New Blog and Twitter For DC Tent City Protest

About a week ago, we reported on a tent city protest in DC at Parcel 42.

Well, it appears that things are still going strong and now you can find the updates on their blog and on Twitter
From their blog

On July 10th, ONE DC members and supporters began a stand for equity in constructing a TENT CITY on Parcel 42 at 7th St NW & Rhode Island Ave NW, to to begin building an intentional community on the city-owned lot so that there can be housing and shelter in the neighborhood affordable for families making under $50,000.

ONE DC has organized for over four years to ensure that the housing development planned for Parcel 42 addressed the housing crisis faced by no-to-low-income households. Two years ago, ONE DC members believed that they had a victory with Parcel 42 – Fenty’s administration agreed to build affordable housing development, which would include 94 units with a promised $7.8 million city subsidy.

We are adding this blog to our blog roll and have signed up for their Twitter, what a great way to keep up with a worthy cause!

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