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Paul Craig Roberts and The Mark of Desperation

Paul Craig Roberts; The Voice of Conservative Conspiracy Crazy!

Crazy is endemic among right-wing bloggers. As the public continues to reject their increasingly paranoid and disjointed message, they turn to the one audience that is surfeit with people that will hungrily devour every morsel of illogical babbling: conspiracy theorists. It is therefore understandable that as attention whores like Breitbart recognize that their egotistic agendas lose traction among reasonable people, they begin to pander to a sector of people who not only believe their rantings, but actively support it with paranoid ramblings of their own.

Matt Drudge Sinking to Lower Levels

Case in point: Andrew Breitbart’s is the acorn from the Matt Drudge tree for it is common knowledge that Drudge is Breitbart’s mentor.

Drudge is now featuring articles by Alex Jones sycophant Paul Craig Roberts. Drudge has always been a darling of the conspiracy crowd, due to his willingness to publish anything and everything without an ounce of background research. Hence, paranoid articles about flouridated water or the united nations occasionally cropped up on the Drudge Report. So, it’s not entirely shocking that Drudge would reprint Paul Craig Roberts, but it’s notable as Drudge occupies a position of high respect in the conservative blogosphere. The long and short of this latest exhortation is that the US is only seven years away from the complete collapse of infrastructure, order and society– yes, the very same hackneyed premise of terrible B-Movies, survivalist wet dreams and badly-written fiction like the Turner Diaries. This meshes perfectly with Alex Jones’ newest marketing scheme of an “IMMINENT ROAD WARRIOR-LEVEL COLLAPSE” which true patriots can stave off by buying Alex Jones’ latest DVD.

The article in question is: The Year America Dissolved

Here are some bits and pieces of the lunacy rantings of the article:

It was 2017. Clans were governing America. Clans organized around families and individuals who possessed stocks of food, bullion, guns and ammunition.
Photo: A scene from the 1997 film, The Postman. *LULZ!!!*

The first clans organized around local police forces. The conservatives’ war on crime during the late 20th century and the Bush/Obama war on terror during the first decade of the 21st century had resulted in the police becoming militarized and unaccountable.
As society broke down, the police became warlords. The state police broke apart, and the officers were subsumed into the local forces of their communities. The newly formed tribes expanded to encompass the relatives and friends of the police.


Goods reappeared in markets under the protection of local warlords. Transactions were conducted in barter and in gold, silver, and copper coins.

Under the article Alex Jones states a incomplete bio of crazy Paul Craig :

Paul Craig Roberts is an economist who served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration. He is published widely in the alternative media, including, and is a frequent guest on the Alex Jones Show. Dr. Roberts’ latest book is How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds.

Of course what Jones leaves out is Robert’s connections to white supremacy which has been proven with his strong ties to, Jared Taylor and American Renaissance, Willis Carto.

So, when Breitbart’s rantings appear on well known racist media we can now understand where the connection is.


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The NAACP Letter to Jim Webb!

King Salim Khalfani is a man of guts!

Members of the Organizing Committee for a Virginia People’s Assembly hold a protest / press conference outside the General Assembly Building Dec. 17 as Gov. Tim Kaine outlines his proposed budget cuts to state legislators. From left, Breanne Armbrust of Richmond Jobs with Justice, Phil WIlayto of the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality and King Salim Khalfani, executive director of the Virginia State Conference NAACP. The action received wide media coverage.

Virginia NAACP condemns Webb op-ed on diversity programs

King Salim Khalfani Executive Director Virginia State Conference NAACP

July 26, 2010

The Honorable Jim Webb, Senator
United States Senate
225 Russell Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Re: Op-Ed Piece in the WSJ on the Myth of White Privilege!

