It’s What’s For Dinner…

From Mike Flugennock
Here’s another piece inspired by an article I saw at
one of my all-time favorite Leftie blogs, Stop Me Before I Vote
— specifically, this entry, containing an especially pithy comment
by another one of my Leftie blogozone faves, The Drunken Pundit, who comments:

…With both parties fully in the grip of the
industrial-financial-military complex of the American Empire they have
to serve up shit sandwiches to everyone but they each need their own
distinctive flavor of shit in order to differentiate

I honestly can’t think of anything else to add to this succinct and
elegant analysis — at least not in written words — so, I’m not going
to waste time blathering here this time, and just get on with the cartoon:

11×17 inch medium-res jpg image, 624k.

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