Edgar Steele and the Plight of Old White Women

White Power Attorney Edgar Steele in Plot to Murder His Wife for the Insurance Money.

One of the more annoying elements of the world of white nationalism is the hypocrisy. Often they wave around crime statistics of other races while holding themselves up on pedestals built on the illusion that they themselves carry the “racial DNA of a crime free people.”

The rejection of Hollywood and the superficial styles and ideals of the trend setters are touted on thread after thread on the neo-Nazi forums such as VNN.com and Stormfront.

Still, reports of the rampant criminal activity within the white nationalist community are a common occurrence in the news. Women are under threat by the men in the movement, and constantly witness the objectification of women with infidelity, the berating of women about their appearance, and even a few cases of lusting after underaged girls and pedophilia.

Just recently we reported on wife beater Scott Clarke from East Coast White Unity, the American Nazi Party thugs who are on trial for murder (while driving their girlfriend’s car), and as was just reported yesterday, suspected and alleged white nationalist Mel Gibson has been both physically and emotionally abusing the mother of his baby along with threats of violence.

About two weeks ago, our affiliate One People’s Project reported about Edgar Steele, attorney for the white nationalist community, who has been caught in a plot to murder his wife.
From OPP:

At the time of this posting, the story has not reached the WP scene yet, but their beloved attorney has been arrested (or in white supremacist talk “framed” or “railroaded”) for hiring someone to kill his wife and her mother. As these things often go, the person he hired told the feds instead, who promptly wired him so they can record Steele planning the murders. On Friday, they snatched him up. It is a wonder how these scumbags manage to have relationships given their long history of beating and killing their wives – which often ends up being celebrated by their comrades in the WP scene (“Yankee Jim”, anyone?). Happily, the woman are still alive this time, and the only person hurt is Steele. This is going to be a huge story real fast, so we will have more soon.

pipe bomb found under Cindi Steele's car

Up until now, we have yet to see a woman within the white nationalist community take a stand with any comment.

Mona Montgomery is a racist, we won’t gloss over that– but Mona Montgomery is also a pretty smart lady, as she is also an attorney and despite her racist views she is not a woman without fears and her own feelings.
The situation with Steele appears to have hit Mona on a few levels. First, Steele was a friend of hers whom she respected as well as a fellow attorney. Second, Mona herself is a mature woman and feels an overwhelming sense of empathy for Steele’s wife, Cindi. Third, she’s most likely grappling with the realization that misogyny and domestic abuse are deeply ingrained in the white power scene.

All we can say is, it is about time a woman with a brain within the white nationalist community took a stand against the abuse and disregard so many racist men inflict against the women who stubbornly stand by them and love them.

As much as we disagree with the racist views of Mona Montgomery, we admire her bravery to speak out and take a stand for the sake of the women around her.

NOTE: Any sexist or derogatory statements posted in the comment section of this article will be deleted, we are leftists not patriarchal racists and will not stand for it!


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  1. Alex

    Your anti racist black block just caused 3 million dollars in damages in Toronto last weekend, no reporting on that?

    • ladylibertyslamp

      “No reporting on Toronto?” Are you somehow incapable of using Google? Reporting of the brutal police repression of peaceful protesters in Toronto has been inundating the internet. Furthermore, it’s looking like it was THE COPS who were responsible for most of the property damage– AGAIN.





    • ladylibertyslamp

      A. It was all a cop theatrical production

      B. We are anti-racist “reporters and bloggers”, not blackbloc anti-globalization members.

      We sympathize with them, but it is another issue altogether.

      Learn to get the types of lefties straight if you are going to spam a blog with your stupidity.

    • All power to the people

      Go whine elsewhere. What happened in Toronto was a direct cause of the police repression. The bloc didn’t happen till after the police started to get crazy. Plus nobody in the bloc threatened anyone with rape like the toronto pigs did. You want too talk about large sums of money how about the 1.1 billion used to keep the people out of the summit and too keep the rich in further luxury.

      If the people had any say, the summit would never have happened and none of this would have ever happened and that 1.1 billion could have been used to help fund schools or homeless shelters and services or preserve Canada’s wilderness. Instead it was wasted on some summit for a bunch of rich people to discuss how they are going to fuck over the poor and working class further, destroy the environment and get richer.

