Boicot Pei Wei y P.F. Chang’s Hasta Que Este Asunto Se Resuela!!!

Boicot Pei Wei y P.F. Chang’s Hasta Que Este Asunto Se Resuela!!!

Chandler Arizona- June 5, 2010, There is new life in Bread And Roses because the Industrial Workers of the World have once again taken on the fight against racism and for worker’s rights.

The grim story began on May twenty-ninth when twelve workers from a corporate chain restaurant called “Pei Wei” –a subsidiary franchise of “P.F. Chang’s”– requested time off to attend and take part in the historic pro-immigration rights march against the recent racist SB1070. The workers were refused the time off and subsequently lost their jobs for their choice to take part in the event that was an important milestone in their lives. Yes, all twelve workers are Hispanic, some whom have worked for the restaurant for as long as seven, eight and even ten years.

A protest/picket line started at six pm, with the workers who lost their livelihoods, IWW leader J.T. Pierce and twelve other IWW supporters attending in solidarity, trying to spread the word to patrons coming and going from the establishment. Some were very supportive and made the conscious choice not to enter the restaurant, others expressed varying levels of racism, the epitome of which was a man who decided to set a fine example for his white suburban family by shoving a protester and berating the picket line to “speak English”.
The upper level staff of the restaurant came out hollering and whining. A male supervisor whom we have nicknamed “Douche-bag” and a manager donning a fake smile named “Colleen” tried to claim the sidewalk was her private property, while threatening to call the police.
This feisty little sugar coated scorpion is one of the persons responsible for the decision for the firings of the workers, along with the restaurant’s G.M. and the P.F.Chang’s corporate offices.

The IWW and the workers are requesting all who support workers and the brave folks who are standing up against SB1070 to:
PEI WEI CHANDLER: 480 940 3800
PF CHANGS 480 888 3000

No coma en Pei Wei o PF Chang’s!
Apoye el derecho de los trabajadores a protestar!
Una Injuria a Una es una Injuria a Todas!

Muestre su apoyo a los 12 trabajadores de Pei Wei recientemente despedido por faltar a un dia de trabajo para manifestarse en contra de la ley racista AZ SB 1070. Llama y demande la reincorporacion con pago retroactive de los 12 trabajadores despedidos injustamente. PEI WEI CHANDLER: 480 940 3800
PF CHANGS 480 888 3000
Boicot Pei Wei y PF Changs hasta que este asunto resueiva.

Que paso?
PF chang gestion odio hablar de la decision de los trabajadores a perder el trabajo colectivamente de asistir a la 29 de mayo Manifestacion Contra el Odio y desperdidos injustamente a 12 trabajadores, algunos de los cuales han trabajado en pei Wei de 7, 8, y 10 anos. Debido a la disciplina inconsistente para los turnos de perdidas, la decision de despedir a los 12 trabajadores de inmediato solo puede ser visto como una tactica de terror contra los trabajadores que se atreven de desagradable de la denegacion de los dias de enfermedad y vacaciones pagodas. Pei Wei- PFC tienen la intencion de sustituir a estos trabajadores sin meido con esquiroles servile. Pero el pueblo no se detendra por ello!

La IWW apoya estos valerosos combatientes en el espiritu de Solidaridad. La IWW es un sindicato sin charros controlado por los miembros


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15 responses to “Boicot Pei Wei y P.F. Chang’s Hasta Que Este Asunto Se Resuela!!!

  1. Victor H.

    Seems that Chandler is not the only location that is having issues with Racism….What a surprise ?

    NewsBy David Martin, Wednesday, Jun. 23 2010

    P.F. Chang’s ex-staffer says she waited on customers white servers would not

    A former employee at P.F Chang’s China Bistro on the Country Club Plaza claims that she was asked to wait on African-American customers when white servers refused.

    Linletta Woodruff started working at P.F. Chang’s in October 2008. In a lawsuit filed in Jackson County last month, Woodruff, who is African-American, claims that white servers requested that black guests and other minorities not sit in their sections.

    The lawsuit suggests that restaurant management permitted the white servers to profile their clientele. Woodruff says managers asked her to wait on customers that white servers did not want to serve.

    It’s a commonly held perception in restaurant work that blacks tip less than whites. Research indicates that black-white tipping discrepancies are real.

    Woodruff complained about the seating as well as her concerns that white employees who had sex with management seemed to receive special treatment. Woodruff took her issues to a manager who was African-American. The suit says the manager was fired after he spoke up at a staff meeting.

    Woodruff resigned on March 7, 2009. In addition to employment discrimination, the suit makes a retaliation claim. Woodruff believes she was made to suffer consequences — disciplinary write-ups, altered time sheets — after speaking up.

    P.F. Chang’s is a chain based in Scottsdale, Arizona. A spokeswoman says the company does not comment on pending litigation.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Wow! Victor! Thank you for this information.

      We need to call a nation wide boycott against them, but who will pick up the ball to do it?

      • Victor H.

        I have been working on a Nationwide Boycott since May 30th. I have already promised the powers that be (at P.F.) that it was forthcoming. I have teamed up with IWW after they too became involved. my time has been limited, but I’m determined to go full speed ahead, please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like to form a Coalition.
        I’m sure there is a lot more dirt out there (As if) there is not enough already) you have my email or you can contact me through my FB page. thanks much.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Will do Victor! Count us “in”!

  2. skippy

    This comment probably won’t be posted because I disagree, but here it is anyway.
    I support Pei Wei. If I did not show up for work I would be fired. They were right to fire them. Their being fired had nothing to do with the fact that they were protesting SB1070.

