One DC Seizes Parcel 42, Erects Tent City

We had posted the call for this, but found that we hand our hands full today and could not make it.

Thankfully, our comrade Luke was there and covered it with video and photos

From Luke:

At about 4:30 PM, One DC’s block party for housing rights morphed into a takeover of Parcel 42, complete with the erection of a tent city.

While the block Party for Housing Justice continues, activists quietly prepared to seize Parcel 42, a plot promised by Fenty for affordable housing, but on which no action has been taken until now. One DC is demanding that the city use Parcel 42 to build truly affordable housing.

At about 4:30PM, a march set out form 7th and S, rounding the corner to 7th and R outside Parcel 42’s fence. At the same time, the direct action team approached from behind, entered the parcel, and erected tents and even a “library” consisting of two bookcases full of books.

As of 5:30 PM on July 10, police have taken no aggressive action, though some suspect that they might try something after sundown.

One DC is demanding that Mayor Fenty deliver on his broken promise to transform this empty, stone-strewn field into affordable housing.

Thank you, Luke, for being there!


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20 responses to “One DC Seizes Parcel 42, Erects Tent City

  1. Rudeboi

    This is what we need to do more often when government drag’s it feet. Let just do it ourselves. It will come a time in this country when all we have is each other. I bet race and all that bullshit won’t matter at all then.

  2. eric

    Where do these “activists” live?

    Where does Franklin Brooks get his estimate of “60,000 homeless on the streets of DC”?

    • Rudeboi

      A lot of homeless aren’t really homeless, they just don’t have an address. This would make home challenged.

      • anonymous

        The term I liked the most was one coined by Robert Norse/Bathrobespierre from HUFF/Free Radio Santa Cruz– “Houseless”. Just because someone doesn’t live in an abode that’s four walls and a roof doesn’t mean they’re without a home, they’re just without a house.

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  5. Q Street

    Do the people of this blog think that it is good social policy to warehouse poverty in a few square blocks of the city? It has been proven over and over again that concentrating poverty in one area is a failed social policy.

    This area is dominated by public housing projects. There are so many drugs and so much crime that it is really bringing the people in the nieghborhood DOWN not up.

    What we need is more mixed income properties. Not concentrated poverty.

    Subsidized Housing Projects within a FEW blocks (0-4) of parcel 42:
    LINCOLN WESTMORELAND I – 1730 7TH ST NW (Huge, within a block)
    LINCOLN WESTMORELAND II – 1711 8TH ST NW (Huge, within a block)
    FOSTER HOUSE – 801 RHODE ISLAND AVE NW (1 block away)

    If you expand the radius to 10 blocks there are 20+ subsidized housing projects.

    All this project is for is warehousing poverty and sealing it off in a few square blocks of the city. You are so far off your mission here because of lack of knowledge, it’s pathetic.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      DC was supposed to build affordable housing on Parcel 42. DC dragged its feet, so the people seized the parcel and put up a tent city in protest. What’s hard to understand about this? Parcel 42 was a vacant lot. DC wasn’t building anything there, much less any form of housing. This is just as much an issue concerning bureaucratic sluggishness as it is one that concerns housing rights.

      The root cause of “warehousing poverty” and concentrating it in smaller areas is rampant gentrification. When poor people are forced out of their homes by developers to build low-density luxury condominiums, where are they supposed to go? They are pushed to increasingly overcrowded lower income areas, where the density puts a strain on utilities and services while crime increases. We’re stuck in a gordian knot: Developers move in and displace poor families, who are then forced into high density low-income housing; if they can’t find any space they’re homeless, but Fenty’s got his eyes on closing homeless shelters (Franklin, for example) and so more people fall between the cracks and wind up on the streets.

  6. Q Street

    DC doesn’t build anything. The developer who won the RFP does. DC is subsidizing a fraction of the cost. The rest of the financing is up to the developer. Are you even the slightest bit cognizant of the state of private financing? You’re arguing against a fantasy if you think ‘DC’ develops it. It’s not moving forward for the exact same reasons that projects all over the city aren’t moving forward or are being downsized. In your own words; ‘what’s so hard to understand about that?’

    Now here is another thing that shouldn’t be ‘so hard to understand’. Simply adding more public housing to the highest concentration of public housing in the NW quadrant does not make sense for anyone. It’s a joke, and an insult.

    Affordable housing SHOULD be made available through mixed income developments throughout the greater downtown area. Concentrating poverty, in order to get it out of most of people’s way, and to contain it in one small area is a failed social experiment. How many Pruitt-Igoes have their been? Countless. And here you are, advocating for another one?

    There have been 5 shootings and one stabbing on my block in the last 6 months. The stabbing and one of the shootings happened on my sidewalk. Three of these shootings don’t show up on a police report. Why? Because this is the neighborhood that’s been sacrificed so that the rest of NW doesn’t have to see anything.

