The Imperial KKKlown Infomercial

We honestly thought the circus KKKlown show that is Nordic (No-Dick) Fest was cancelled when the organizers were zapped on drugs and weapons charges.

But, now it appears the “fest” (…with white power “crafts”, raffles, and hate filled family fun!) is still on!

They seem to have new organizers there in MO, or they claim so….

They first tried to spread the word on this white separatist soiree by using a crappy video they made for Youtube, yes, an “ad”.
But then they went “white with fright” and took it down, but we found another funny video by the same marble mouthed flea bitten hood.


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8 responses to “The Imperial KKKlown Infomercial

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  2. julia

    awww, the fools removed the video. typical cowardice. what was it like?

    • ladylibertyslamp

      I see that! It was pretty funny. Some KKKlown in a dark corner mumbling about white power and “the day of the rope”in a really thick hillbilly accent.

      He hid his face like a typical hooded moron.

      I hope one of our people saved it, if they did we will try to post it again.

      Sorry bout the big build up and let down.

      • Idiotic Klown's of Amurika

        Someone had made a comment laughing them off of youtube. That could have been why they got rid of it. Couldn’t handle the fact they are losers and got called out for it!

        I guess they didn’t like being called gay in public but first they wanted too pee on Morris Dees then they wanted to screw him in the video. Strange people these Klanies but I am glad they are embracing their gay side. Those big dresses and especially the colorful ones that the high Klowns wear just screamed gay and it is good they are coming out of the closet.

  3. julia

    thanks for getting the video up – you all are dear to my heart! keep up the most excellent work. love will always win out in the end! i pity these sorry people.

  4. ladylibertyslamp

    Oh thank you, Julia, for your kind words and support.

    We are a tireless group.

    And, as I am sure you know, we take a lot of hits and punches from the bad side for what we do.

    We are a crazy bunch on a mission and it is nice to hear nice things said to us.

    Peace be with you.

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