And Now…4 The TinFoil Hate Hour!

Sue Myrick, the latest Congress Critter to Sail Off the Deep End Via Racism!

Hate is unhealthy! We all know this, but, it is looks like the stupidity of right wing extremism is taking a really long time to notice this obvious fact:

Congresswoman Terrified About Mexican-Dressing Hezbollah Members Crossing Border

From Gawker.Com

Rep. Sue Myrick’s niche is to constantly worry about Muslims infiltrating and conquering America. In this clip, she outlines a compelling new argument for Total Border Security: a couple of Hezbollah members have crossed the border over the past decade!

Myrick loves this stuff. She recently wrote the foreword to a wingnut book called Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America. Uh, does anyone see much Islamizing around the U.S. these days? Then again, we wouldn’t see it, what with the underworld being secret and all.

Anyway, as with most Fox & Friends clips, the best part is when host Brian Kilmeade tries to synthesize it all:

Host Brian Kilmeade was convinced:

“Instead of talking about Mexicans coming here for a better life, we’re talking about Hezbollah coming here to infiltrate our borders and attack the country. That would change the entire dialogue when it comes to illegal immigration.”

Indeed, Brian, it would change everything. Focus the entire illegal immigration debate around a few Hezbollah dudes dressing up like Mexicans and heading to Dearborn, Michigan, because that is the main problem. Build 40 fences atop each other! 100,000 tanks!
Nuke Lebanon?

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4 responses to “And Now…4 The TinFoil Hate Hour!

  1. Rudeboi

    Ya know, when your guilty of something you always see boogiemen. They need to be worring about that oil down in the Gulf acrossing the border. If Muslims wanted to destroy America they could very easily do it because they here. Rightwingernuts should ask, why in the hell do these people want to destroy us?

  2. Arslan Amirkhan

    Hezbollah? As far as I know there has never been an attempted Hezbollah attack on American soil. Hezbollah is a resistance organization in Lebanon. These right-wing commentators just throw out names like: ACORN!!! HEZBOLLAH!! MS-13!!! SEIU!! SAUL ALINSKY!!

  3. majii

    For people like these, greed and stupidity have no boundaries. And the fact that they are so quick to accuse others of not having morals turns my stomach.