HLS Protesters Storm Bristol-Myers Squibb/And 30 Show to Protest at Home Demos!

Huntington Life Sciences is an evil company who makes their profits from animal torture.

They are proof of how horrible the capitalist system is.

On the wane of the big annual Animal Rights National Conference it was imperative for activists to confront all those who do business with HLS.

From DC Direct Action News

HLS Protesters storm Bristol-Myers Squibb after protesting other HLS customer offices
On Monday, the 19th of July, as the big Animal Rights 2010 conference was wrapping up, dozens of animal rights activists swarmed into DC to protest at the offices of DC’s Huntingdon Life Sciences customers.

Protests began at 701 Penn Ave, home of Bayer, Novartis, and Astra-Zenica before moving on to Sanofi_aventis at 801 Penn Ave, other side of the same building. Finally the entire crew of 30-50 activists marched to 655 15th st NW, Metropolitian Square. This is the home of Bristol-Myers Squibb, notorious HLS customer and scene of many a past confrontation over their puppy-killing ways.

Bayer and Sanofi-Aventis were again called out for their past as parts of Nazi Germany’s notorious I.G. Farben, the firm that built Auschwitz. Being called out for this by a Jewish activist cannot be good public relations.

The real surprise was later, as protesters moved against Bristol-Myers Squibb. With protesters at one door, a team was dispatched to the second door, found it unlocked-and pounced! Activists suceeded in storming the building, though they quickly came boiling back out at security guards with cameras counter-charged the activists in the lobby and screamed for cops to arrest them-which did not happen.

As the day wound down, there was talk of going back to Sanofi-Aventis, to be followed by yet another round of home demos…

Also, on July 18th activists did home demos at the investors of HLS and are keeping HLS in the animal torture and killing business.

From DC Direct Action News

Washington DC-On July 18, at least 30 protesters descended on the homes of Keith Carr (Legg Mason) at 500 Mass Ave, and John Richardson(Abbot Fund) at 2732 P st NW,to protest their role as executives of corporations crucial to the continued existence of puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences.
This was the second of two days of protests at the homes of executives with ties to puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences. he first round was in the Friendship Heights area on Saturday, July 17.

Camera Duel with aggressive neighbor with a past history of violence

Audio coverage of the home demos courtesy of WSQT Direct Action Radio

Due to police repression at and after past HLS demos, some activists asked not to be photographed, so there will be no videos showing protesters other than myself posted as part of this story unless organizers vet their own security video and post their own video.
I do not know if protesters went to other HLS execs before I linked up with them for the march on Keith Carr’s home, or after the march on John Richardson’s home

Keith Carr of 2500 Mass Ave NW, a big condo or apartement building,, is an executive with Legg Mason, which owns 1/6 of all shares in Fortress.
Loans and loan reschedulings from Fortress are the reason HLS still exists today.
Therefore, all executives with Fortress’ own investors are subject to the “Seige of Fortress,” the campaign to force Fortress to call in the loans and sink HLS forever.

Four or five cop cars showed up at the protest against Keith Carr, but took no adverse action.

Next, protesters marched into Georgetown to the home of John Richardson, President of Abbot Fund.
He lives at 2732 P st NW in Georgetown.
Abbot, the Big Pharma that Abbot Fund lobbies for, is a notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences customer.
Again, for as long as I was present the cops seemed to be on their best behavior, watching but taking no action as there was no illegal activity of any kind for them to act against.

Wealthy Georgetown residents do not seem to like protesters, and one of them came outside aggressively videotaping protesters-and screaming for cops when reminded that the October Rebellion/IMF protests kicked ass on his wealthy neighbors and the cops in Fall 2007, and that since he was seen emerging from his house his address (2728 P st NW) too was of course known to protesters.
He tried to sic the cops on me for responding to his aggressive videotaping of the very people whose wish not to be photographed I was respecting.
This jerk has previously broken another photographer’s camera and seems to have a history of violence.


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3 responses to “HLS Protesters Storm Bristol-Myers Squibb/And 30 Show to Protest at Home Demos!

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  2. Rudeboi

    My tolerance is very low for the mistreatment of humans and other animals. I just hope that we can somehow get past all of this and see a brand new day.

    The past has shown us that the only way to move forward is to move forward together. Even if that means dragging some kicking and screaming. Sorry I don’t have much to say about this article, but I would like to take time once again and thank all of you over at LLL for your work and bring me into the know. You people are doing Gods work and you need to hear from us how much your needed. Again, thank you and please keep up the good work.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      You are welcome! And thank you for your kind words.

      We are big animal lovers here on the LLL some of us are even vegans.

      The evils from HLS are beyond acceptable.

      There is a video out there somewhere someone did with a hidden camera.

      The footage will make you scream.

      The conditions and treatment of these animals they test on is so sadistic that anyone with a soul would have objections to this company.

      This includes punching, kicking and foul mistreatment of puppies, kittens, rabbits and so on.

      The average person would be arrested for abusing animals like this, so what is this company getting away with it on such a mass scale?

      You don’t have to be a vegan to feel for the animals.