A Photo Essay Response to Smack Back the T-Baggers!

Last night, Chris Matthews presented a documentary on the nasty teabagger right-wingers we have been covering here on LLL, Tea Bagger Watch and OPP.
We all thought it was heavily watered down and didn’t go into enough of what needed to be shown about these extremist lunatics, but it seems to have Dick Armey’s panties bunched up in a wad.
His response was to issue a bloviating missive, feebly complaining that someone from the press had the nerve to mirror back the ugliness the Tea-Baggers have been subjecting our country with.

Let us take a look at this cry baby piece …. with commentary!

Tea Party Groups Call on Sponsors to Drop Hardball
Matthews’ “Hit Piece” Disparages Tea Party Members

June 17, 2010 – The National Tea Party Federation, a broad coalition of Tea Party groups, takes a stand and condemns the left-wing propaganda hit piece that aired on MSNBC June 16th.
The program, Rise of the New Right, was journalism at its worst, and its purpose was to demonize and misrepresent. Chris Matthews used his Hardball program to slander and mislead the American people by distorting facts about the Tea Party Movement. Hardball selectively portrayed groups and individuals in the program in a bad light.

No, douche bag, this is what your crowd looks like:

Violent Rhetoric at the 9/12 Tea Bagger Event

David Webb, co-founder of New York City’s TeaParty365 said, “Chris Matthews is a far left commentator, not a journalist and therefore should not be held to or credited with the same standards.”

You mean like this guy?

“I am an American who happens to be black, Republican, and that offends their warped vision. I would gladly face Matthews one-on-one anytime on policy and issues. This attack on Americans of all ethnicities, religious beliefs, age and political affiliations will ultimately fail because the truth wins. The desperation of a failing far left, and a dying network is apparent,” Webb concluded.

Of course, because as a “black, Republican” you must support and keep this alive instead!

Racist KKK Symbols Don the 9/12 Tea Bagger Rally in DC

More Racist KKK Symbols at the 9/12 Tea Bag Event in DC

FreedomWorks Grassroots Director Brendan Steinhauser said, “The Tea Party movement I know looks nothing like the one portrayed on MSNBC. It is made up of good, hardworking, honest, smart people who love their country. It is a movement that reflects the best in America.”

So …THIS is the best of America? Well DAMN! We really are in trouble…

Mark A. Skoda, Chairman of The Memphis TEA Party, stated, “The Tea Party movement has had a profound impact on election outcomes. The fact that MSNBC has taken it upon themselves to distort and disparage these Americans is unacceptable. Chris Matthews continued to promote the racism narrative, suggested the prospect of violent behavior by activists and promulgated the idea that the conservative movement is somehow un-American. We will encourage our coalition and Tea Party people everywhere to make their voices heard at MSNBC and to their sponsors.”

So you are going to blame Chris Matthews for this?

More Racism at the 9/12 Tea Bagger Event

Jamie Radkte, Chairman of The Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation, said, “What we witnessed tonight was an attempt by Chris Matthews to demonize Americans who believe in the Founding principles of limited government, fiscal restraint, and Constitutional adherence as violent, radical, extremists, who are threatening the very foundation of our nation. This type of commentary is divisive, shameful, and irresponsible.”

You want divisive, shameful and irresponsible? Try THIS

National Tea Party Coalition co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy, added, “Chris Matthews and MSNBC have just delivered one of the most dishonest pieces of propaganda posing as journalism in American broadcast and cable television history.”
We agree with Matthews who states in his conclusion, “What’s scary today is the language thrown about. Words have consequences.”

Yes, we have seen your “consequences”

Tea Bagger Violence

More Tea Bagger Violence

The National Tea Party Federation calls for all tea party supporters to contact the sponsors of Hardball and ask them to pull their commercials from this show. (Advertiser listing and contacts at NTPF website.) These commercial sponsors cannot continue their support of a program that seeks to demonize millions of Americans who identify with the Tea Party movement.

