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ICE Raid Overkill in Orange County CA, 43 People Taken Into Custody.

These Kinds of Raids are a Repeat of Bad History

Who ever thought that in 2010 and in the supposed free country of the United States we would witness a repeat of history from one of the most gruesome moments in time.

These raids are becoming more aggressive and we the people just stand idle and look the other way.

Even worse is the incredibly vocal minority that justifies this goon-squad mentality with nationalist talking points about what constitutes a “true American.” As if the people who crossed hundreds of miles of burning desert on foot are any less human than someone who happened to be lucky enough to be born to American parents.

From the Orange County Register

ICE agents raid manufacturer in Fullerton
2010-06-29 12:11:15

FULLERTON – Agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided a manufacturing plant Tuesday morning and took 43 people into custody, officials said.

At about 8:30 a.m., ICE agents executed a federal search warrant at Terra Universal Inc. on South Raymond Avenue where they took a group of people into custody to be processed on suspected immigration violations, said Lori Haley, an ICE spokeswoman.

The 43 are suspected of being in the country illegally, she added.

The number could drop if ICE determines that some suspects should be released for humanitarian reasons such as medical issues, child or elder care issues, Haley said.

Because the search warrant is under seal and the raid is part of an ongoing criminal investigation, no other information was immediately available, Haley said.

Terra describes itself as a leading designer, builder and equipper of cleanrooms and laboratories since 1976.

An immigration lawyer for Terra decried the raid as overkill, saying it lead to a shutdown that cost the company $250,000 in lost business.

“This was like using a SWAT team to arrest a jaywalker,” attorney David Ross said.

Terra employs about 150 at its administrative and manufacturing complex in Fullerton, which totals about 115,000 square feet.

According to Ross, about 30 armed ICE agents “invaded” the company and initially detained the entire workforce – “of which at least 100 are American citizens,” he said.

Ross said the search warrant was limited to employment records, but that ICE agents shut down the entire company, including shipping, sales, engineering and marketing.

At one point, ICE agents shut down the phone and computer systems too, Ross said.

“All the agents had to do was check the employment records,” Ross said.

The company is “assiduous” about hiring people who conform to the law, Ross said.

“Terra Universal completely complies with immigration law, and has done so for many years,” he added.

Ross said he anticipates that most of the 43 people detained will be released.

Contact the writer: 714-704-3764 or


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Afternoon LULZ!!

Our friend “Flint” posted this up on his FB and we thought it would be good for an afternoon funny…

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The Corporate Lobbyists Who Attacked Reporter: David Weigel

Matt Dornic: Quinn Gillespie's Own James O'Keefe?

As of late the beltway insider media storm has been over the public humiliation of reporter on Teabaggers and birthers, David Weigel.
It’s a petty, moronic tale; Weigel belonged to a private listerv for fellow journalists which was maintained by Washington Post reporter Ezra Klein.
The purpose of the list was to be the smoky “reporter bar” we see in the old black and white movies, where reporters can let their hair down and shoot the shit over smokes and bourbons.

David Weigel; Who Has Never Tried to Hide His Opinions of Political Extremism

There was a code of ethics for those on the list that everything posted on the list stays within the list, keeping it a free speech zone for blowing off steam.
Well, not everything is 100% safe on the internet– someone leaked a few of the e-mails that Weigel posted onto the list complaining about the right wing extremists he had been reporting on.

The statements he made were not flattering, but they are not uncommon statements made by journalists to make off record after dealing with their everyday reporting. Not unlike when people meet up at a bar after work and bitch about the the details of their work day.

It is not clear who leaked these e-mails, but what is clear is that the e-mails were exposed by Washington DC lobby/PR firm Quinn Gillespie’s media director : Matt Dornic. All of this was done via Dornic’s cheesy blog called FishbowlDC.
It is such a crappy blog we won’t bother linking to it, but you can Google it for yourself if you wish.

The result of this moronic situation is that Weigel was forced to resign as a reporter for the Washington Post as a journalistic source of the state of the right wing.

Weigel, a socially liberal Libertarian, might have made too many enemies from the crazies he reported on and he was an obvious threat for the facts he was exposing.

Much of what we have stated so far has been printed and talked about over and over, but very little has been said about Dornic’s boss, Quinn Gillespie.

On their site, Quinn Gillespie and Associates claim to be a bi-partisan lobby and public relations firm, yet specific political clients they have worked with are not posted on the site.
What is posted on the site a list of their corporate clients, and an interesting, yet vague babble about their “results” which sound almost like a T-Bagger bullet point list: Healthcare Industry, International Corporatism, pro-Coal Industry, Taxes

According to Think Progress Dornic often used his throw away blog FishBowlDC as a way to plug issues and events connected to Quinn Gillespie and Associates.