      Some interesting notes from other countries on the Canadian governments extreme budget:
      Germany’s Die Welt noted that the 25-foot high security fence with security checks around the G20 site was “reminiscent of Checkpoint Charlie at the Berlin Wall.” France’s Le Figaro delivered a backhanded compliment: “The exorbitant cost of the summit shows that developed countries like Canada still have large enough reserves of public money to spend on promoting themselves.” Italy’s La Republica tepidly concluded: “On sustainable and supportable growth strategies, the G20 in Toronto had no great answers.” South Africa’s Mail & Guardian mocked the fake lake in the press centre and its piped-in atmospheric nature sounds, including loon calls “not to be mistaken for some of the delegates.”

      Oh and it should be noted that Lady Liberty’s Lamp is a blog (an awesome on at that) and has no ownership over anyone or anything but the blog it runs. So saying that “your block” caused anything doesn’t make sense LLL never called for a bloc nor did it have any ownership over autonomous individuals. That and I am quite sure LLL is not located in Canada if they were they would say eh and aboot a lot more!

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Me thinks this “Alex” is “Cobb”.

        The IP is out of Toronto, and given the pathology of the last time he spammed the blog with incoherent comments (all went straight to the trash bin), as well as the breaks between the the postings, my guess this is Cobb posting from Libraries and coffee shops.

        If Alex is Cobb, one has to wonder when was his last meds adjustment?

        As a paranoid schizophrenic, he is supposed to have them adjusted every 6 months.

        If he hasn’t, the situation for him and people around him will get worse as his behavior gets more and more out of control.

  2. Alex

    Censoring comments?


    Tolerance for only what you want to tolerate?

    hurray for equality!!!!!


    • ladylibertyslamp

      paranoid much? we moderate comments like most blogs. take your meds and chill.

      if you do write something disrespectful, we will not approve it, so try to behave yourself, the seroquel might help.

    • majii

      You know, an acute case of constipation is treatable.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        His trouble is either from his head or his ass, yet they both seem to be interchangeable.

  3. Alex


    • ladylibertyslamp

      if we get one we will post it, if you spam our blog again we will not approve your comments.

  4. Arslan Amirkhan

    The reason why WN’s, despite all their talk of “white womanhood” and loving their women, are total misogynists, is an interesting topic. No matter how much they profess a love of white women, they despise them at the same time. They blame Jews for interracial relationships, yet on another level they blame women for choosing non-white boyfriends and mates. The idea is that women are naturally unable to make proper racially-based choices in terms of mates.

    Whereas WNs who had sexual contact with non-white females(e.g. Vietnam vets such as Will Williams) are allowed to explain away such contacts, white females who have any sexual contact with non-white males are pretty much screwed. While I have seen WN males be “forgiven” for “past indiscretions” involving non-white females, even spouses and even mixed-race children, I have never seen a WN female openly admit to an interracial relationship in her past and be tolerated.

    Most WNs, especially the more intellectual types, are socially awkward and sexually frustrated. They believe in some bizarre way that white women should be attracted to them for no other reason but they are white, as well as the glory of making tons of white babies for their Viking heroes. Alas, this does not happen. “Jewish TV” can only be blamed so much before they start believing in an inherent inferiority of “their women.” It’s really quite sad.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      You are 100% correct.
      Women are cattle in the WN world. The are lusted after when they are as young as 11 or 12 and then thrown out with the trash when they are no longer “breeders” or can be an image for wank off material.

      Mona is not in a very good place for a white woman who is also a racist.

      Anyone who would be intelligent enough for her to connect to would most likely not share her racist views, and most racists are probably intimidated by a woman with her IQ level and a law degree and who is not afraid to have and express her own opinion.

      It is a shame she took the racist path, maybe this will be the long awaited wake up call about that community for her.

  5. Tyrone mixon

    We cut these “people” some slack. They know not what they do. But on the other hand fuck them and idiots who remain and take the abuse. Maybe abusing women is just kinda projection on their part. It’s hard to be nice and loving when you hate the person in the mirror.

    Also, I would like to thank LLL for showing me that I really am a leftist and can think of no other way to be. Though we do part ways on some issues, I love LLL and will continue in the struggle. With that I’ll put my nut sack back in place and go kick some ass racist ass.

    P.S. Happy we fake liberty and equality Day, also known as the 4th of you lie.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      LOL!! Thank you Ty, you are one of our favorite commenters and you remind us why we are up till 3am researching and writing these silly little tid bits to try and get the public aware.

