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One DC Seizes Parcel 42, Erects Tent City

We had posted the call for this, but found that we hand our hands full today and could not make it.

Thankfully, our comrade Luke was there and covered it with video and photos

From Luke:

At about 4:30 PM, One DC’s block party for housing rights morphed into a takeover of Parcel 42, complete with the erection of a tent city.

While the block Party for Housing Justice continues, activists quietly prepared to seize Parcel 42, a plot promised by Fenty for affordable housing, but on which no action has been taken until now. One DC is demanding that the city use Parcel 42 to build truly affordable housing.

At about 4:30PM, a march set out form 7th and S, rounding the corner to 7th and R outside Parcel 42’s fence. At the same time, the direct action team approached from behind, entered the parcel, and erected tents and even a “library” consisting of two bookcases full of books.

As of 5:30 PM on July 10, police have taken no aggressive action, though some suspect that they might try something after sundown.

One DC is demanding that Mayor Fenty deliver on his broken promise to transform this empty, stone-strewn field into affordable housing.

Thank you, Luke, for being there!


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