Phoenix Rose With Racist Biker Gangs and Assorted Fringe June 5th ; Dan Smeriglio’s New South West Friends

Ancient land … ancient tribes….ancient terrortories of rolling dusty hills …battles won…battles lost…who is allowed and who is not allowed to stay and go…our laws are full of those who decide…and very little voice for those with an even smaller voice…or maybe its not its not that small…cuz…Dapper Dan Smeriglio has been having a hard time since Billy Gheen’s “freak out”…

June 5 2010 Phoenix Rally Organizer Dan Smeriglio Attracts More Racist Fringe

An old proverb of the nineteen seventies was : “never look into a mirror while on acid, the mirror will show you things about yourself you don’t want to see.
Gheen looked into Smeriglio’s mirror mirror mirror on the wall and didn’t like who looked back…we got the images and there is a whole lot of ugly…

Phoenix AZ June 5, 2010-With numbers falling far short of the projected tens of thousands of attendees, the June 5 “Phoenix Rising” rally attracted nearly 700 supporters of SB1070, Arizona’s “Papers Please” law. Organizers attempted to distance themselves from the looming cloud of white supremacist and racist ties by forcing their speakers to toe the line of “this isn’t about race.” These attempts fell flat on their face with attendees, speakers and sponsors from the broader white supremacist community.

Tee-Shirt from White Power vendor TightRope/Panzerfaust

(1% biker wearing shirt bearing the slogan “It’s Not Illegal To Be White…Yet” which originated with the neo-nazi music distributor Tightrope/Panzerfaust.)

Sons Of Liberty Riders Claim Support For 1% Bike Gangs On their Website

Heat was certainly an aspect in severely denting the turnout, but the biggest factor were the reactions to organizer Daniel Smeriglio’s ties to white supremacists and the subsequent pullout of major sponsor Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). Despite constant claims that their rally was not about racism or hatred, one one person had a tattoo featuring a shamrock inside a Celtic Cross—a symbol for the racist prison gang Aryan Brotherhood.

Guy with Yellow Cap Sports Aryan Brotherhood Tattoo on Elbow

One of the bikers present and attending under the auspices of the “Sons of Liberty Riders” wore a t-shirt featuring the logo of the 1% outlaw biker gang White Boy Society; White Boy Society is tied to both the violent racist skinhead gang Vinlanders Social Club and the National Socialist Movement.

White Boy Society

Acting as an official sponsor and operating a booth promoting the “American Border Patrol” was Council of Conservative Citizens and American Renaissance associate Glenn Spencer; Spencer is best known for promoting the ridiculous conspiracy theory that Mexicans are crossing the border in an attempt to re-conquer the American Southwest.

Another Crazy Misspelled Right Wing Sign

Five people were taken away by paramedics because of the heat, and organizers exacerbated the situation by not providing free water, instead charging one dollar for a small bottle.
Those that did not succumb to the heat heard speakers from equally suspect organizations like Barbara Coe from California Citizens for Immigration Reform, Rosemary Jenks from NumbersUSA .

Check Out Imagine2050 for Smack Down Coverage!!

An animated, raving speech and an appearance from Kevin DeAnna, a pro-European right wing activist from the Leadership Institute and is also the leader and founder of the pro-white/anti-multicultural college organization Youth for Western Civilization (it appears he wrote a report back of the rally on the white “racialist” site

Kevin DeAnna dons a Wotanist Thor's Hammer for His Leadership Institute Photo.

Speakers who enjoy a brighter public spotlight were not shy about attending, either– former congressman Tom Tancredo, Pennsylvania congressman Daryl Metcalfe and Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio all spoke. Rounding out the cast was a baffling speech from African American activist Ted Hayes, who referred to Al Sharpton as a “traitor” and declared that African Americans were responsible for slavery, and race baiter Ray Herrera talking about the superior “anglo culture”.

Controversial "Constitutional Party" Has Presence

(Controversial Constitution Party Has Presence)
Smeriglio plans another rally in Texas.


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10 responses to “Phoenix Rose With Racist Biker Gangs and Assorted Fringe June 5th ; Dan Smeriglio’s New South West Friends

  1. White Flour

    I don’t think reconquering the middle american Southwest is such a horrible idea. Shit the Mexicans have really good food, kick ass music, plus a very rich history of self defense and action against oppression. I will take Vincentè Fernandez, a tamale covered in mole rojo and the EZLN over Garth Brooks, hot dogs and any day.

    If Mexico wanted too take their land back I would have no qualms just as long as they didn’t impose similar racist shit to what the Middle Americans have done. (by middle america I mean the U.S.)

    If the Mexican Army decided to invade Arizona right now, I would be happier than Glenn Beck at a klan rally! Shit I would probably join up like the San Patricios (a group of Irish and scots who came too America too escape oppression in their own countries and joined the U.S. army to fight against Mexico and got there and switched sides because they saw these brown skinned people as brothers and sisters not enemies) of the Mexican-American war did.

    I guess one can dream until then we just need to get rid of these white racist scumbags who think they can go anywhere they want and assume that everyone else is wrong and illegal and should be gotten off the land that was never theirs.


  2. Arslan Amirkhan

    Kevin DeAnna looks like his mother was a little too intimate with her male sibling/s. It’s always funny to note how many Neo-Nazis of our day would most likely be singled out and exterminated by the Third Reich they adore.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      I think everything he learned about political public speaking he got from his Thor comic books.

      He used to be part of a site called “Smash the Left Scum” with another LI chucklehead named Luke Pelican.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if James O’Keefe was part of that fascist fanboy club.

      Good to see you again, AA, BTW…

  3. James Stevens

    You know what I find to be funny? Pathetic pieces of shit such as yourselves spending your time and money to go out and be counted as an attendee of these events! I guess that makes you dedicated supporters does it not?

    Here is a new one you pathetic assholes, you are racist and prejudiced and soon very soon we will be protesting you and your kind!

    So you all love each other right? You tell each other how great you all truly are etc etc, well allow me to remind you that you are shit the lowest form of shit and you asociate with the mexican skinhead loving radical faggot from opp! That is awesome, you guys really raised the bar against hatred,

    I especially like it when you all spend time celebrating when people you don’t like die. wow such friendly scum you all are, you disgust me and I hate YoU with every fiber of my being! You show the worst of America every single day scumbag,

    So how is that for ya i hate you and everything you stand for you are racists you are prejudiced and you associate with someone who violates the law by their actions and by their website!

    You truly are the better side or the peaceful resistence as you claim! Burn in hell assholes

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Wow! Did we forget to take our mood stabilizers this morning?

      Also, a class in proper English might help as well…

    • Anonymous

      Considering that LLL and OPP managed to get a mainstream group to drop their big-ticket endorsement of Dan’s pathetic exercise in heat exhaustion AND cut his attendance down by NINE THOUSAND PEOPLE, I’d say there’s nothing wrong with having them show up to take pictures of the violent neo-nazi terrorists that Dandy Dan draws his support from. So, what’s a handful of journalists coming to gawk at him compared to a NINETY PERCENT FAILURE RATE?

      This aint Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio doesn’t make the laws and there’s nothing illegal about telling the world about the meth-trafficking prison gang that Dan Smeriglio likes to “pal around with.”

    • majii

      If one doesn’t want to be labeled a racist, all one has to do is avoid all contact with racists. Birds of a feather, you know.

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