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Happy July Fourth!


Enjoy Your Electric Food With Your Fireworks!

Drink and be merry!

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!

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Happy Birthday One People’s Project! One Decade Strong!

One People's Project is 10 Years Old July 4, 2010

Our affiliate One People’s Project is 10 years old today July 4, 2010.

We here at the Lamp started on Memorial Day, 2009, but OPP was born on the Independence day of America back in 2000.

For nostalgia sake here is OPP’s first flyer:

Groups come and go, but, OPP as stuck with it, earning the respect of even a few hardcore racists.

They might not like OPP but they respect the fact that Daryle Lamont Jenkins has proven the guts to show up and walk the talk.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins in AZ Reporting on the June 5, 2010 Racist Pro-SB1070 Rally.

10 More YEARS!!!!

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