Tancredo’s Terminal Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Tancredo in front of the US Capitol, 2007

Tancredo in front of the US Capitol, 2007

In the wake of the article published by One People’s Project that caused ALIPAC to drop their sponsorship of Dan Smeriglio’s June 5th rally in Phoenix, AZ, Tom Tancredo has been defending his involvement with the rally. Shortly after ALIPAC dropped out of the rally, he issued this statement.

“I am proud to be participating in the June 5 rally at the Arizona state capitol in support of Arizona’s new law aimed at illegal immigration, SB1070. The allegations against one of the rally’s organizers, Daniel Smeriglio, have been examined and are not only without merit, they are the worst kind of character assassination that no decent person in politics, left, right or center, should condone.

It’s not surprising that when asked about this scandal by Denver Westword, Tancredo defended his involvement with the rally thus:

In Tancredo’s view, the e-mail makes it seem as if he’s intimately involved with Smeriglio and his organization. Actually, he says, he spoke to him on the phone but has never met him. Hence, their only true connection is that Tancredo has agreed to speak at the rally.

So, who’s this behind Tom Tancredo, wearing a black suit and white lapel pin?

Hi Dan!

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