The KKK Nordic Fest Saga … Continued…

We reported earlier that the Ku Klux Klan Nordic Fest was cancelled.

Well, it appears the owner of the property in the Chicago area who told police and federal officials that they didn’t know that the Klan was going to be using the property and it would be cancelled, lied on both accounts.

The Mokena IL has a KKK presence with the owner of that property, because most likely the property owner is KKK or white power sympathizers.

Chicago area ARA and other human rights groups should pay close attention and take note.
From Chicago Breaking News

White supremacist rally back on in Will County
May 29, 2010 8:09 AM | No Comments
A small white supremacist rally is being held this weekend in Will County after police believed it had been cancelled earlier this week, but officials have had no trouble from group yet, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

The FBI on Tuesday had alerted law enforcement agencies about the event, which a few dozen people were expected to attend and which was scheduled to last all weekend. Will County Sheriff’s officers were in the area near Mokena where the rally was being held, and there was no trouble from the group as of this morning, said sheriff’s spokesman Pat Barry.

Barry had said Thursday the owner of the property near Mokena on which the gathering was planned had said he had cancelled the event because “he was not aware of the affiliation these people had.”

But “We understand there are people there,” and sheriff’s officers were keeping an eye on the property, Barry said this morning.

Barry said earlier this week the sheriff’s department has been called to the property, which is about an acre, many times to quiet “wild parties.”

The gathering originally was expected to take place in Kentucky last weekend until two people associated with the event were arrested on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine.

At most, police expect about 50 people to attend the event. Sheriff’s officers will be monitoring it for any trouble, Barry said.

— Staff report

If we find the address of this property we will post it on here to alert the Chicago area groups.


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11 responses to “The KKK Nordic Fest Saga … Continued…

  1. Interesting take on things. Publishing the address of the site wouldn’t do you much good for a few reasons:
    It is not owned, controlled, or affiliated with the bed-sheet afficianado sect. It was simply an available location, and to my knowledge; the gentleman that owns it does not share or advocate any manner of Nationalist view. Most importantly, and it might be funny to watch; the property is generally in use by one of America’s finest motorcycle clubs. Good to see that you kids are tight on your facts! ie. (The Mokena IL has a KKK presence with the owner of that property, because most likely the property owner is KKK or white power sympathizers.)

    Oddly enough, you all seem to have missed that Nordic Fest is not a klan event. It was held on private property (in previous years) which was indeed owned by the IKA, however, due to the actions of it’s members; we were obliged to remove any and all support from the IKA and it’s bed-sheet impaired, spun out of his skull, ‘leader’. Drugs destroy communities. Period. Because the event has always been primarily a Blood and Honour USA/Combat 18 function, we chose to withdraw. Regardless of any superficial political similarities, any group or person that says one thing and turns around and does another, especially while holding themselves up as some sort of standard, can more or less choke on a d**k and die.

    On a side note, do any of you actually see the problem with the term “anarchist COLLECTIVE”? I mean, it is a bit of a misnomer. And seriously; what the h**l do you guys have against soap, anyway?


    Combat 18

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Combat18- welcome to the site.

      First, the owner of the property lied to the cops and feds, and its not like we are fans of cops or feds, but lying to them in this situation borders on brain damage level stupid.

      He/she has just red flagged themselves, not only with anti-racist keyboard commandos like us, but they have just keyed in the LE and Eric Holder’s lackeys that this event must really have something to hide.

      One of America’s finest “motorcycle clubs” is Rolling Thunder, they are also real tight with LE and the government, there is doubt they are playing with property owners who are stupid enough to also play with B&H,Combat 18ners, Neo-Nazi and KKK groups.

      But, thank you for keying us in!

      The property owner F***d up, and his mistake will probably hold a stain on his reputation for a long time.

      The KKK was putting out promotional vids for this, so you can see why we got the impression they were the hosts of the event.

      There are types of Anarchism that are based in collectivism, but a comment section of a blog is not the place for a long headache discussion of that nature.

      We have no issue with soap, we are not street punks, we are artists, photographers, videographers, writers and activists.

      And for the record, we like most on the stuff on your “stuff white people like” list.

      We probably like more of that stuff than you do.

      You have to admit, its kind of hard to imagine Combat 18 picking their own fruit, drinking fancy coffees, smoking primo-bud and watching Conan O’Brian.

      • heather

        its so said how if the blacks or mexican did this its ok but because they are white its not what a backwards world we live in the ara and media retards need help they should join the special olympics

        • ladylibertyslamp

          You post a run on sentence which is almost nonsensical, but we’re the retards?

          At least Mr. Combat18’s post is an intelligent comment, he has a grasp of grammar and a decent vocabulary.

          If you want to improve the standing of your race, Ms. Heather, go back to school and stop embarrassing yourself.

      • You probably like more of that stuff than we do?Never! See, deep down, we all just want to be a little more crackerific than the next guy. Personally I neither care for ‘primo-bud’ nor Conan O’Brian. Picking our own fruit, however, is a great past time- and allows for taking in a great cup of coffee as well. But seriously, it was in jest. The Klan does seem to have attempted to still promote an event on their property as if nothing had happened, I don’t communicate with them where I can avoid it so I don’t know how or if it took place.

        We are well aware of the in’s and out’s of having to have used the property- however, considering that it was simply a musical event (followed by the fruit picking of course) LE can do as the please. They are some of the most loyal attendees of any White Nationalist event; which is sad considering that their job is to fight crime, not watch us watching them.

