ICE Raid Overkill in Orange County CA, 43 People Taken Into Custody.

These Kinds of Raids are a Repeat of Bad History

Who ever thought that in 2010 and in the supposed free country of the United States we would witness a repeat of history from one of the most gruesome moments in time.

These raids are becoming more aggressive and we the people just stand idle and look the other way.

Even worse is the incredibly vocal minority that justifies this goon-squad mentality with nationalist talking points about what constitutes a “true American.” As if the people who crossed hundreds of miles of burning desert on foot are any less human than someone who happened to be lucky enough to be born to American parents.

From the Orange County Register

ICE agents raid manufacturer in Fullerton
2010-06-29 12:11:15

FULLERTON – Agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided a manufacturing plant Tuesday morning and took 43 people into custody, officials said.

At about 8:30 a.m., ICE agents executed a federal search warrant at Terra Universal Inc. on South Raymond Avenue where they took a group of people into custody to be processed on suspected immigration violations, said Lori Haley, an ICE spokeswoman.

The 43 are suspected of being in the country illegally, she added.

The number could drop if ICE determines that some suspects should be released for humanitarian reasons such as medical issues, child or elder care issues, Haley said.

Because the search warrant is under seal and the raid is part of an ongoing criminal investigation, no other information was immediately available, Haley said.

Terra describes itself as a leading designer, builder and equipper of cleanrooms and laboratories since 1976.

An immigration lawyer for Terra decried the raid as overkill, saying it lead to a shutdown that cost the company $250,000 in lost business.

“This was like using a SWAT team to arrest a jaywalker,” attorney David Ross said.

Terra employs about 150 at its administrative and manufacturing complex in Fullerton, which totals about 115,000 square feet.

According to Ross, about 30 armed ICE agents “invaded” the company and initially detained the entire workforce – “of which at least 100 are American citizens,” he said.

Ross said the search warrant was limited to employment records, but that ICE agents shut down the entire company, including shipping, sales, engineering and marketing.

At one point, ICE agents shut down the phone and computer systems too, Ross said.

“All the agents had to do was check the employment records,” Ross said.

The company is “assiduous” about hiring people who conform to the law, Ross said.

“Terra Universal completely complies with immigration law, and has done so for many years,” he added.

Ross said he anticipates that most of the 43 people detained will be released.

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13 responses to “ICE Raid Overkill in Orange County CA, 43 People Taken Into Custody.

  1. Tyrone mixon

    Though I in no way support this SS tactic, I find it hard to come terms with what to do about undocumented peoples. I don’t think mass round up are in order but something must be done.

    I can only hope that a solution is found and it’s treats people as people.

    • anarchos

      The best thing to do is tear down walls and borders and stop playing those whole nation and government bullshit game. Let people roam freely and associate freely and govern themselves.

      • Tyrone mixon


      • Xerocky

        Yeah, that’ll work. This way when you build up your area, someone will freely ‘roam’ in when it suits him/her and take all that you’ve worked for, and you’re life will be shit when he/she leaves. And then you get to start over again, and they get to ‘roam’ to some other hard working people and soak off of them for a while.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Xerocky- because the whole world revolves around YOU, right?

        It’s all about you and your crappy shit and tacky malls….. NOT!

        What a greedy pig you are. I would rather my hood be filled with good hard working immigrant families than a self absorbed waterheaded suburban mall rat like you.

  2. I’m the farthest thing from a nazi, but loopy anarcho-‘logic’ like this makes me sympathize with them. I mean, come on, turn a person’s society (nigh on irreversibly) upside down and call him the vilest thing on the planet for the meager efforts he makes to restore some sanity? Please. I hope you leftards enjoyed your moment in the sun. I’ll do my best to prevent excessive retribution but I can’t make any promises.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Maybe because your blog “Accidental Dissent” smacks of Jared Taylor khaki trousers racism, you might not be a dress-up Nazi, but you have the uniform hidden in your closet somewhere….

      So, are you threatening us with physical harm because our opinions are different than yours?


    • majii

      I’m quaking in my boots with fear from your coming retribution. LOL

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Oh yeah, he is going to come all the way from Australia to the three major cities on the east coast including our nation’s capitol, to wag his finger and bore us to death with American Renaissance articles…LOL!!!!!

