David Weigel’s Take on the “Gather Your Armies” Make Believe.

The right wing has been notorious at both Constitutional and historic revisionism as of late.
For instance, they believe as long as they throw everything they want under the sun as part of the Constitution, even when most of the time it isn’t and they don’t even know or understand what the Constitution says, they can bully the public into getting whatever they want.

This often has been more the brunt of comic relief and laughs, than to take it seriously

Also a point of comedy is their make believe fantasies about the “founding fathers”, who have been the victims of their dress up dramas and imaginary messianic caricatures of their tea bagging passion plays.

The latest joke has been a really funny video that has been flying around the internet for laughs.

At first many of us thought it was satire to take the piss out of the moronic tea bagger version of 1776, so imagine our surprise when the farce turned out to be an actual real video for a tea bagging Alabama congressional candidate Rick Barber.

David Weigel has done all of us the favor of setting the facts straight:

‘Gather your armies’
And here it is, the latest performance art TV ad from Alabama — although the previous stars of memorable ads here, Dale Peterson and Tim James, lost their primaries. Congressional candidate Rick Barber, a tea partyer who held the GOP’s preferred candidate Martha Roby below 50 percent in the first round of his primary, imagines a strategy meeting between himself, Sam Adams, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

s it worth digging into the substance here? Well, okay. First, the ad begins mid-conversation, with Barber saying, “And I would impeach him.” Tea parties aside, we haven’t seen many candidates openly mulling an impeachment of President Obama.

Second, I’m not sure Barber’s argument here makes sense. His pitch to the founders is a jeremiad against the IRS and “what they call a progressive income tax” (although what else you could call a tax on income that hits high-wage earners harder than low-wage earners is a mystery). He appeals to Washington as the owner of a distillery who “knows how tough it is to run a small business without a tyrannical government on your back.” But President Washington presided over, and approved, the first tax levied by the federal government — the 1791 whiskey tax. When the tax met resistance, he approved the assembling of militias to enforce the law and mobilization of agents to collect the revenue. So the Barber daydream of Washington angrily ordering a “gathering of armies” to oppose a tax is… well, entertaining, I guess.

A previous Barber video offered his straight-to-the-camera take on the “Islamic jihadists”

(LOL@stupid idiot racist Islamophobia, its so Dick Cheney!)


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5 responses to “David Weigel’s Take on the “Gather Your Armies” Make Believe.

  1. Jeronimus

    Keep laughing . . . Rick Barber will be a Congressman this November!



    • ladylibertyslamp

      The dumb hicks might vote in someone who doesn’t even know American history, because, they obviously don’t.

      But, his latest pre-prime poll numbers show 26% against Bobby Bright’s 58%.

      Even with full support from the those who voted for the Repubs who lost the prime, Barber can’t win.

      Nice try….

    • Hopalong Nussbaum

      And JFK was never shot, he is working at a Denny’s in Fresno under the assumed name of Carlos McFudd Jr.

      Come on you really think Ricky Bobby is going to win anything aside from the largest shit award. Seriously dude looks like he needs to take a big crap. Either that or pull the large black dildo out his ass:

      Maybe he might win a free Happy Meal at McGarbage but as far as a political race it is probably like: Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot (winner and record breaker of the 2010 Boston Marathon) and Jay Sherman (aka The Critic, think episode 8 Marathon Mensch) and Ricky Bobby is Jay Sherman (except racist, not Jewish and not funny)

  2. Susan Lander

    What an idiot!

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