      There is nothing wrong with being a leftist, in fact it is something we should be proud of!

      We are leftists because we are humanitarians who proudly defy a system full of hate and greed.

      In unity we can only become stronger.

      This is why the other side hates diversity, because in a unified society based in diversity they cannot control us, only with division and oppression do they have that upper hand.

      Thank you again for your support and kind words.

      In solidarity!

      • Tyrone mixon

        Also, you have to forgive my errors. I’m typing on a iPod touch and the keyboard is very tiny. I could wait until I get home but then the passion would be gone.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Don’t worry about the errors, we don’t grade our comments 🙂

  6. Arslan Amirkhanov

    There is a blog linked to One People’s Project of an ex-WN woman who realized the hard way that frustrated WN males will always have a hatred towards women, including white ones who actually support them. So there is hope for some people. I predict that even the Gaede girls of Prussian Blue will one day see the hypocrisy and idiocy that her mother is preaching- perhaps even April herself will realize this as well.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Yeah, Crisy is a nice lady too!

      I had heard rumours that there was trouble in the world of Prussian blue, but it was a year or so ago. I heard that one of the girls were getting fed up, but it might have been just rumours.

      But, I expect when they do finally break away and come out they are going to expose a lot of things about that world and as little blonde girls who were paraded on display for those creeps.

      I doubt April will realize it, or maybe she has and just doesn’t care. Her hatred for JOOOOZ and people of color is more powerful for her than caring about the fact that her children are bait for old deranged dudes. Besides, unlike Mona, April bred blonde babies, April did her roll as breeding cow for the farm that is the white power world. That is supposed to give April special cred points.
      What did Mona do? Get a silly law degree and dare to have a brain and speak her over the heads to men with half her education! How threatening! Now they must insult her on VNN about her age and call her crazy, because that is how one is supposed to treat a woman in her 60’s when you are pretending to be a master race?

      I am not impressed…

  7. Arslan Amirkhan

    Give me half and hour with Gaede and I can convince her of the error of her ways. The girls would be much easier. I think a major point which could be brought up to all three is how sick some of the movement’s heroes are. This is simply undeniable. Start with David Lane first of all. That phone call he made to the girls, which appeared in the British documentary Nazi Pop Twins, is undeniable proof that Gaede allowed her girls to become objects of sexual fantasy for a dirty old man. His comments, IN THEIR PRESENCE over speaker-phone, coupled with his own writings, show that he had become sexually attracted to little girls.

    Next is Kevin Alfred Strom, with whom Gaede and the girls had contact. Strom was a major intellectual of the movement, as well as a leader. He even wrote a broadcast of ADV dedicated to the need for a “healthy sexuality”, blasting the Jews for supposedly perverting sexuality. Glass houses, Mr. Strom, but I digress. Strom photoshopped the girls’ faces on to the bodies of models engaged in lesbian sex(which is also supposed to be a no-no according to the movement, or at least people like Strom).

    These are not a couple of skinheads fresh out of the joint. These are two major leaders, if not heroes of the movement. And both of them are/were perverts. To their stories we could add dozens more, from all manner of movement personalities.

    Now the second part of the conversion therapy. Most people call racialists ignorant, but they do not understand HOW they are ignorant. In terms of history and politics they tend to have more knowledge than most people, including your garden variety racist or Tea-Party type. I believe that this intellectual background makes them susceptible to explaining their way into a racialist narrative of history, simply because they cannot believe they would gravitate towards this kind of thought without good reason.

    The problem is that while they know more about history or European culture than most Americans, their advantage in knowledge is only significant when compared with the average person on the street. They do not possess a deep understanding of history or European culture, and what they do know, or what they learn once they get into the movement, is a highly distorted, incomplete, and flat out wrong narrative. The Jewish conspiracy helps explain away all evidence to the contrary.

    Nowhere is this more self-evident than in the example of Islam in Europe, which is becoming a major issue among WNs. WNs, browse Wikipedia or European nationalist sites and believe that there has been some kind of historical unity between Europeans against Islam. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example, they laud Jan Sobieski III for his victory over the Turks in 1683, seeing this as some kind of example of European unity(Polish, Germans, Austrians) against Islamic invasion. They have no clue that Sobieski’s forces included Muslim Crimean Tatars, who had been living in Poland as a Muslim community since having been invited there by a previous Lithuanian king about a century and a half prior to that. Since settling in the Polish-Lithuanian kingdom, Crimean Tatars were allowed to build mosques and worship freely, and their cavalry was an integral part of the Polish-Lithuanian army.