    You think that packing more people into a model that we have seen fail for 60 years is the answer? It’s not. Not by a long shot. You’re just playing along with the plan, and you either don’t know enough about the neighborhood, or you’re too blind to see it.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Okay “Q st” riddle us this:

      So, is the law firm “Oldaker, Biden and Belair” representing real estate investors in the parcel 42 area?

      Or are you some skanky bougie lawyer who invested in some cheap property in the area and is greedily waiting for both gentrification and more white people to move in now that your white privileged scumbag ass has moved in?

      And, using your time at the law firm to post your white privileged tantrums on our blog!

      Yes folks, these greedy and bordering racist comments are coming from:

      ISP: Allied Telecom Group, LLC.
      Organization: Oldaker, Biden and Belair (OBB Law)
      Proxy: None detected
      Type: Corporate
      Assignment: Static IP

      Thank you for the info, we will be sure to pass it around to find out what the fuck you think you are doing…. YOU FAIL!!!!

    • anonymous

      Three shootings not on police reports? How would you be in a position to know this? What’s more, if that’s true it’s indicative of something far more rotten in MPD than the usual garbage.

      Where in downtown are these mixed income developments supposed to go? Next to the shiny new law offices and lobby firms? Or in the place where the homeless shelters used to be? Fenty’s development plans only concern middle-to-high income real estate. That’s the type of “mixed” income DC favors.

    • Da Po-Leese

      If you want too talk about statistics, you should look at MPD’s crime stats: 7th and Q NW saw a 39% decrease in all crime for the past year and a half. so does 7th and Rhode Island.

  7. QStreet

    I live two blocks away from Parcel 42 in a house that is in worse condition than any of the local projects because it’s the best thing I can afford. Every day I come home from work and work on it to make something for myself. My neighbor’s cousin, who lives in LWII came over to see if he and his friend could help me with some stuff; their reaction to walking into my house was ‘you really live in this thing?’.

    That is my one and only stake in this argument. If you want to try to get me in trouble for posting on my lunch break, that’s really awesome of you. But if you’re looking for a yuppie to burn, this one doesn’t even have a savings account to fuel the flames.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Actually, I think you’re a white privilege douchebag and your cocky attitude about the poor is disgusting.

      If you were stupid to buy a house that was in bad condition, it is not the fault of the poor people around you, or what you are not really saying “people of color”.

      We see people like you all the time on racist boards, who are at least honest about why they are quoting crime stats and desires for an all white community.

      Reading your posts and your bourgeoisie complaints about how rough your life is because you work in a fancy law firm, post on blogs all day on their computers, then have to go home to a hood with that has *gasp* black people who light a few fireworks at night, prove what a skank you really are.

      If you try to use our comment section to play “lobbyist” for white privilege real estate with long over blown posts again, you will be banned.

      Got it?

  8. QStreet

    Lol. Got it. Nice editing job there.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      We don’t allow long winded comments.

      Go peddle your crap somewhere else like Stormfront or VNN where your kind are.

      We are an anti-racist blog, not a white power forum.

  9. QStreet

    I was merely suggesting that mixed income developments, throughout the affluent areas of DC, are more socially responsible than planned concentration of poverty in one small area.

    I listed some of those positive developments in the are and a new homeless shelter, which are also delayed, that are actually going to offer more low income units than Parcel 42 in the section of my post that you edited.

    How you’ve extrapolated any of that into a racist rant is beyond me.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      No, you are pissy because you don’t like poor black people around you.

      You are pissy because you bought a cheap shitty house and gentrification would give you the investment return you are looking for.

      You have no idea what poor people and what the homeless are facing because all you see is a “concentration of poor black people = crime”

      In your eyes and you are all about YOU YOU YOU and fuck all those inconvenient poor people you have to deal with around your bad investment.

      On the other hand, we will be investigating whether you are just a scummy little shit who likes to whine or if you are posting to lobby for your firm.

      We have people looking into if OBB Law has clients or investment interests in Parcel 42, if they do this will be the subject of a future article.

  10. QStreet

    I live in shaw for the long haul. I came looking for a community and I found one here.

    I am for the affordable housing in mixed income developments. I am just against packing it away in one area so that the rest of the city can try to forget about it. I thought you would understand that point of view.

    I am against crime and the apparently disparity in how it is treated between different areas of the city. Why do people care more about a crime in Georgetown, when the same crime in Shaw barely gets noticed? It’s wrong, and it’s slighting the very people that you seem to be wanting to help.

    I thought there would be a discussion here instead of threats. Oh well.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Go fuck yourself!

      No, we don’t want to discuss anything with you, we have heard all the greedy pro-developer/pro-capitalist shit before and you and your kind is what is wrong with society.

      We aren’t Democrats or liberals, we are “ANARCHISTS”, and we hate Fenty and how he is ruining our city by selling it off to developers.

      If you can’t live in a multi-cultural city, then move out.

      If you are doing this to lobbying for your firm’s clients it will be news all over town.

      BANK ON IT!

      We are not nice guys, we are BASTERDZ, and we get our scalps!