Dear Senator Webb:

On behalf of the Virginia State Conference NAACP, its’ over 100-Adult Branches, College Chapters & Youth Councils we greet you as a fellow Life Member of our Association as we commemorate our 75th Anniversary the Diamond Jubilee at our State Convention, October 29-31, 2010 in the place of our founding Roanoke, Virginia. Senator Webb, we have read your piece entitled, “Diversity & the Myth of White Privilege.” We vehemently disagree with your analysis and wonder if serving in the elite, rich United States Senate has skewed your vision of the world in which we live. Your opponent then and coming George Allen would not have had the gall to write about the “myth of white privilege” even though I am sure he feels that way. In African culture, it is said, when people show & tell you who they are. Believe them!” Your written word has spoken volumes for your belief system.

It appears that you and U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul are kith and kin. Do you really believe that affirmative action has hurt white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants or are you pandering to the divisive, conservative, Tea Bagger types whose votes you will need in 2012? The true beneficiaries of affirmative action programs are white, Anglo-Saxon women…overwhelmingly. If a white, republican, ultra-right winger, or Rush, Beck or O’Reilly had written or spoken it, the world would have known about it. But, you have written it and it did not go unnoticed but it did not garner the attention that it should have. After the race baiting of the past week concerning the U.S.D.A. and the right-wing blogger who doctored the tape and the statistics that show the African (Black) community’s suffering disproportionately during this economic depression, one would think that you would have more sensitivity than to pen that science fiction. Have you advocated for the funding for the long overdue settlement for the Black farmers? John Boyd and the farmers need some help.

You have given cover & solace to those “who want to take their country back (from whom?), who want to reload not regroup, who think it is ok to spit on and use racial epithets against African members of the House of Representatives. Senator Webb, we need to meet to discuss your philosophy and other relevant issues like: bailouts for the rich and sellouts for taxpayers, the unethical profits of the oil companies at the expense of citizens, the Iraq & Afghanistan wars that are killing our soldiers and the economy, the outsourcing of jobs to India, China & Brazil at the expense of U.S. workers and a plethora of other life and death issues that you could have championed in the Wall Street Journal. Oh, did I forget…JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS for the citizens of this country!

Does your colleague, Junior Senator Mark Warner concur with your belief? We will ask him as well. Well, fellow member of the NAACP, we look forward to your timely response and we can’t wait to meet you!


King Salim Khalfani
Executive Director

CC: Senator Mark Warner


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Webb And “White Privilege”…Again!

Senator James Webb has been a questionable public figure since the release of a cartoon with anti-Semetic undertones during his nomination race against Democrat Harris Miller.

Jim Webb Portrays Harris Miller as a Stereo Type Jew Obsessed With Money.

He has had our radar up since and we were waiting for him to pop up with another racist bit of tripe, and low and behold, there he wrote up a disaster of a whopper for the Wall Street Journal titled “Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege” where he basically stated a Pat Buchanan based argument with fluffy rich white liberal language.

And then a choir of pathetic yay sayers piped up in their party playing pander:
The Pathetic Party Panderings:
1. Donald McEachin

2. Chap Peterson

3. And of course the most obvious of who would sing Webb’s praises the neo-Nazis on Stormfront

But, through the BS there is one person with a clue who has hit the nail on the head on the moronic rantings of Jim Webb.

ADAM SERWER has become the new hero here at the LLL for the day with his honest and upfront article that knocks the Webb rants down to the sewer where they belong:

Webb And “White Privilege.”

There are a number of things about Senator Jim Webb’s op-ed “The Myth of White Privilege” to dislike, starting with the fact that one of the awesome things about the existence of white privilege is that you can be part of a body like the U.S. Senate, which has a total number of zero elected black members, and write something titled “The Myth of White Privilege” without anyone batting an eyelash. That said, Webb’s op-ed is considerably more nuanced than the title, acknowledging that “The injustices endured by black Americans at the hands of their own government have no parallel in our history,” although he makes the same mistake as Ross Douthat in repeating the conservative frame of zero-sum competition between whites and people of color.

