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WASHINGTON, DC, June 18-Fans taking in today’s game between Washington Nationals and Chicago White Sox were met with a small demo of local residents calling for Major League Baseball to pull the 2011 All-Star Game out of Phoenix, Arizona in light of the boycott against the state after passing the anti-immigration SB1070 bill.

Protest at National's Game in Washington DC to Keep MLB Out of AZ

Also known as the “Papers Please” law, Arizona has been under fire for a law many say has made racial profiling illegal. Since Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill into law in April protests have been held in response and in May the National Council of La Raza and other organizations called for a boycott of the state, where they urged affiliated organizations to cancel their conventions and other events planned in the state. Major League Baseball, with boasts a large number of Latino players and Major League Baseball teams making Arizona’s Cactus League the annual home of their Spring training, has been under pressure to move the All-Star game since the bill was signed, with demonstrators picketing games where the Arizona Diamondbacks were playing. Reform Immigration for America (RIFR), which organized the protest outside National Park, said in a release that the protest held this day was part of a escalation of those efforts. “Major League Baseball and Commissioner (Bud) Selig should stand up for the hundreds of players who form the backbone of today’s game, yet whose appearance and last names put them at risk of being stopped by law enforcement every time they play in Arizona,” Said Rich Stolz, Campaign Manager for RIFR.

Protest at National's Game in Washington DC to Keep MLB Out of AZ

The small group of demonstrators saw little opposition. Very few baseball fans objected to their presence, while far more were seen wearing RFIR decals that were passed out. One group of white men even yelled out “Fuck Arizona!” as they walked past the protest.

Protest at National's Game in Washington DC to Keep MLB Out of AZ

The protest comes a month and a half before the law is to go into effect. Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio, currently under federal investigation for possible civil rights abuses, has recently announced that he will conduct a mass sweep for possible undocumented workers the day after the law is signed. According to the Associated Press, the Arizona Rookie League, which is the first step into the major leagues, is preparing the 150 or so prospects from Latin America for the new law as their season begins on Monday, even though they will be legal to be in the country.

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  4. Mia

    Dispicable behavior at a baseball game. The people of AZ aren’t free. In the border cities and increasingly encroaching further and further northward, they aren’t free to enjoy their national park. They aren’t free to be on the streets. They aren’t even free to be on their very own land – remember the farmer who was killed recently? The federal government has a Constitutional duty to protect all CITIZENS, yet they aren’t doing it. So, AZ is going to do their job for them. In turn, they are being sued by President Obama. Incompetent Janet Napalitano sees no problem with the border. The border has to be secured BEFORE any talk of “amnesty” for illegals is brought to the table. Otherwise, it means nothing.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      What is despicable, Madame, is not the exercising of free speech at a baseball game, but the hideous nature of your racism.

      Arizona will not be free until that scumbag Sheriff Arpiao is in federal prison for abuse of power where he belongs.

      What needs to be secured is a free society where all people can come and work and thrive freely, just as our “forefathers” planned it.

      So take your white power mentally and take that long look in the mirror at the ugliness you think is being a good American.

      You and your ilk are a sick embarrassment to the entire human race.

    • Book 'em Danno

      How about you send your combination lock too secure the borders…LOL! Seriously do you even understand secure borders and how much of a joke that is. You cannot have secure borders when you close them off and start getting more and more paranoid and racist.

      You want secure borders open them up and open your arms and be free. The only way too security is through total freedom for ALL. Seriously if we all treated each other like the living creatures we all are, then can we be secure but as soon as you make enemies you create that insecurity you racist morons whine about.

      Security comes through peace and understanding not through militarization, outright racism and fascism. If you want racism and fascism move back in time too Germany during the 30s and early 40s.

      That and baseball sucks, watch Fùtbol (or as Americans call it: Soccer), it is a way better sport with way more excitement, it is more of a people’s sport and anti fascist fùtbol fans kicking nazi ass. Plus a lot of hot sweaty Spanish and African guys : )

      Look at that and tell me there isn’t magic in the sport:

      Heck they even had a 48 hour ceasefire during the Nigerian Civil War too watch an exhibition game of soccer. I don’t think that would have happened for baseball.

      To clarify though I have never been much of a sports person but after watching one of the World Cup games recently I got entranced it was freakin’ magical.