Alarm and Muster: The Meltdown

Remember those crazy camo kids who had a gun rally at Fort Hunt Park Virginia?

Tom Fernandez the Right Wing Militia Drama Queen

Well, one of the organizers and speakers from that rally appears to be going off the deep end, Tom Fernandez from Alarm and Muster and its on video!


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10 responses to “Alarm and Muster: The Meltdown

  1. Nice picture of me! I don’t have that one yet. Thank you.

  2. ladylibertyslamp

    You’re lucky to have a wife who keeps you in finery!

  3. H. Mo Seksual the III ESQ.

    Queen, pluh-leeeease! You ain’t got no wife. Who you tryin’ to fool? Come on out the closet Tommy and have a cosmo…you sound like you could use one.

    Every gay man loves a nice big rifle they can shoot off a big load with…trust me ; )

  4. Thanks for the laugh all. I’m glad I have a fan club. You or anyone else reading this is welcome to call me anytime about the video that has been posted on this blog or about the Alarm & Muster itself.

    Have a good memorial day weekend all.

    Tom Fernandez

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Tom-Laughing at the militia movement is an old past time.

      And for the most part, everyone here is on rather good behavior.

      You should see what we do to Nazis and skinheads!

      You guys are not either, we know that, we are also gun right supporters, but you guys are a bit over the top ridiculous.

      Also, as we know you and your fellow organizers are not violent people, but do you attract enough of a fringe for some lone crazy try to get stupid.

      The public has a right to be kept informed about this trend so in case it does turn sour we have the documented progression to that point.

      You are not a bad person Tom, but you do seem a bit out of place from the other militia types.

      We have no personal issue with you, but that video is pretty entertaining and it shows how really silly your movement actually is.