For some reason, Webb sees the existence of poor whites as proof white privilege doesn’t exist, when it’s largely a non sequitur. The existence of Southie or Appalachia does not change the fact that a white man with a prison record has an easier time than a black person without one. But what I find really remarkable is this:

The old South was a three-tiered society, with blacks and hard-put whites both dominated by white elites who manipulated racial tensions in order to retain power. At the height of slavery, in 1860, less than 5% of whites in the South owned slaves. The eminent black historian John Hope Franklin wrote that “fully three-fourths of the white people in the South had neither slaves nor an immediate economic interest in the maintenance of slavery.”
Webb cites President Franklin Roosevelt’s study of poverty and the region and notes, “Generations of such deficiencies do not disappear overnight, and they affect the momentum of a culture.” How true. The gaping hole in Webb’s argument, however, is that, as Ira Katznelson has written, the entire force of the American state spent decades helping the white people of the region to the exclusion of African Americans, at the behest of their representatives in the Democratic Party. The Social Security Act’s three major provisions were constructed to deliberately exclude blacks, and previous programs with federal money aimed at the relief of poverty also gave discretion to the states for how to spend them precisely so Southern states could make sure they weren’t being spent on black people. The National Labor Relations Act was constructed to exclude blacks, the GI Bill gave fewer benefits to black soldiers than to white soldiers, and the Federal Housing Authority’s discrimination helped build the modern wealth gap between blacks and whites. These efforts “treated whites as a fungible monolith,” to borrow Webb’s own language, and in concert with other economic factors, helped speed the integration of white ethnics while maintaining a caste-system based on skin color. As if it isn’t also obvious, the price for maintaining a system of apartheid in the South was diminishing the potential economic impact of these programs by excluding a large part of the region’s residents.

I’m not uncomfortable with the government using its power to help poor people of any color, or people who are discriminated against. But to write about the poverty of the South without acknowledging the decades of massive government effort geared exclusively toward aiding white people is rather astonishing. More astonishing, perhaps, is that Webb, like all affirmative-action opponents, seems to forget the rather large number of white people helped by affirmative action. Webb notes that Johnson’s “initial program for affirmative action” was grounded in the 13th Amendment. Sure. But arguing that Johnson meant for affirmative action simply to address the unique history of discrimination faced by African Americans is incorrect. It was Johnson, after all, who included “creed” and “national origin,” along with “race” and “color,” and in 1967 expanded his original executive order to include women. It’s one thing for Republicans, who oppose government efforts to help the disadvantaged on ideological principle, to focus on race in arguments about affirmative action (or FinReg, or Health Care, etc.) because they think that this is the quickest way to get white people angry. But it’s surprising to hear from a Democrat, especially one so clearly concerned with the stark racial injustices of the U.S. prison system.

Johnson’s decision hints at affirmative action’s real purpose, one that has been muddied by the legal arguments that have been necessary to keep it alive. The purpose is not merely the “compelling state interest in diversity,” it is to help correct the societal biases, conscious and unconscious, that continue to curtail opportunity for certain groups of Americans. The fact that affirmative action, which is a relatively mild form of government action compared to the Democratic Party’s deliberate creation of a modern whites-only welfare state, arouses so much anger is evidence of how powerful such biases continue to be.

In general, the argument over affirmative action is broad and non-specific, and we don’t discuss whether we mean college admissions, employment, or allocation of government contracts. I’m comfortable with moving to a more class-based system of affirmative action in college admissions, and I think a more aggressive class-based system might actually work better at creating diversity. But the fact remains that no one knows a white person is an Irish Protestant or a Baptist when they walk into a job interview. They do know when someone is black, and they know when someone is a woman, and we all know that still matters.

Finally, Pat Buchanan did not get into trouble merely for “pointing out that if Elena Kagan is confirmed to the Supreme Court, there will not be a single Protestant Justice.” That remark was received in the context of Buchanan being someone whose definition of whiteness excludes white Jews and whose definition of Americanness excludes anyone who is not white. He believes any social advancement for people of color or non-Christians is necessarily to the detriment of white Americans, who are the people to whom America truly belongs. That perhaps, explains why Buchanan didn’t resign from the Reagan administration in protest when Justice Antonin Scalia was picked because Reagan thought, “We don’t have an Italian American on the court, so we ought to have one.” After all, if there’s any lesson from history in all this, it’s that certain forms of affirmative action aren’t very controversial.


