NORDisappointment Fest in Mokena the Video!

Yes,… yes… yes…, we thought this whole Nordic Fest (NO-DICK Fest) thing was over, but we couldn’t resist when we found this absurd video on a great ARA blog by like minds of ourselves.

South Side Anti-Racist Action

It is a video showing the pathetic turnout for the festival at the last minute Mokena IL location.

Titled “Major disappointment in Mokena” all we can say is “LULZ”!!!!

(we are almost embarrassed for them, not really, but almost…)

Good work, South Side ARA!

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One response to “NORDisappointment Fest in Mokena the Video!

  1. David Dookie

    This is the future of the white race. Fat balding dudes jumping around with teens and shirtless white trash going “yeaaaaaaaaaah” listening too a really shitty band that sounds like a band you start in high school in your basement and you just started learning your instruments. The only thing that would have capped off this festival of fail would be my favorite white power band Battlecry.

    Thank god that the 1000 year reich worked out so well.

    White shower
    14 88 93 173 hut hut hike,
    David Dookie