Faith2FAIL…The Movie LOL!!!!

Crazy Narcissist Theocrat Janet Porter at it AGAIN!

A while back we reported on one of the most embarrassingly bad failure of a political rally called “Faith2Action” which we dubbed “Faith2FAIL”.
The event was orchestrated by a self obsessed theocrat named Janet Porter who was granted a very large amount of $$$$$$’s ($70,000) to attract thousands to a Christian Dominionist based prayer event on May 1st 2010.

Part of her reasoning for choosing May 1st was to make a mockery of the pro-labor observed anniversary for the left.

But, the mockery was on her, as her event barely drew a few hundred crazies, a pro-labor/pro-immigration rights event on the same day only a few blocks away did draw tens of thousands of supporters and was a huge success.

The Monday following Porter’s fail, she was kicked of her radio spot from a Evangelical radio network, because she was too extreme and too much of a failure even for THEM!

Thus, with concern for her Christian Dominionist rhetoric and ties, it appears that Porter also lost her credibility… so what does she do to try to get it back?

Like a self absorbed teenager who cannot stop posting about herself on Facebook, Porter has now decided to try to make a movie and its all about HER!

Marketing this disaster with phony old “feel for the fetuses” blabber, the delusional Porter sees her teeny bopper hearts and flowers romance with her husband “Daniel Porter” as the center of the universe and will attract thousands of interested viewers to flock to her spotlight…once again….NOT!


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4 responses to “Faith2FAIL…The Movie LOL!!!!

  1. AbcAnarchy

    I fully support your anti-right wing fascism thing. As an anarchist and against ANY kind of oppression, anarchy and anti-racism go hand in hand. As for being anti-right wing… that comes with the name. If you have any questions about where anarchy stands on any other topics, just check my Blog. But anyway, great Blog for a great cause. Especially like the photo at the top, is it you guys?
    Peace from AbcAnarchy

    • ladylibertyslamp

      ABCAnarchy- thank you for coming to our blog. We are an anti-racist/anti-fascist collective of writers, artists, photographers and activists.

      Trying to give you one answer for your question would be inaccurate given the different minds and voices of those who contribute to our collective.

      Please feel free to take your time and look at our work and what we do, only it alone can speak for us.

      We will BTW also add your blog to our list of links….

      • AbcAnarchy

        Just wanna’ say thanks for the link, it seems to be attracting a few people to my Blog. I snuck your Blog in my latest post as a way of thanks.
        And yeah, i checked out your stuff and its great work for a great cause! Keep it up.


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