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Gays Rights Activists to Protest “Academy” Encouraging Youth to Hate Gays

On August 4th a group which calls itself Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is hosting a banquet / lecture to kick off what they call an “academy” to “train young people (as well as older pro-family advocates) how to answer ‘gay’ activist misinformation and fight the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda.”

Call to protest!!

Who:Gay Liberation Network (GLN),
What: Has initiated a 5:30 PM, August 4 protest against AFTAH’s opening banquet lecture
Where: At AFTAH’s headquarters, 25W560 Geneva Road, Carol Stream, IL.

For Immediate Release – July 23, 2010
For Information – Bob Schwartz, Gay Liberation Network,
Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network:

Gays to Protest “Academy” Encouraging Youth to Hate Gays

Carol Stream, IL — On August 4th a group which calls itself Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is hosting a banquet / lecture to kick off what they call an “academy” to “train young people (as well as older pro-family advocates) how to answer ‘gay’ activist misinformation and fight the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda.”

Advocates for legal equality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBTs) counter that the gathering is aimed at promoting continued legal and social discrimination against gays, and worse, aims to promote this bigotry among young people.

“AFTAH has a long history of telling lies about LGBT people and recently was designated a ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center,” said Bob Schwartz of the Gay Liberation Network (GLN), the group which has initiated a 5:30 PM, August 4 protest against AFTAH’s opening banquet lecture at their headquarters, 25W560 Geneva Road, Carol Stream, IL. Joining GLN in the protest will be DuPage NOW, Woodstock/McHenry County PFLAG and La Voz de los de Abajo.

“Using typical far-right scare rhetoric about gays, AFTAH’s literature about their forthcoming ‘academy’ calls the LGBT rights movement ‘destructive to America’ and invites people to donate money to fund scholarships for people as young as 14-years-old to attend their event,” said Schwartz. “What they are really trying to do is inculcate the next generation with a religious, sectarian-based hatred of gays.”

“Particularly in difficult economic times, it is vital that opponents of discrimination remain vigilant and forthrightly oppose any attempts to scapegoat any group for the failings of society,” said GLN co-founder Andy Thayer. “Youth should not be taught to hate their peers and thus fuel the cycle of self-loathing, depression and suicide which too many LGBT youth experience. Bigotry must be vocally and publicly opposed, especially when haters like AFTAH try to recruit young people.”

Recently AFTAH announced that one of the “instructors” at its forthcoming event will be Cliff Kincaid, who has been a vocal proponent of a notorious Ugandan bill which not only would proscribe the death penalty for gays, but also imprisonment non-gays who fail to report the gay people whom they know.

“With the inclusion of a ‘kill the gays’ spokesperson like Kincaid, the AFTAH youth academy is an attempt to legitimize a set of politics so vile that even leading figures on the religious right have felt compelled to condemn them,” said Schwartz. “If AFTAH’s Executive Director Peter LaBarbera were just a lone kook, then I would say just ignore him. But to say that would be to ignore the fact that LaBarbera was the leading proponent of two attempts to get anti-gay referenda on the Illinois state ballot.”

“Harvey Milk and other pro-equality activists defeated Anita Bryant and her anti-gay referenda a generation ago not by ignoring, but by highlighting and making infamous her anti-gay bigotry,” said Thayer. “This is what needs to be done against LaBarbera, and which is why we have called this August 4th protest. Learning from the failed, polite campaigns to defeat California’s anti-gay Proposition 8 and Maine’s Question 1, we must instead loudly highlight the bigotry of our opponents as Milk and others did, and thus politically marginalize them.”

For more information about the August 4th protest, email the Gay Liberation Network at


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No Tea 4 BNP

Poor British National Party Nicky Griffin, he was so excited about his potential Cinderella moment and *WHAM* his pumpkin is still a pumpkin, his duds are still rags and all the rats around him are still rats.


Poor poor little Nicky…remember how excited he was?

