Glenn Beck’s Passion Play

Through out history there were propaganda plays to incite hatred towards Jews called “Passion Plays”.

In today’s world Mel Gibson tried to recreate a new public rash of anti-Semitism with his over budgeted and over rated “Passion of Christ”.

We all remember how Gibson tried to deny that there was any bigotry as a motivation, and of course now we know he is a liar.

Now, Glenn Beck has taken center stage in the anti-Jew religious hatred, even after Pope John Paul II declared that the responsibility of the death of the Christian savior was not by the hands of the Jewish people.

But, that doesn’t seem to sink in to Beck the bigot with his latest quote:

“If Jesus was a victim he would have come back from the dead and made the Jews pay for what they did.”

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But wait! At least he’s still loved by skanky meth induced clown faced bimbos everywhere!

BTW– this horrid looking creature’s name is : Robin Potwora, she is some kind of tobacco lobbyist/activist and maybe works with the circus?


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2 responses to “Glenn Beck’s Passion Play

  1. Arslan Amirkhan

    Did anyone ever tell this walking mad-scientist experiment that George Washington wasn’t a fucking cokehead DJ?

    • ladylibertyslamp

      A.A.- she is another sad example of the chronic levels of mental illness in our country.

      Rumours have it that she is being banned and shunned by the media on her own side too.

      Sister needs to wash her face and take a step back and look at what she is doing.

      Her mind is caught in a vacuum, and it’s all on video for the world to see.

      I am not sure she is trying to be political or subconsciously crying out for help.