    For every example of Europe vs. Islam the WNs throw out, there is an example of Europeans allying with Islam against other Europeans(the Crimean War, WWI, and WWII are good examples). When faced with these undeniable facts, my WN debating opponents mysteriously disappear. They simply have no idea.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      AA- I will never deny your skills and knowledge, but I am a bit skeptical about anyone’s ability to “convert” these racists on pure facts.

      I don’t believe they really care about facts as much as they want a good story to rationalise their racism.

      Take the T-Baggers for instance. Their canned moronic answer for everything is “The Constitution” including abortion and economic policy which neither are mentioned in the Constitution.

      After dealing with this crap for so long we have all come to the conclusion that these are not people who care bout facts, these are people who are looking to rationalise their racism, even if they have to make up crap to do it!

      Examples are in their history revisionist movements such as their phony Holocaust denial crap and the new Texas school textbooks.

      They all figure if they don’t like something that happened in history, they can simply change it by writing up something different in books, and history can happen their way.

      I think the bases of most of their problems is mental illness.
      Check out this post from VNN:


      How far off is this post from the state of mind most of them who are in that scene?

      My guess is most of them have hit that wall at some point or will, and when they do it is all down hill from there unless they get treatment.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      BTW- I found the quote from David Lane:

      “When the girls were little they were like daughters or something,” says Lane, 69, who later in the conversation calls twins Lynx and Lamb — they were 14 at the time — his “fantasy sweethearts.” “Now that they are grown women, and being a natural male, it’s… well, you know what I’m trying to say.”


      Wow, so this is part of being the “Master race” and a good Aryan???

    • ladylibertyslamp

      ANOTHER interesting quote from the doc “Nazi Pop Twins” is from April Gaede’s mother, Dianne.

      It is known that April’s father is a bit of a sicko, he is a horse rancher who brands his horses with swastikas and brags that he has shot 4 Mexicans (why is this guy not in prison?).

      But, again, from a woman who is a victim of the movement:

      “April’s mother Dianne — appears to be at least as weary of white power as her granddaughters. “This goddamned Nazi shit … it’s fucking ruined my life,” she sputters. “Even though we’ve lived here 30 years, I don’t have a single friend. You know why? … Because he’s so hateful. I’ve seen my kids just torn apart by it,” she says. “Not April. She really loves it.”


  8. Arslan Amirkhan

    Generally this is true, especially on the internet, but you have to realize that the internet insulates people from being exposed to their own ignorance. For example, let’s say I get in a debate with some kind about some topic I know through and through. I know for a fact that he doesn’t know jack, but we’re in a forum. In real life, all I have to do is ask a few simple questions about the topic, and suddenly everyone realizes that the guy has no background knowledge in the subject. On the internet however, he Googles, he Wikis, and he manages to convince himself and others that we are on equal terms.

    In real life this is not possible. You ask a few questions, they go blank, and suddenly it is apparent to all how little they know. Some people are changed by moments like these when they are challenged and not within the safety of their echo chambers. Most of all, it starts to sew the seeds of mistrust. They will think, “why didn’t my esteemed leaders/Holocaust revisionists/movement intellectuals ever mention this before?” This is where the cracks develop.

    Of course some will never be swayed, mainly because they are too well-lodged within some kind of echo chamber. These people involve themselves in such movements because they need it. The movement explains away all their inadequacies and makes them feel important.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      And I believe April is one of those people who is too well-lodged, as you state it.

      I just found “Nazi Pop Twins”on-line and I don’t think they are going to continue with the movement when they become old enough to be on their own.

      They seem like smart kids, I really hope the best for them in finding their way.

  9. Tyrone mixon

    let me add something while fresh in my mind. These “real Americans” say the government is no good and we should string them all up. But for some reason they believe the government did two things right. One, they drafted the constitution, which was never meant for the subjects of this country. Also, they feel when the government comes up with these stats that prove their points is also good. So, let me get this straight–them no good bastards were right only twice in 400 years? Yeah, whateva, either shit or get the hell up. Or better yet just shut the hell up.

    You gotta love em’, they gave us a yard strick on just how far we’ve fallen. Heil fuckin’ Hitler.