But, there was no tea for Naziboy Nicky after all…

From The Sun

BNP leader Nick Griffin was banned from having tea with the Queen yesterday after being branded a security risk.

Furious royal aides withdrew the far-right politician’s invite to a Buckingham Palace garden party after he used it for political ends.

He went on GMTV to brag about meeting Her Majesty “over sandwiches”. He also posted a message on the BNP website, asking supporters to suggest questions he could put to Her Majesty.

The Queen … garden party host
Griffin, who was entitled to be invited as an MEP, boasted on the internet that he was taking “a million nationalists to the Palace”.

The Palace said “blatant” use of the invite for party political purposes increased the security risk and posed possible “discomfort” for other guests.

Griffin’s ban from yesterday’s bash came at the 11th hour and he later appeared on Sky TV while wearing his morning suit.

His guests, thought to be his wife Jackie and children, were also barred from the event, hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip.

Griffin, 51, moaned: “At no time was I informed I wasn’t allowed to talk to the media about attending.”

A Unite Against Fascism spokesman said: “It’s a fantastic decision. He was excited about being invited because it gave him the chance to legitimise himself.”

Former Palace spokesman
NICK Griffin was trying to the use the invite for political capital. In my view it was the correct decision to ban him.
He has nobody to blame but himself.
He made a point of inviting questions he should ask the Queen, who must not be dragged into the political arena.
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July 18-22 Protests Against HLS Radio Broadcast from WSQT

This video is friggen AWESOME!!!

WSQT has classic radio broadcasts of actions around town. Their MP3s kick ass!

Intro to Huntingdon Life sciences and the campaign to shut them down

Coverage of the July 18 home demos that stirred up a Georgetown hornets nest

Extended coverage of July 19 HLS protests in which Bristol-Myers Squibb got their lobby stormed

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This Week: Empowering Classes and Workshops at Parcel 42Tent City

The Tent City DC continues to bring the community together with workshop classes for everyone!

This Week: Empowering Classes and Workshops at Tent City
July 19, 2010
A variety of workshops by and for Shaw residents are being offered at Tent City DC this week! These workshops focus on community empowerment, helping to beef up the skills and talent of the community. All workshops are held at Tent City, on the corner of 7th & R St NW in Washington DC. Here is the lineup:

MONDAY, 7/19

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. KID POWER! Faith, 8-year-old Shaw resident, teaches us how to stop-drop-and-roll in case of a fire emergency.


6:00 PM – 7:00 PM. “Know Your Rights!” class with Ann Wilcox, DC lawyer. Class will focus on your rights, protecting yourself against unlawful search and seizure, what the law says on when you have to obey a police officer and when you don’t, and what questions a police officer can and cannot ask you.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Hand-sewing class. Learn the basics of how to make clothes, including using a garment you already have as a pattern for cutting cloth, and using basic stitches. Some sewing materials provided. Bring needle and thread if you have it!

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. KID POWER! Faith, 8-year-old Shaw resident, teaches us her favorite step and dance moves!


5:00 PM – 6:00 PM. Urban Gardening class with Gregory, Shaw resident, and Paul, a farmer from the mountains. Class will focus on how to grow plants and vegetables in pots and on small plots of land. How to save money by growing your own food!

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. KID POWER! Kelvon, 10-year-old Shaw resident, teaches us the rules to kickball and demonstrates how it’s done, then leads a fun game of kickball!


5:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Storytelling. How do the stories of Shaw residents get told? How can we better voice our hopes, visions, triumphs and testimonies? This storytelling workshop will focus on finding our voices and telling our stories.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Wellness & Spirituality for DC residents, by Ron Harris, lifelong DC resident. How to stay healthy here in Washington DC.

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. KID POWER! Drumming class, by Charles, 14-year-old Shaw resident.
Bring drums or drumsticks if you have them!

FRIDAY, 7/23

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM. Yoga with Andrea Christie, yoga instructor of the Shaw neighborhood. Gentle stretching and muscle exercises for people of all shapes.
Please bring a mat if possible! Some mats will be provided.

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Bringing it together! An arts presentation and celebration of the week.

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