        Media attention, even when generally negative still allows people to know that there are still other people that feel and speak openly about things that concern them, so it is a two-edged sword. Every time the media paints us as horrific threats to modern egalitarian dreams- without being able to show that we are actually causing harm or doing something other than our stated purposes of spreading a pro-White, healthy, and above all, necessary message- more and more people begin to see through the slant and remove their rose colored glasses. In the end, we are fighting for something native and natural to us- our own people, whereas groups such as antifa and ARA are fighting for a cause alien to their inner natures (if they were honest about them anyway). We are called hateful, but I can’t imagine anything more hate filled than attempting to destroy that which you are. Thus, we grow, and grow, and grow. There will always be groups like IKA- but what is important to remember is something the late Dr. William Pierce once said. “That groups like these must exist to ‘soak up’ the malcontents and mischievous so that they may not interfere with organizations which might otherwise have to devote time and resources to dealing with them.” I understand wanting to avoid a comment section discussion of ‘anarchist’ collectivism. In truth, we are well aware, even if some of you are not directly, that when you say “anarchist” what is meant is “communist”. I can call myself a fascist because I am one. A deeply committed one at that, and because I am honest with myself about what and who I am it is easier to move forward without the internal conflicts of stating one thing and wanting something else. Given that Marx was a self-loathing jew, as well as Lenin’s remarks about “removing the jewish elements of Western society”, not to mention Che’s well documented feelings about Mexicans and blacks…. it is kind of hard to tell the truth sometimes…


        Blood and Honour USA/Combat 18

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Combat 18,

        you’re a pretty intelligent guy, it is sort of a shame we are on the opposite sides of the fight.

        Yes, we agree, picking fruit is a pretty damn good past time. I wouldn’t call it a “white” or “cracker” thing, but, a natural human instinct that is part of survival.

        At one time, that was one of the only ways we ate as a species to survive.

        Bringing a big basket of fresh fruit into one’s home is something that is enjoyed by anyone of any race.

        I wouldn’t call Marx a self hating Jew.

        His father raised him a Lutheran, and he was an atheist.

        Many Jews are Atheist, and it doesn’t make them “self hating” just as being a Jew who is against Israeli policy and Zionism doesn’t make them “self hating” either.

        We did an article about this a while back.

        Anarcho-Communism is about as close to how many of us believe.

        Yes, we are unapologetic leftists.

        Only, we are not that thrilled with how authoritarian Communist governments are, so, I would not consider our group full on Marxists.

        Chomsky is someone held in high regard.

        Your tribalism is a natural element in human nature, but is it one that is still necessary?

        We are not a planet of neolithic tribes anymore.

        And just as the tribal instinct you are embracing is part of our natural make up, so is our social nature, humans are social animals.

        You claim you prefer a separatist society, and only want to associate with like minded white people.

        But, here you are, posting to us non-whites/Jews/commies.


        Because there is a part of yourself you are denying.
        The part who wants to reach out and engage with different kinds of people, with different ideas, races, cultures and customs.

        As humans many of us have toyed with the idea of other life from outside our planet.

        Would you imagine yourself reaching out in friendship to these new beings, or reacting in fear or hate?

        I would go for the former, but maybe I have watched E.T. too many times. 🙂

        Yes, I will admit there is something to your tribalist theory as a presence in human nature, but, can you also see how the other elements of our social nature are just as strong if not stronger?

        Combat 18, you are always welcome as a commenter here.

        Thank you for your intelligent and up front dialogue.

  2. All Hail The Bob

    We wouldn’t want too take your spot, heather! We aren’t Cartman here (unlike some people)


    To Blood and Honor: Really? Soap? Do you watch us in the shower or can you smell us through the “tubes”? LOL

    For a suggestion this is the best soap in the world hands down: (or the citrus is good)

    However you should buy it elsewhere for cheaper though the 32 oz. will last a long long time.
    You can also wash bedsheets and black shirts with it.
    The stuff foams up real nice with real little and makes you smell like the inside of those York Patties : ) and it gives you something to read in the shower, another plus (in a list of hundreds).

    Have a nice clean day,
    The Bob

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Dr.B’s also has a cool hemp based soap.

      The Bee and Flower sandalwood soap is pretty good as well, and cheap at $1 a bar.

      I hear conflicting reports on whether it is vegan or not.

      But, it is cheaper than Dr.B’s and money is sort of tight these days.

      • The Bob once again

        I recently got a 32oz bottle for 7.99 (which will last many months because you only need a little too clean a lot) and that would come out too about .28¢ an ounce. Not too bad in comparison too the Bee flower. It comes out about the same (buying one bar from iHerb, if you buy from Amazon in bulk it is actually more expensive per ounce almost double in price per ounce) looking at money per ounce but keep in mind you can use it for more than washing your body but do laundry, wash dishes, use it as a deodorant, household cleaner…
        can’t do that with bar soap

        Plus bar soap is kind of weird and can get nasty and sometimes sharp and as I am sure a few folks in Combat 18/Blood and Honour could tell you “don’t drop the soap” you cannot really drop liquid ; )

        Plus it is made in the U.S.A. with recycled packaging so less shipping and waste is created which ends up being cheaper in the long run because we aren’t going to have to pay for the environmental damage and clean up as much. It is certified vegan and not animal tested. And the Bronner family is always sending free products to people who need it and they are usually pretty charitable. All part of the Dr.s weird philosophy of ALL ONE (which fits perfectly in the anti racist movement because as humyns we are all one even though some choose to ignore that).

        My vote is always with Dr. B’s.

        Peace, Love and The Bob

  3. inquiring mind

    Does anyone know the exact name or address of the property? Or the name of the owner? Please post what you know, thanks.

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