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Video-A tale of two cities-NYC & DC Protest Major League Baseball to Boycott AZ!

This happened July 8 2010, when activists in both Washington DC and New York City came out to perform civil disobedience and hold rallies to demand Major League Baseball keep the All Star games out of Arizona. Protesters urged Major League Baseball to honor the boycott against SB1070, the racist anti-immigrant law.

Luckily for you, we had people shooting video in both places– and with some creative editing we are able to show you what happened in both cities!

July 8, 2010:

Activists gathered in New York City and Washington, DC to urge Major League Baseball to honor the boycott of Arizona and move the upcoming All-Star Games from Phoenix. In Washington, protesters conducted civil disobedience in the offices of Baker-Hostetler, a law firm and lobbying organization representing Major League Baseball. Activists in New York meanwhile staged a rally in front of the headquarters of Major League Baseball.

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American Olympic Gold Medalist Joins White Supremacist Political Group

Bob Richards the First Athlete to be on a Box of Wheaties is a White Supremacist!

The American Third Position Party is a fairly new white supremacist group out of California started by a LA attorney William “Bill” D. Johnson and known anti-Semite CA professor Kevin MacDonald.
It is not a dress-up Nazi group but a gaggle of racist pseudo-intelligentsia, with others like Jamie Kelso from the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront and James Edwards from the Political Cesspool in the mix.
Founded in January of 2010 by June 2010 it was recognized by the office of the California Secretary of State, with its intent to become a fully ballot-accessible party by the time of the June 2010 California primary election.

Their mission statement reads: “The American Third Position exists to represent the political interests of White Americans, because no one else will.”

Rev. Robert “Bob” Richards is an Olympic 1952 and 1956 gold medal winner who was the first athlete to appear on the Wheaties cereal box.
To many, the “Vaulting Vicar” or the “Pole Vaulting Parson” was considered a true American hero.

According to the American Third Position (AP3) website this all-American hero is also a white supremacist and is more than happy to join up with them.

From article on the AP3 site:

“American Hero Joins the A3P Effort”

Dear Rev. Richards,

We have started a new organization called American Third Position (www.American3p.org).
We plan to prepare a short video on the decay of Western Civilization and what can be done to stop this decline.
We will post the video on our website and on Youtube.
We would really like to interview you to get your opinion on this issue.
If you would agree to be interviewed, we can come to [your home] to shoot it.
Please give serious consideration to this request; your opinion is so important. I really want to hear from a man who has accomplished so much in his life and has lived by such high standards. Your views are so important. I want to record them for posterity.

Sincerely yours,

William D. Johnson

Mr. Richards read the letter, called me on the telephone and spoke with me for forty-five minutes. At the start of our conversation he said that he has stopped making speeches. Then at the end, he said that our cause is so important, he would meet with me to discuss what can be done. Yesterday morning met him at his home in Texas

During their meeting:

Mrs. Richards would come in and out of our sitting room and participate in our conversations for a while and then leave it to take care of her affairs. I wasn’t sure of her views on some of the more controversial A3P positions (or Bob’s views really), so I waited until she was out of the room for me to broach the topic of race relations in America. When Mrs. Richards came back in, Bob said: “Guess what honey? Their political party is pro-white.” She said “That’s great. We need this. White America and the Western World is in perilous times.”

This is not the first time Richards has flirted with extremist politics. In 1984 he attempted to run for president under the far right “populist party” of which Conservapedia claims the party has long time racist roots:

“After 1896, when Bryan swept most Populist voters in to the Democratic party, the Populist movement lost most of its strength. Small fragments survived until 1908, especially under the leadership of Tom Watson of Georgia, who used the party after 1900 to attack blacks and Catholics.”


The Populists frequently attacked Jews, especially Jewish bankers, using Anti-Semitism as a tool to attract voters

Sometimes finding out your hero has a white pointy hood in the closet can be a disturbing discovery.

Our society cannot change until we openly denounce the poison that has so long sickened our community– even if it is sporting a few gold medals.

Olympic Gold Medal Hero is Really a Racist


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