With that fact, why was Dornic not fired from Quinn Gillespie and Associates for the unethical action of posting private e-mails on a blog to cause harm and embarrassment to a reporter while that blog is also used to promote the firm?

Arguments can be made that Dornic’s shitty blog is not affiliated with the firm, but Weigel’s private statements on a listserv were not affiliated with the Washington Post either.

Fair questions we are asking:

Why did Dornic ( and possibly, Quinn Gillespie and Asscoiates) target David Weigel?

Was Dornic working “on the clock” for Quinn Gillespie and Associates when he pulled this dubious stunt?

Was this stunt done at the behest of the firm?

Most respectable public relations firms would distance themselves a sleazy move like this, but they remain silent and with Dornic still in their employment.

How far is this from the amateur media hack and dress up pimp daddy James O’Keefe breaking into federal senate offices while on Breitbart’s payroll?

Andrew Breitbart

And speaking of Mr. psycho Big Government, crazy Andrew Breitbart is going by the way of America’s king of porn Larry Flynt and offering $100K for anyone to give him the entire archive of the journalist listserv Weigel was exposed on so he too can continue the hackery.

Lest we digress from the point of this article, which asks the question: how much did this corporate lobbying/public relations firm have to do with a reporter losing his job for reporting on events that might have shed their own interests in a bad light?

How much of this kind of manipulation of our media by these corporate interests are we supposed to allow as a country that is supposed to value the first amendment of the Constitution?


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Video: Aryan Nations Rally At Gettysburg PA; Play That Funky Music…

This took a little while in the making, but, LLL media team did a pretty decent job.

It is footage from the Aryan Nation rally that we covered a little while back.

So, put on your dancing shoes and your sense of humor and get down with DLJ while we have some fun…


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Arizona: It’s All About Racism and $$$$$’s

Arizona Rep John Kavanagh the epitomi of Racism and Greed

It appears that the legislators of AZ not only dislike the immigrants from south of the border because of their race, but, because of their lack of wealth.
From Terry Greene Sterling

“Rep. Kavanaugh announced that “illegals” who were Canadians could “stay” in Arizona because they have money and buy real estate.”

The fact that the immigrant community makes up a good deal of the AZ working class labor force has them viewed by the elected officials as the both disposable and not even human, hence, tag as “aliens”.

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Neo-Nazi Bill White Has Reinstated Charges Filed Against Him

Neo-Nazi Bill White to Stay in Jail

This story has been through the ringer. Bill White is now in prison on charges of threats and intimidation, but it looked as though he might have been released by winter.

Well, it might not be a White Christmas after all, because there is now a reinstatement of charges against him.

From the Roanoke Times

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jailed Roanoke neo-Nazi Bill White faces jury intimidation trial in Chicago

By Laurence Hammack | The Roanoke Times

William A. White, the leader of a Roanoke-based neo-Nazi organization, is facing criminal charges once again.
The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, in a decision released today, reinstated a charge that White encouraged violence against the foreman of a jury that convicted a fellow white supremacist years ago.

A Chicago judge dismissed the charge last July, before White went on trial in Roanoke and was convicted of similar charges. White, who is serving a 21⁄2-year prison sentence, will now be returned to Chicago for another trial.

Federal prosecutors in Chicago say that White posted the name, address and telephone of the foreman of a jury that convicted Matthew Hale, the former head of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator, of plotting have a federal judge killed.

Although White made no direct threats against the juror, prosecutors argued that the post must be viewed in the context of other material on, the now-defunct website that served as a megaphone for the neo-Nazi’s inflammatory words.
In its decision, the Court of Appeals noted that White once wrote that “everyone associated with the Matt Hale trial has deserved assassination for a long time.”

White, who moved to Roanoke in 2004 and created the American National Socialist Workers Party, is currently serving time for the racially-motivated threats and harassment of people in Missouri, Delaware and Virginia Beach.


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It’s What’s For Dinner…

From Mike Flugennock
Here’s another piece inspired by an article I saw at
one of my all-time favorite Leftie blogs, Stop Me Before I Vote
— specifically, this entry, containing an especially pithy comment
by another one of my Leftie blogozone faves, The Drunken Pundit, who comments:

…With both parties fully in the grip of the
industrial-financial-military complex of the American Empire they have
to serve up shit sandwiches to everyone but they each need their own
distinctive flavor of shit in order to differentiate

I honestly can’t think of anything else to add to this succinct and
elegant analysis — at least not in written words — so, I’m not going
to waste time blathering here this time, and just get on with the cartoon:

11×17 inch medium-res jpg image, 624k.

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