things.

      Fascism or authoritarianism don’t work at all and saying that they were better off is false. Sure they were better off then under the Nazis or under U.S. control maybe but too say it was a good thing is wrong. I was better off under Stalin then I would have been under a 5000lb boulder but that’s only because there would have been a chance of surviving under Stalin though the quality of life would have been shite!

      Plus Germany is still in the shitter like most countries so that whole Stalin/boulder thing still makes sense. They might be slightly better off but only because the other thing sucked so bad.

      Authoritarianism has no place in modern society except for in the rubbish bin. It is a garbage ideal that is an offshoot from capitalism another outdated and outmoded idea from days past.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      I’d attribute that to much of Germany treating the former East Germany as an uneducated backwater. Similarly, that’s why a sizable number of American Southerners fondly recall the Confederacy. There’s also an incredibly nasty neo-nazi presence in the former East Germany– Rostock comes to mind. There’s a really horrible tendency for nationalist groups to re-emerge in former eastern bloc countries– the Iron Guard/Noua Dreaptă in Romania, the Magyar Gárda in Hungary and the veritable constellation of neo-nazi parties in Poland and Russia, to name a few. Something needs to be done about that.

      Thing is though, there’s almost a 100% consensus among neo-nazis that see nazi germany in a favorable light, to say nothing of ex-nazis who lived in nazi germany. If we’re talking about Anarchist societies, well, you’d be hard pressed to find any former residents of them since they seem to be unable to escape the fate of being thoroughly crushed by fascist or authoritarian communist regimes (CNT/FAI in Franco’s Spain or the Makhnovists in the Ukraine). That said, the SCW veterans I’ve heard of all fondly remember their experiences, and Ukrainian Anarchists regard Nestor Makhno as something of a hero. Don’t slag on Anarchists just because you don’t identify as one. 🙂

  5. Arslan Amirkhan

    Wow, so I guess you are just woefully ignorant of history. East Germany and uneducated backwater, comparable to the US south. That would be hilarious if it weren’t tragic.

    In case you didn’t notice, the Neo-Nazi movement emerged after the wall had come down. Do you have any idea why? Because for roughly 40 years, NATO, the CIA, and their fellow travelers propagandized Eastern Europe, turning every pro-Nazi thug into a “freedom fighter”. This was the case with Bandera, Tiso, Szalasi, and a whole host of other collaborators and partial-collaborators which you have likewise never heard of. Then the morons in the Western press are suddenly surprised that after 40 years of rabid anti-Communism to the point of even supporting Nazi claims, many Eastern Europeans suddenly embrace Fascism. Big surprise.

    Of course all of that is irrelevant because it has nothing to do with the fact that the majority of East Germans have a favorable view of their former country. That neo-Nazis have a favorable view of Nazi Germany is likewise irrelevant because most Neo-Nazis never lived there.

    And as for anarchist societies, you prove my point. There will never be any successful anarchist societies beyond the level of some commune, because it is an idealistic pipe dream that never works. Either the followers are so ideologically rigid that they prevent themselves from sustaining a stable society, or they compromise themselves in a most hypocritical manner(Makhno did this in particular).

    At the end of the day, the issue here is that you are deliberately conflating the DDR with Fascism, based on the picture and headline of this story. In other words, you are no better than Glenn Beck, and you are helping to advance the dominant narrative that fascism and Communism are essentially the same, under the aegis of “totalitarianism.”

    • A Wild Mudkip

      If you want to get snippy about failed ideologies, Communism doesn’t work either. All of its experiments end up being fantastically corrupt and implode. Soviet Russia wasted all of its money on its military budget and wrecked its environment; China wholly disowned Mao and turned State Capitalist; Vietnam now performs sweatshop labor for American companies; The only thing that sustains Cuba is tourism and North Korea is a mutated beast that only survives by begging other countries for food aid.

      Anarchist societies don’t work primarily because capitalist lackeys wind up executing everyone.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      I didn’t say the former East Germany is an uneducated backwater, I said “much of Germany [treats] the former East Germany as an uneducated backwater.” Scroll up and look at the comment. I’ll wait.


