Imperial KKKlowns Might Lose Their Fest?

Remember this?

What Is That Alien Thing?

This is the big yearly spring time for Hitler fest called the Nordic Fest or as we fondly refer to it as the “No-Dick” fest put on by the Imperial KKKlowns of America down in Rand Paul country KY.

Well, it looks as though these jokers have gotten themselves into a deep load of legal troubles (shocking!)

Imperial KKKonvicts: Edwards, Gillette and Katro

No hate filled family fun? No CRAFTS? OH NO!!

As reported by One Peoples Project:

We are now one week before the start of Nordic Fest, the white power concert that happens annualy in Dawson Springs, KY courtesy of Ron Edwards and his Imperial Klans of America, and what happens? Edwards, left, and his lady friend Christine Gillette, center, get popped on drug, weapons and other as of yet unspecified charges in a FBI raid on the Dawson Springs compound that Nordic Fest is supposed to take place. In the process, Jeremy Katro, right, who was last seen in a National Geographic documentary called Inside American Terror has been popped on marijuana possesion. Well, this might bring down attendance at this year No-Dick Fest, unless of course those going are fine having the feds as their own personal little security team! We should learn more as the Edwards, who is pretty much a veteran of FBI raids, was due in court a few hours ago, so we will keep you posted.



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