  3. Roger Shoaf

    The painting you have as an image is a touching one. Children being hauled off by racist thugs. The kids then were put on trains and sent to the camps.

    But why do you use this image to protest?

    ICE hauled hauled off 43 people that had comitted forgery, perjury and illegally entered the US. Those hauled off were finger printed, photographed, and were given a ticket if they promised to appear in court. All of those folks knew this was coming sooner or later.

    To some the hunt goes on for years. Here was the case of a 83 year old white woman, a widow that ICE tracked down and deported. She was a guard at one of the camps.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      We used this image because the scenario is strikingly similar: a heavily armed band of thugs bursts into an office building to serve a search warrant and ends up detaining everyone in the building, regardless of their citizenship status– then arrests 43 and gives each of them a ticket. The use of such force was entirely unwarranted and is unacceptable– traffic cops don’t don class III body armor and wield fully automatic HK MP5s to stop cars, even though the danger from being hit by a car is far greater than serving a search warrant on a factory that manufactures clean rooms. These tactics could be used anywhere– including churches that shelter undocumented workers. These people aren’t cartoonish caricatures of evil Mexican banditos plotting nefarious and cruel acts of barbarism against our pure and defenseless country– they’re workers that are trying to earn a living who may have had something happen to them as benign as mailing their paperwork late. There’s a proper way to discover the legal status of workers at a company, and armed raids aren’t the way to do it.

      Also, comparing/equating/relating/associating the arrest of 43 people who are trying to work versus a woman who is a nazi war criminal is pretty tasteless. I hope you didn’t mean to do that.

    • Book 'em Danno

      How did your family originally come too what is currently known as the United States of America? Did they have all the papers and what did they do upon coming here?

      People have been moving around on this big amazing planet for thousands of years and it will not and should not stop because some idiots in fancy suits and ties with hired thugs with guns (because that is all cops and military people are and lets face the facts) decided it was a brilliant idea too try and claim that a land they never owned and can never own is now theirs and they drew lines in the sand and now for whatever reason we really care about these basically imaginary lines. They have too waste billions upon billions of dollars making their “lines in the sand” safe and secure while people out on the streets are starving and schools are falling apart and people are without proper healthcare.

      Pretty much what is going on is we are funneling money to terrorists for the purpose of locking up good hard working people who might have a bit darker skin tone.

      Drugs aren’t a problem unless you make them illegal and extremely hard to get then people will go too extremes to get them and bring them in because it means more money. Smuggling (of humyns) is a problem because people lust for money so they will do it and “lines in the sand”. I don’t honestly think it would exist much if we eliminated “lines in the sand” and started treated other people as people and not numbers and statistics and all that garbage.

      “but there taking our jobs”
      You ever seen what a mega corporation would do with your job, they would send it way overseas along with thousands of others. If someone gets a job here it is not stealing unless they actually got someone fired. Anyone can go out and get a job doing what many of these people swept up in these bullshit raids are doing. Capitalism breeds the goal of getting the cheapest workers possible and treating them like crap and making sure that the general public also hates these workers so nobody will start fighting for their rights and building solidarity and unity which would mean the end of their profiteering.

      “they drive drunk and create crime”
      So does everyone else. However nobody can commit a crime worse then most every major C.E.O. in the world. Look at Tony Hayward he is living pretty at the yacht club while he and his company and destroying millions of lives and many millions more and causing irreparable damage to a large portion of this country and other countries and areas. However ICE is not going to Jolly Olde England to arrest him (obviously they don’t have jurisdiction but the point is he is getting off the hook). Though they have plenty of time to go after hard working people who are just trying to earn a living for themselves (even if it is shitty) and maybe get some money for the family.

      Basically if you work hard and are working class or poor you get the shit treatment even if you aren’t actually harming anyone. However if you destroy the planet or peoples lives or start illegal wars around the globe you get treated like fucking gold or if you enable those people, the people who work hard are funding you and their exploits. It is one of the biggest and smelliest piles of bullshit on the planet.

      Plus doesn’t it say on that statue in NYC:
      “Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”- Emma Lazarus, 1883

      I mean it doesn’t say anything in that poem about “you have too show me your papers” or lets build borders and try and keep everyone some rich asshole doesn’t like out of here. Nor did it say anything about legality.

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