Furthermore, the Federation is calling on all Americans and local tea party groups to voice their objection to local media outlets on this dishonest attack on citizens who have legitimate policy concerns and are exercising their First Amendment rights.

Oh yeah, they have every right to express themselves and we have every right to report it!

Tea Baggers Showing their True Colors

For more information or to register and participate in the National Tea Party Federation, log on to http://www.nationalteapartyfederation.com.

About the National Tea Party Federation (NTPF):
The Federation is a broad coalition of national and regional Tea Party groups committed to improving communications between local, regional, and national tea party organizations. Our purpose is to facilitate and support clarity of message, rapid response to media misinformation, and to continue to collaborate and promote the movement’s core principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets.


Christina Botteri
Phone: 916-315-8989 (have fun with this)

Now is the perfect time for the MSNBC sponsors to spit in the face of these morons! They DO NOT represent America, they are just loud, stupid, racist blowhards who are less than 10% of our population.


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11 responses to “A Photo Essay Response to Smack Back the T-Baggers!

  1. Chris Matthews, a “far left” commentator?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haahhh.

  2. Tyrone mixon

    I watched the show last night and Hardball doesn’t need to slander these people, they got that all wrapped up themselves.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Yes they do, and they are their own worst enemy!

      People who report are just showing photos and video footage of what really is going on in their movement.

      If they don’t like what they see they need to take a long look at themselves and stop attacking others for the image they created themselves.

  3. 1

    Another photo from a 9/12 Rally:

    Only slightly kidding!

    • ladylibertyslamp

      And what these T-Baggers don’t even realize is that is how history is going to remember them.

      Another embarrassment in American history.

      • Tyrone mixon

        That is indeed a good point. I think they need to start by admitting the racist element and stop thinking people are crazy. Everyone knows these are a bunch of sick crackers wanting their “country back”. Now let’s guess what that means. PLEASE!!

      • ladylibertyslamp

        They see the decline of “white America”, whether they want to admit to it or even are aware of it being the root to their distress, that is what we are looking at.

        That is the the core of mobilization for their galvanization against this administration.

        And we pegged it in discussions amongst our crew how this tea bagger movement will be used to attack the immigrant community next.

        They found the niche demographic for their “Southern Strategy” and they are going to try to still uphold their quest for white privilege no matter what it takes.

        The good side to this is most of the who get involved with this movement are real old school, and old.

        10 yrs from now a good portion of these folks will either be dead or unable to be as active.

        The times they are a change’n and this looks like their last hoo-rah.

  4. majii

    There was nothing in Matthews’ report that was incorrect. The documentation for the material shown in the program is easily accessible on the internet. I think the problem is that the tea partiers didn’t realize how really whacked out they appear to the rest of America. They really decided to do it big, let it all hang out, and show no restraint in their words and signs. It was their decision based on their actions. I don’t feel sorry that they were portrayed as themselves. If one doesn’t want to be memorialized acting like a fool, one shouldn’t act like a fool.

  5. Tdoggy

    The baggers are clown shoes.

  6. GetReal

    In our society of some 330M people, there is a certain percentage of us who are batshit bonkers, and a certain percentage of those have identified with the “Tea Party”, thinking they are advocating for a return to a simpler time.

    In fact the Tea Party is a creation of the Koch brothers, and the right-wing media is playing them up as some sort of Mass Movement of grass-roots citizens.

    There are very few of these crazy people, and their existence is actually GOOD for America, as they are driving the Republican candidates way far to the Right, in order to win their party’s nominations.

    In fact most Americans do not want to do away with Social Security, and in fact the fewer Republicans who are elected, the better off the majority of Americans will be.

    It’s just a shame that the only alternative to Republicans is Democrats, who are only slightly less awful.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      G.R.- You are 100%, my friend.

      And you are correct in how they ID’d a certain demographic who want to return to a time that was “simpler” for those who are white, male and preferably rich.

      It was barely a simpler time for anyone else who didn’t fit into that mold.

      Interesting tip about the “Koch Brothers”, something we should definitely keep our eyes on.