HLS Protesters Disrupt Baltimore “Green Capitalism” Convention


Baltimore Maryland-On the 13 of May, protesters disrupted the “Diversity Green Business Conference,” a “green capitalism” conference at the Baltimore Convention Center, where Josia Lindsay, vice president of a “Green Energy” hedge fund run by Fortress Investment was scheduled to speak.

You may have heard of Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS, notorious for killing 500 animals a day testing products like bleach and Splenda. What you may not have heard is that they are over $70 million in debt, and would not exist today if Fortress Investment hadn’t bailed them out, showered them with loans and extended the loans when default appeared certain.

A banner was hung inside, attached to 30 green and black balloons on the third floor in front of the room where Josia Lindsay was sceduled to speak. Protesters then set up right outside the Convention Center’s windows with loud bullhorns.

It took the cops at least half an hour to respond, at which point they told lies about needing a permit to use a bullhorn, tried and failed to demand ID, and finally threatened people with arrest unless they backed up to the sidewalk. That didn’t work-protester packed up and headed down some one-way streets to losde the cops-and then RETURNED after the cops were gone! Back came the bullhorns, back came the protests right outside the Convention Center’s windows. Cops came boiling back to the scene-but not until protesters were packing up for real! No arrests were made after the cops found all their bluffs called.

On top of all else, a Native American participant in the protests called out Josia Lindsay, who is African-American, for investing in research descended from forcible experiments conducted on Black and Native American people in prior centuries by white supremacist colonizers. He went so far as to describe specific and horrifying experiments conducted on Native American people like his ancestors and remind Josia Lindsay that people kidnapped from Africa like his ancestors were also subjected to this brutal torture. He than said that if Mr Linday would not as a fellow person of color discontinue these investments, activsts would simply run his company, Fortress, out of business!

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