Naziboy Naziboy Where Have You Been? “I’ve Been to London to Visit The Queen!”

BNP leader and former skinhead from the National Front: Nick Griffin, announces his invitation from the queen of England to a “garden party” at the Buckingham Palace.

Nick Griffin the old street racist skinhead punk

How Nick Griffin Spent His Youth

and now the leader of the British National Party has gained a new notoriety for being invited by the royal hyena to join and rub elbows for tea, cakes and hate. The British people are now wasting their tax dollars on Nazi scum thanks to a monarchy that should have been blown out of their system long ago!

Stupid old Hag Invites Nazi Pal to Palace

From the UK Tabloids

ROYALS Invite … BNP leader Nick Griffin
BUCKINGHAM Palace will face criticism from anti-racism campaigners again after it was revealed BNP leader Nick Griffin is to attend a garden party hosted by the Queen. The far-right leader qualifies to receive an invite in his role as an MEP and has confirmed he intends to accept. It comes after he pulled out of a similar event last year following a wave of public outrage. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said that as an MEP for the North West, Mr Griffin is entitled to nominate himself to go.
Garden party … the Queen

Mr Griffin announced the engagement at a dinner with party supporters and boasted that he will take three members of his family to the party on July 22. He is said to have produced the invitations in front of his guests, prompting loud cheers and claps. He told the gathered crowd that he, his wife Jackie and their two daughters, Jennifer and Rhiannon, had been invited to the event on July 22.

Mr Griffin decided not to attend a similar event last year as the guest of his BNP colleague and London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook. There were calls for him to pull out from the Greater London Authority and Boris Johnson said it would embarrass Her Majesty. While saying it was “outrageous” he was pressured into bowing out of the party, Mr Griffin also said he had “no wish to embarrass the Queen”.
His possible attendance this year plunges the palace into fresh controversy. Mr Griffin has been convicted of distributing material likely to incite racial hatred. After being easily defeated in the contest for the Barking seat at the General Election, Mr Griffin has said he will leave his position as BNP leader by the end of 2013. At a BNP supporters’ dinner at the weekend Mr Griffin sneered: “So my guess is the six o’clock news on Thursday, July 22, might have a little bit about the British National Party.” He added: “So we’re gonna be back in the news.” Searchlight, the organisation which campaigns against the BNP, said it was “bizarre” that Mr Griffin had received an invitation when his party had been soundly rejected by voters at the election. Claude Moraes, a Labour MEP for London, said the move “deeply politicises and embarrasses the Queen”.
The MEP added: “She has been forced into an extremely difficult situation. I would expect some people to boycott the party.
If people knew about this it would clearly spoil the occasion for a lot of them. “It has utterly compromised the Queen and she is made to feel that she has to make a political decision.” The BNP refused to comment.

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