Happy Birthday to the Lady Liberty’s Lamp Blog!

The Lady Liberty’s Lamp is exactly 1 yr old today!

Happy 1 yr Birthday to Lady Liberty's Lamp blog

One year ago today we started this crazy little blog.

Our first article was kind of stiff, but still interesting to read today:

Pat Buchanan’s Violent Support Base

Racist Paleo-Conservative Pat Buchanan

In this past year we have racked up over 53,000 views and stirred many a controversy.

We had fun and made a lot of people laugh, smile, freak out, get pissed, but hopefully we have never bored anyone.

To our regular readers, we thank you for sharing this past year with us, and for our occasional readers we hope we can hold your interests to come back and read us more often.

So, to all our fellow antis, racists from the opposition, and those who just want to read the weird stuff that isn’t found on the other blogs, here is to a moment to lift our glass and say cheers to all.

Have a Happy Memorial Day also!

The Lady Liberty Lamp Collective


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6 responses to “Happy Birthday to the Lady Liberty’s Lamp Blog!

  1. AbcAnarchy

    Happy birthday!

  2. DLJ

    Happy Birthday, and good lookin’ over the past year!

  3. Book 'em Danno


    Happy 1 year : )

  4. julia

    congrats! keep up the good work!