The Neo-Nazi Propagandist Craig Cobb *UPDATE*!

Early this morning we reported the Nazi propagandist Craig Cobb had been detained by Canadian authorities.
Now we have received word that Cobb has been released and spotted at “The Carnegie” which we are assuming is the Carnagie Library?

Message reads:
“Apparently he’s out now, he’s just been spotted @ the Carnegie…”

This will be updated as we get more information in!


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14 responses to “The Neo-Nazi Propagandist Craig Cobb *UPDATE*!

  1. Tyrone mixon

    I hope this fool doesn’t hurt anybody.

  2. MichiganWolfX

    He won’t hurt you unless you are an enemy of the white race.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Child, what you don’t understand is that the guy is mentally ill, and he has no right to hurt anyone.

      This is why your movement has feds climbing all over it, you have a sociopathic group mind think to of validating violent activity for your cause.

      Cobb needs to be in a hospital, he exhibits a whole slew of symptoms pointing to schizophrenia and it is apparent he is on the decline.

      If you really cared about these so called activists of your cause you would try to help the guy and his mental health issues instead of making the type of statements one would expect from a learning disabled teen who has played too much WOW.

      • Stanley Dale

        I have to agree with your comments about Craig’s mental condition. I have known him and his family for over 40 years and we were very good friends in high school. I hope he gets the help he so badly needs.

    • Tyrone mixon

      And I am!!!

  3. I hate this SOB. Lock his ass up.

    • ladylibertyslamp


      We approved your comment. Why?

      Because we take the high road.

      And with this, we hope you can follow our lead and approve the comments from our camp on your site.

      As far as Cobb goes. No, he is not likable, in fact he can be down right hate-able.

      We know what he did to you, and it was pretty shitty.

      Even though it can be amusing to watch you racists fight amongst yourselves, the attacks waged against you by Cobb and the VNN hellhounds were over the top sadistic and even made us “antis” a bit uncomfortable.

      We also know one of the reasons why Cobb/Linder and friends went feral on you is because you refuse to commit to their ideals of mass ethnic genocide.

      This showed us that you have a small ray of humanity somewhere in that confused soul of yours.

      There might be a drop of hope for you at some point in the future.

      No dude, we are not your enemy, we aren’t even Cobb’s enemy, and Cobb isn’t your enemy either.

      Cobb has a serious mental illness that needs attention. The best thing for him is to check into a hospital ASAP, and in Canada he can get the help he needs for nothing.

      The day you pull that brain of yours out of the eugenic maze you keep squirreling through for fallacious answers, this will make more sense to you.

      Until then, try to exhale and let some of that bad history go.

  4. Tyrone mixon

    I think it’s time to stop playing with these “people”. They proved time and time again that they us gone, we need to look them in the same way. Put your hands on me and you get a trip graveyard. And do mean it……sick of you people. Enough is enough.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Ty- Yeah, if we were talking about the average white power thug, I would agree.

      We just found out that Cobb is a diagnosed schizophrenic.

      He is diseased in his mind, and he needs to be hospitalized.

      He is a perfect example of how our capitalist system and lack of public healthcare has left people like him to run around untreated.

      He cannot control his mind at this point.

      He needs treatment.

      As leftists we must take up for the mentally ill as they are victims of the fault lines in our system.

      • Tyrone mixon

        History has harden my heart to these people will not live and let live. True he may sick but that in my book does not give him a pass. He has willingly done harm and sick or no, he must answer for it.

  5. Spock,

    Your comments have always been approved on our website.

    • ladylibertyslamp


      No they are really not. Its not a big deal, seriously. But, just to let you know, even though you are on our opposite side, you are not on moderation.

      We have no issue with freedom of speech.

      As long as you don’t get too offensive, you are free to comment here.

      I think an active yet civil discussion between yourself and our side is long over due.

      But, back on topic. If you on your side can find us any proof of documents about Cobb being diagnosed with schizophrenia that would be very helpful.

      This is not about antis vs racists, this is about trying to get a severely mentally ill human being the hospitalization they need.

      In this case of Cobb, this is a situation when we may need to call a “cease fire” and even if it means antis and racists working together, helping get Cobb into treatment needs to happen before he gets himself or even other people hurt.

      I don’t know if you can help us with this, but, if you can reach out to your colleagues in your movement and find out of anyone has any kind of info or person we can reach out to so Cobb can get mental help.

      You don’t like him either, we know that, but maybe getting him into treatment can stop him from hurting others like he hurt you.

      • Tyrone mixon

        Do are hearts not bleed enough? They will use humanity as a weakness and they should. I’ll leave justice to God on the otherside but here, “don’t Tread on Me”.

        • ladylibertyslamp

          Sorry, leaving this to a fictional sky god myth is just what we cannot do.

          We need to take responsibility as a society for those who are ill and need help. Even if their sickness makes them not likable.

          All the superstition in the world won’t cure them. But, as a collective effort by all of us pitching in we can.