Just How Racist IS Arizona? It’s Worse Than We Thought!

We found this little Arizona white power “advertisement” as a recent post on a long thread about Arizona on the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront.

It’s from the “Nationalist Coalition”, a white power organization that claims it is based on the writings and theories of now dead American neo-Nazi William Pierce, who was also BTW the author of the “Turner Diaries” the racist novel that inspired domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh to blow up the Oklahoma City government building.

And what do they stand for? Here is from their website under Basic Ideology (it reads like the unedited version of the Tea Bagger rhetoric)

When HATE is a Family Value

Until the middle of the twentieth century, our people were the masters of their own destiny. America and Europe were indisputably ours, reflecting White traditions, White culture, and White values. We ran our own media, our own educational institutions, and our own governments our way – and for this, we were unapologetic. We did not feel guilty for wanting our families to grow up in White neighborhoods and attend White schools; we did not feel it was “hateful” or shameful to cherish the traditions of our forefathers. But most of all, not only did we have pride in who we were and where we had come from, but we had hope for a bright future for our people.
In the last half of this century, however, our media, our educational establishments, and our governments have been wrested from us, resulting in the loss of our self-determination. When the United States government was formed, the Founding Fathers insisted upon a system of checks and balances in order to prevent the corruption which is often characteristic of democracy. These wise men, however, did not have the foresight to know that a revolutionary new medium would appear in the twentieth century, giving the men who controlled it unprecedented power to control the public’s perception of candidates and political philosophies. This new medium is, of course, television, and the men who control it have accompanied it on its rise to unforeseen, and sometimes unacknowledged, prominence. In essence, these men, through their control of the American political process, constitute an invisible government, filtering out all ideas that could prove harmful to their power, not to mention filling the minds of the public with many destructive trends and ideas. They control not only how each candidate is viewed by the public, but also what issues those candidates can support or dismiss. This ability gives them enormous power to lead the American people and their government in whatever direction they choose.

From their highly influential position of power, those who control the media have been able to drive horribly destructive governmental policies and push massive amounts of propaganda aimed at undermining our traditions and culture. The end result has been the implementation of policies which promote ever increasing amounts of diversity: seemingly endless third world immigration, affirmative action, and other government policies aimed at bringing non-Whites into every sector of White society, and the creation of a welfare system which, combined with the aforementioned immigration problem, will ensure that Whites will become a minority in their own country within the next forty years. Though the government has been ultimately responsible for implementing these policies, the media have tirelessly promoted these policies and have condemned all those who have opposed them, deterring politicians from putting up any real fight against them.

The most essential point to understanding why the media bosses do what they do is to realize who they are. Within the media every position of power in the American mass media is occupied by a Jew. We do not acknowledge the role of Jews in the media for the sake of “anti-Semitism” or hating Jews, and we do not subscribe to conspiracy theories or cult-like foolishness. We do, however, accept and acknowledge the fact that Jews have a massive amount of power. If a house is on fire, denying the fact that it is on fire will not stop it from burning down. Denying reality does not change that reality. Instead, we must accurately assess our problems and address them honestly and realistically. One must consider the fact that, not only do Jews control the media in America, where they comprise less than 3% of the population, but that they also control the media in nearly every European country of significant influence, including Great Britain and Russia. Is this simply a coincidence? Or is it a concerted effort to condition the minds of the citizens of the most powerful nations of the world? The Jews have sought to gain control of the media in order to ensure, most of all, that no government will put up any effective effort against their control, such as ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, the Third Reich, and countless other past governments have done. In doing so, they have also sought to undermine our culture and racial cohesiveness, understanding that only a united and self-conscious people will stand up against foreign control and manipulation. Control of the media gives Jews the power to protect themselves from scrutiny and retaliation, not to mention fundamental control over our foreign policy and domestic political trends. The Nationalist Coalition aims to dismantle that power and return America’s media to the hands of people who care about the future of their race and their nation; people who will not use the power of the media to advance their own schemes of manipulation and moral disarmament.

When we find garbage like this we can understand better who and what is behind these new Fascist race based laws in Arizona.

These are a part of the people who make up the majority who support SB1070

Do we as American just stand idle while the mentality of groups like this are the bases of the anti-Immigration movement?

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