      The point I’m trying to make is that when you have situations like in the former Soviet Bloc, the people who live there will fondly remember their previous status not because they enjoyed having to wait in bread lines, or half a year to buy a car, or being stopped on the street and having identification papers demanded of them, but because they had enjoyed a level of perceived international respect from being under the aegis of a world superpower. The Red-Brown/NatBol movement in Russia doesn’t campaign on a platform of foot shortages, fuel rationing and power cuts, they campaign on the concept of “when Russia was great.” This is typical of all the nationalist movements that sprung up after the fall of Communism.

      Anyway, I’m not arguing with you about the rise of fascism in Eastern Europe, but history shows that these countries had problems with fascism and rabid nationalism before World War II, so the blame for this doesn’t solely exist with the US. Everything that spawned from Operation GLADIO


      attributable to the US and the CIA, however. Just because a segment of a population has fond memories of a

      And as for anarchist societies, you prove my point. There will never be any successful anarchist societies beyond the level of some commune, because it is an idealistic pipe dream that never works. Either the followers are so ideologically rigid that they prevent themselves from sustaining a stable society, or they compromise themselves in a most hypocritical manner(Makhno did this in particular).

      Makhno was betrayed by the Bolsheviks and the Red Army, who– after relying heavily on Makhno’s Black Army to fight the White Army– turned and routed them. That speaks more for the duplicity of the Bolsheviks than it does for any fault of Makhno’s. Now that I think about it, that was also the case with the Spanish Civil War, with Stalin refusing to send military aid because it wasn’t politically convenient for him– and when he did, he only sent it to communist parties that were explicitly loyal to him– and then later directed those same parties to fight against non-aligned communist and anarchist organizations. It’s also arguable that the internet is a form of anarchist society. There isn’t a “president” or legislature of the internet, there are no borders outside of language (and thanks to translation services, those are being dismantled), there’s no gender unless the person desires to make their gender known, there’s total anonymity to those who want it, there’s free access to knowledge, information and media from all over the world and governments despise this. So much for a pipe dream!

      But really, police states are police states, whether they’re fascist, theocratic or authoritarian communist, which is the point of the post. Franco’s Spain (ok, technically they called themselves “Falangists”) and Mussolini’s Italy both had similar policies of demanding identification papers from their citizenry, just like East Germany and its culture of “Papiere bitte.” Oppression is oppression, regardless of where on the political compass it originates.

  6. Arslan Amirkhan

    Typical mythology about Makhno. Makhno ran his territory like a dictator. In fact it was he who twice executed Bolshevik officers(who betrayed whom), despite the protests of his own followers. Of course whether he was betrayed by the Bolsheviks(who did not ‘rely’ on him as you claim since they were clearly able to defeat the Japanese, the Whites, the Entente, the Basmachi, the Poles, and numerous other factions who fought far from Makhno’s ‘free territory’) is immaterial. The ultimate test for a revolutionary force(note that Makhno did not start the revolution; no anarchist movement has ever managed to do so) is the ability to sustain itself against counter-revolution. Anarchists have hitherto failed to do so.

    The Bolsheviks won primarily because people chose their faction over the other available sides. For all its talk about worker self-organization and emancipation without any kind of leadership, it has been hitherto unable to attract a majority of the working class in any country, or at least the type of majority necessary to create the kind of revolution it seeks- one which does not involve hierarchial authority and repression.

    I guess we can also chalk up the Spanish Civil War on the list of historical events on which you have an incredibly distorted and superficial knowledge. The Soviet Union initially(and some say against Stalin’s wishes) adhered to the non-intervention agreement up until it became apparent that the Germans and Italians were not following it. Keep in mind that it was Soviet tanks and airplanes which stopped the nationalists outside of Madrid in 1936- clearly the USSR did not wait long.

    As for the “fighting” you describe, I assume you are referring to the conflict which emerged between the Republic and the anarchists in Catalonia, who apparently thought the democratically elected Republican government was just as bad as the nationalists, and thus attempted to seize state property. They had the luxury of doing this because the nationalists were focusing their efforts on Madrid, and the Catalonian anarchists did virtually nothing to assist those on the front lines. Again, who betrays whom?

    And no, the internet is not an “anarchist” society. We cannot produce and fulfill our basic human needs on the internet alone, it is run on private property and by private entities despite allowing open access, and it also allows views which people like you and I fight against. So back to the drawing board with that one.