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  11. Saturnia

    I realize this thread hasn’t been active for months, and I apologize for dragging it up, but I happened upon it, and really wanted to post this:

    “No matter how much they profess a love of white women, they despise them at the same time.”

    It’s funny, isn’t it? I’ve never known a group of people to have more angst toward White women than White Nationalists, themselves (the women can be just as bad, let’s not pin this all on the guys, here). Now, before someone sees this and then tells me, “What, the people online?” and proceeds to talk about me in the Sustaining Members forum where I can’t see it, WNism existed for me outside of Stormfront and the Net, in general.

    Now, I just wanted to make a simple correction to the posts stating WN hatred for women. They don’t hate all women, just ones that don’t fit into some mold, whatever grand ideal of what they think women should be. They don’t like women who work, Gods forbid she wants to pursue anything else. They don’t like it if a woman wants rights. If she doesn’t conform to (or naturally fit into) what some article about women and gender differences says, that’s not good, either. They don’t like women who look a certain way. If they see a photo of a woman happy, enjoying herself, having a good time with friends, she’s automatically a junkie nigger-lover. If she’s wearing something they don’t like, if she has tattoos, etc., she gets ripped apart for that, too. If she’s not a parrot, a doormat, if she speaks up about something, has a different opinion or whatever else, she’s a “feminist.” Even the ones who aren’t so misogynistic, not in so many words prefer the 1950’s perfect wife type. It’s okay for a woman to have a brain, talents and capabilities, just not use them.

    None of this is going to change, despite the valiant efforts of some. If they don’t want to change, if this is what they’d prefer, fine and dandy, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GODS, PUT UP A WARNING FOR THE REST OF US SO WE KNOW TO JUST TAKE A HIKE!

    After all that, they utter one of the most famous WN lines of all, “Why aren’t more women interested in White Nationalism?” Their answers always tend to be along the lines of women being irrational communists who couldn’t care less about race. Of course, it couldn’t be related to what White Nationalists expect of women, to know your place and get out of the way, while abstaining from the more “complicated” aspects of life (such as having a career, developing your own opinion, etc.). No, they contend that “We love women. We acknowledge that the most important role in life is having children and that’s all women should focus on.” They fail to see the veiled sexism that underscores their various “compliments” to women. They’ll claim men are more rational and logical thinkers, and WN is the most rational and logical thing to do. Well, here is where I go against the status quo (again, what else is new?) Real rational, logical thinkers are exceptions among men, too. They’re just exceptions among most humans, regardless of gender. Men are just as likely to go for, or vote for, what appeals to them. After all, why are there more male WNists? Because it appeals more to men. “Women are more emotional,” yet how many WNist males are “angry,” “hateful,” “sick of it all,” etc.? Are those not emotions, also? Most people usually think their own decisions are the logical and rational thing to do. Most WNists live their lives primarily on the basis of emotional thinking. I’ve always thought that when they say, “Men are more rational and logical by nature,” that it was sort of a contradiction, because there’s really nothing rational or logical about Nature. Nature is acting on our instinct, rationality and logic usually require thought patterns that go beyond instinct. Which, all that can be taught. Having said that, many things written and said by men were the most passionate things I’ve ever heard.

    Bottom line is, when they say things like, “We need more women in the movement,” “Why aren’t there more women in WN?” what they really mean is they want the converted girlfriend who’s been told her only worth is to be a submissive housewife and she’ll roll with it, parrot all the “correct lines,” conform to little mold, and just be a cheerleader for her male. If a woman has a gripe or concern about something, she’s “whining.” If a guy sticks up for one of the “feminists,” he’s regarded as a wimpy piece of shit sticking up for “feminists.”

    Of course, there are exceptions to everything, just like there are exceptions in this scenario. Either way, I don’t see why any woman with sense would be attracted to the WN movement. Love your race? That’s great, but we don’t need this “movement” crap, there are other ways. Don’t let anyone sucker you into believing you’re needed. They’ll welcome you and be glad another woman has “awakened,” but as soon as most find out you want to be something other than a domestic servant and broodmare, their attitudes will change. As far as women go, only supporters and breeders are really needed. If you look good on Youtube, that helps, too.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Saturnia- Thank you for your brave stand.

      I am sensing that you are speaking based on some tearful experience, and I commend you greatly for making your way to safety and to the life you deserve.

      If you ever feel the need to reach out for extra security please let us know.

      Again, you have every right to be proud of who you are as a beautiful and strong woman.