Video: Aryan Nations Rally At Gettysburg PA; Play That Funky Music…

This took a little while in the making, but, LLL media team did a pretty decent job.

It is footage from the Aryan Nation rally that we covered a little while back.

So, put on your dancing shoes and your sense of humor and get down with DLJ while we have some fun…


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6 responses to “Video: Aryan Nations Rally At Gettysburg PA; Play That Funky Music…

  1. Arie N. Nayshuns


    Those damn confederates make a real good flag though that sucker was a pain to rip (actually I think the flag was made in china) But it was great finally ripping that sucker up.

    The backwards walk was great how did you get them all too that? LOL Just kidding.

    Those clowns were funny as hell I cannot believe Aryan Nations actually did this. You couldn’t hear a damn word they were saying and I wasn’t super far away. Heck the first time I heard any of their speeches was from this video and I was there at the protest within sight and sound of the AN rally. From what I heard from the media they could easily hear us but nobody could hear them.

    Again good video!

  2. Tyrone mixon

    I’m trying watch this video but the wifi is weak so I’ll have to wait until I home. But what I saw was awesome, can’t wait to see the rest. These people amuse me.

  3. Arslan Amirkhanov

    Most flags these days are made of synthetic materials which may be highly flammable. I would recommend fire.