    Lastly, all oppression is not the same. If it were the same, would you feel you violated your principles when you or others like you protests Neo-Nazis and try to deny them their ability to rally or speak in public? Earlier you wrote about fascists in East Germany- In East Bloc countries, nationalism was often suppressed, and its adherents jailed. This is state repression- do you condemn or support that? Even you said “something should be done” about modern nationalism in Eastern Europe. So what is to be done? The solution is not a problem for me, because I recognize the class character behind things like authority and repression, and that revolution is inherently repressive and authoritarian. But for anarchism, strict aherence to ideals will prevent one from doing what is necessary. Betrayal of those ideals will be identified as hypocrisy.

    Anarchists also seem to fail to understand that socialists didn’t just decide one day to pack in the soviets and say, “Let’s create a police state!” These measures were a response to counter-revolution and international pressure. Certainly they were often not very good measures; they were often copied from the methods applied against Communists in the pre-revolutionary era. Nonetheless, the actions necessary are largely controlled by the actions of the dominant capitalist nations rather than the revolutionaries themselves.

    So as I said, repression is not the same. As working class revolutionaries, we must comprehend that for our sake, our repression of the bourgeosie and the expropriation of their property, along with the denial of their political rights, is just. Likewise our repression of reactionaries, nationalists, and radical theocrats is just- from our perspective.

  7. A real worker

    No one cares about your long winded bullshit.

    you think people want to sit through hours of someone trying to imitate Lenin? we are tired. we have workedall day and want to spend time with our families not waste time with you

    you and all revolutionary vanguardists (or whatever the fuck you call yourselves) are completely out of touch.

    we do not want your stupid romanticism of the soviet union and we do not want your pointless theorizing.

    you dont speak like a worker, you speak like an unemployed philosophizer who wastes his time annoying people in coffee shops.

    • Arslan Amirkhan

      We’re out of touch? Yeah, that’s why historically workers have either supported Communist movements, remained loyal to their capitalist states, or even joined fascists before they ever took up the banner of anarchism right?

      I can’t speak for those other guys but workers support us because we don’t try to sell a rose garden where we can “smash” the state without any unpleasantness in the meantime. Yes Marxism-Leninism has generated volumes of theoretical work- but all these concepts can be broken down into the simplest terms.

      That being said, I’d like to know why you consider eloquence and knowledge of history and theory to be something other than “working class”. If you see these things as inherently elite then it raises questions of your own class background. My credentials are quite solid, I’ve been part of the workforce from the age of 14(yes, it was illegal). Most of my working life was spent in construction and for a short period, mining. Never did I use my disadvantage background as an excuse not to seek out the knowledge others would normally get in university. But enough about me.

      If you want romance, stick with anarchism. Oh yes there are those among us who may romanticize certain aspects of the USSR, but then again the USSR had a lot to show for it. It literally put nations on the map.

      The Communists who have nothing but theory and endless talk are the Trotskyites. What I posted here was a simple challenge to the idea that repression is simply repression. I don’t care what your job is, but if you cannot get your head around these ideas, anarchist or otherwise, I would not want to live in the society you would create.


      If I can offer anything of value on the subject of American WNs, I will attempt to do so. I have a lot of knowledge on the subject and believe me, I really support what you’re doing. It’s just that I have to admit I can be a bit of a dick sometimes and when I see people conflating fascism and socialism so flagrantly it strikes a chord, if only because this kind of thing has become incredibly popular lately, courtesy of Glenn Beck and the European establishment.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        AA- Anything you have to offer would be great!

        We operate as a collective and are open to the talent and knowledge of others.

  8. Arslan Amirkhan

    Incidentally I take issue with the DDR as well, as it was a revisionist state that persecuted real Marxist-Leninists such as the KPD(Communist Party of Germany), but given a choice between the DDR, Nazi Germany, and Russia today, I’d probably choose the DDR.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Arslan- You are a good and knowledgeable commenter.

      If you are ever interested in writing an article for our blog please feel free to contact us.

      We do, however, mostly deal with race based issues and Fascism, not so much with theory.

      But, if you have an article in this genre please feel free to contact us and we can put it up.

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