    I also happen to agree with and support SB1070. If people are living in our country illegally they are breaking the law! Legal immigrants know that they are to carry proper ID with them. I carry ID and would have no problem with showing it if asked. We have the right to enforce our immigration laws. I would never get away with entering and living in another country illegally with out severe consequences. The U.S. does not have the harsh consequences that other countries have for these law breakers. I just can’t believe that people are protesting anyway! Have you read SB1070? I’ll bet most protestors have not, they are just jumping on the bandwagon.
    I do not live near a Pei Wei, but tomorrow I will drive the distance to purchase a meal at Pei Wei to support them. How unfair to make this a political thing. They were justified in letting those people go! They did not show up for work!

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Well Skippy we actually do approve comments that are respectful.

      No, we will not agree, we are an open borders and worker’s rights crowd.

      Most people do not lose their job for missing one day.

      And just as you have your right to your opinion, we have rights to call for nonviolent legal action such as a boycott.

      If you want to continue eating their over priced cat meat and soggy noodles, feel free, but, we are going to stand united against them.

      ¡El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

      • skippy

        Thank you for posting my comments. The media did not mention that one employee that was out that day to protest and called in was not fired. Only those that did not call in or show up for work were. If I did not show up for work I would expect that I would be fired. I do not believe that it had anything to do with the fact that they were protesting.
        I agree, it is one of the rights American citizens have to protest.
        Some one else with an opposing view on this has blogged too. The author has some interesting info and thoughts to bring to the table as well.
        Thank you for having an open mind and allowing both sides of the issue to be heard.

        God Bless

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Actually, Skip, if you watched the video, the workers did ask for the day off in advance and they were refused.

        But, imagine that, a tacky over priced bougie dump like that making up their own story? Hooda thunkit?


        Personally, after seeing the way that manager treated and spoke to the people (again, you have to watch the video) it was clear how much the restaurant is a slop slinging pretentious corporate dive.

        You are better off going to a real chinese mom and pop place and avoid corporate food.

        Or better yet, cook up a large batch of real food and share it with the people around you.

        Peace and Solidarity!

  3. Victor H.


    It is somewhat obvious that you have jumped on this bandwagon many miles into the trip. First of all, the Media ABSOLUTELY DID report that there was one worker who was not fired. Even a Corporation like P.F.Changs would have better sense than to expose their true motives by firing the one worker who was not scheduled to work.

    One of the workers that were terminated had been employed at the same store for 10 Years. This employee has a spotless record and has never even called in sick, or missed a scheduled workday for ANY reason.

    Other workers in the group had been employed for 6, 7 and 8 Years; several had been employed for less than a Year.

    It is a known FACT that Pei-Wei has a disgusting record of inconsistent enforcement of its own policy regarding attendance. While I will be the first to agree that you are entitled to your opinion, I would like to point out that what you have stated is just that, OPINION. Those of us, who have been involved in this issue since the First day, have met and spoken with the workers involved and dealt with the Corporation involved, we deal in FACTS.

    • ladylibertyslamp


      We all know. We let the other side post here as long as they are respectful, and, it is always interesting to see what the other side is up to.

      If you haven’t noticed, we sort of specialize in reporting on “the other side”.

      So, if they want to come on here and point to their blogs to us, why not?

      Also, we don’t believe some of these people are as cold and heartless as they would like themselves to believe.

      Sometimes they come on here as a way to reach out, not to change our minds, but to help them change theirs.

      I, personally don’t think “Skippy” is a bad sort, we have dealt with some real nasty racists on his side and he doesn’t seem to spew the venom.

      He will hopefully realize one day that all of us are in this together on this planet and the divisiveness is not the answer.

      One evening he will get that check at a Pei-Wei and will be charged $15 an entree for a crappy corporate food dinner while sitting amongst self absorbed yuppies with cell phones growing out of their ears.

      Then, he too might hopefully have the epiphany and see through the BS.

      Being a tool for the corporatists can take one only so far, until they use you up, bilk you for your $’s and/or labor and then hang you out to dry.

  4. Victor H.

    For all of you Guy’s and Gal’s who want rush out and support Pei-Wei, by dining at one of their locations.

    We may differ in our opinions, but I think everyone has a right to view public records.

  5. skippy

    Thanks for sharing the health inspection. Interesting.
    I still do not believe these people being fired had anything to do with racism or SB1070 though.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      it may or may not be racism, but one thing we know for sure and that is this is a worker’s rights issue.

      How easily you are to give the bosses all the power and grind the rights of the worker’s into the ground.

      Ar you not a worker yourself?

      Are there not times when you need to take off from work and your boss is being a jerk about it?

      You deserve that day off once in a while, and without fighting for these rights we would all be stuck working a 6 or 7 day work week without healthcare, pensions or holidays.

      Have you become that conditioned to groveling for the crumbs off the tables of CEOs while you sweat for them?

      Those workers were fired because they requested to take off for an event that was very important to them, given the social climate of AZ, and they were denied.

      They went anyway because it was so important to them and got fired.

      Is this racism?

      Maybe or maybe not, but it was very disrespectful and maybe even a violation of their rights for the restaurant not to give them the time off for their right to protest on an issue that effects them so directly.

      Victor- That report is horrible!!!
      I think we eat safer as freegans and diving than what is being slung on the bourgeois plates at Pei-Wei.

  6. Vegun Blog

    Shameless plug but related too a LLL comment in this article:
    “Or better yet, cook up a large batch of real food and share it with the people around you.”

    • ladylibertyslamp

      I don’t think it is shameless at all!

      What a great community recipe!

      Let’s do some diving for bread this week because I actually have bags of split peas and lentils.